Written by Sebastian R Hard

4 Dec 2016

She was waiting for them in the hotel room when they arrived. She was standing with her back to the door, legs open and bent over the bed, wearing black stockings, black suspenders, no knickers… and wet.

Just like we asked her. No, *told* her, thought Sebastian.

And then he was over to her, pulling his firming cock out as he went.

He drew his pelvis level with her face, grabbed her hair, and guided her mouth on to his cock. He noted with a smile that her mouth was immediately open and eager. Even so he could see her surprise at the thickness. He pushed into her throat and felt her stifle a choke.

He saw Juliana drop to her knees behind the girl and plunge her tongue into the girl’s sopping wet pussy. She was slurping and moaning, enjoying the feel of juices on her mouth.

“Lick her ass hole”, Sebastian commanded and Juliana obeyed, sending a shiver through the girl that ended on his cock, with another small choke.


And now the girl was rubbing her tongue on Juliana’s clit while Sebastian drilled his cock into her. He came deep in her, the first of many that night.

“Swap” he said again, the girl not moving. They both got a taste of his cum. Juliana from the girl and the girl from his cock.

It was going to be a long night and it had just started.

*** Cast ***

Juliana: Herself

Sebastian: Himself

The Girl: You?