Written by Anonymous

20 May 2010

A few weeks ago my husband and I

went away for the weekend. I was

really looking forward to time away

form the children and the norm every

day situation. It was great, loads

of sex and I was knackered by the

end of our first night! The next

morning when I woke up, my husband

wasn't there. I got up and had a

shower. When he turned up about 10

minutes later he said he'd been for

a walk as hw had woken up earlyt and

couldnt get back to sleep. We

decided to go for a some time away

from the hotel, so went for a drive.

After a great day driving around and

shopping we arrived back at the

hotel at around 6:30pm. We had a

quicky before getting changed and

going down to dinner in the

resaurant. We stayed down there for

a while and had a few drinks in the

bar and didnt go back to our room

until after 10. When we got back to

our room my husband knocked on the

room door rather than using the key

card to open it. I looked at him

puzzled but he showed no emotion,

then before I could say a word, the

door opened and there stood a man

that I had recognised from home. I

had always fancied him, and my

husband knew it. The penny hadnt

dropped yet and I was a little

miffed at him being there because I

was tipsy and feeling quite horny.

As soon as I stepped in the door,

the other man grabbed me and started

to kiss me. I was shocked and tried

to push him off but D was behind me

and I felt his hand sliding my skirt

up over my hips.

I stood there frozen to the spot,

not knowing what to do when i felt

D's hand glide over my pussy and

slip into my knickers. P was still

kissing my neck and had one hand on

my bum and the other on my tit. D

whispered in my ear, " I know you

want this as much as I do" and

started to rub my clit. Finaly it

was dawning on me that I was in for

a night of fantastic sex. I was so

nervous but I let them carry on

exploring me with their hands. I was

now being stripped and very soon I

was completely naked. The P pulled

away and started undressing, D had

his trousers down and was rubbing

his cock against my pussy from

behind still with his fingers on my

clit. I was getting really wet, and

was enjoying watching P get naked

before he walked back towards me

with his cock sticking in the air.

It looked good enough to eat and I

wanted to taste it.

D pushed me towards the bed where P

was lying down on his back. My head

was then pushed down and my mouth

covered his cock. I started sucking

and wanking his shaft before running

my tounge down the length and

sucking his ball. D was now on his

knees licking my pussy from behind

and sticking his tounge in my ass,

something that makes me very wet and

D knows that. I was just about to

cum and I just had to have some cock

in me. I climbed on the bed and

straddled P's cock before guiding it

into me. I was so wet, he pushed his

hips and was in me to the hilt! I

started to ride him, the feeling of

his cock in me and D licking and

fingering my ass was making me want

to burst. I was groaning riding the

hard cock squeezing the walls of my

pussy around his cock when I felt D

stand up and pushed his cock up to

into my arse. I relaxed and he

pushed a bit more. I could feel

myself streching and he pushed

deeper and deeper, god it felt

great..Before I know it he was all

the way in. I had two cocks one in

my pussy the other in my arse and

they both started to fuck me. I

couldnt hold back anymore and

started to buck as I came. I have

never been so loud, and when the

other man said he was cumming I came

hard over both their cocks. I could

feel his cock pumping his spunk into

me and D started to fuck me really

hard, I felt as though I was going

to split open D then took his cock

out and came all over my arse and

back then pushed his cock into my

arse, just a little, and shot some

more.I came again hard as the hot

cum shot inside my arse.