3 Mar 2020

I sat at the bar, just listening to the soft jazz playing in the background. My date, Mary, a hot blonde in her 40s was late. Ten, twenty and eventually forty minutes went by. There was no sign of her. I stared at my second class of Coke, ready to  get up to leave when I heard,

"Hey, sorry I'm late!" said a soft, bubbly voice, the one I had become used to hearing on the phone. I sat there, a little lost for words. Mary was ten years older than her profile picture. Instead of being in her 40s, I guess she was in her early 50s, well toned, tight ass and above average breast size. Those blue eyes were still amazing though. She wore skin-tight dark blue denim jeans and a low-cut black blouse, Her hair was short, curly but clearly dyed blonde. 

"Hi," I replied, when eventually finding the words to speak. "You look...."   

"Older?" she offered. 

 "Well...yes," I said, trying not to sound surprised.  

"Is that a problem?"  

  "No, not at all." I admit, I was shocked that she was older but she was still hot and looked mostly the same, except for the wrinkles underneath her eyes and on her neck. "So, what are you having?" 

  The barman saw her too and came over, ready to take her order.

"Um...." Mary studied the drinks on the top shelf. "I think I will just settle for a coke as well." She told the barman. When he had his back turned, she whispered, "I need to keep my strength for later." Mary winked, moving her stool in a bit closer. As she bent down, I could see the top of her cleavage. "So, do you have a room booked here?"  

 "Yup...all ready to go," My eyes roved over her body again. Hers finding their way to my crotch.  

 An hour went by until we finally both decided that we had enough talking.    "Room 52," I whispered into her ear. "Just wait ten minutes." Mary nodded and I left.    

Ten minutes later, a knock came to the door. Opening it a crack, I smiled when it was her. "Come in." Opening the door fully, she wandered in, carrying a little black bag.  

"Where's the bathroom?" Mary asked. 

"In there," I said, pointing to the door on the right.    

Mary took two steps towards it before stopping. "Fuck it." She dropped her bag by the chair at the desk near the door. She wrapped her arm around my neck, pulling me in, her other free hand sliding down to my hardening cock. Undoing my zip, she reached her hand inside my underwear, gently caressing my balls and slowly moving her hand up and down my cock.  

"Nice," I said, giving a slow moan of pleasure.  

Now it was my turn. Undoing her top button and zip, Mary's jeans slid down to her ankles. I grabbed her buttock cheeks and pulled her in, my fully erect cock brushing off her underwear. 

"Take them off," Mary asked. 

"Only too happy to oblige." Her pink lace underwear slid off without any trouble, leaving her bare pussy exposed. Cupping it with my left hand, my index finger slipped inside her, going up and down, up and down, gaining speed with each thrust. 

"Oh fuck yeah," Mary said, trying not to shout too loud. "Deeper," she managed to say, almost breathless. "Go deeper." Faster I thrust my finger, feeling her juices coming all over it. And faster she wanked me off to match the speed of my own finger penetration.    

Mary pushed me away for a few seconds, taking off her blouse. Her hardened nipples jutted out in her bra. "Would you mind?" she asked, pointing to the bra.  

 "Sure." Mary turned around allowing me to unclip it. It fell off, her breasts now in full view.  

Laying down on the bed, she spread her legs, her wet pink pussy ready for the taking.  I started at her ankles, kissing them slowly, then working my way up her thigh, finally arriving at her clit. Flicking it and circling it with my tongue, I moved in a bit closer, puling her body closer to my mouth. Sliding my tongue past the clit, I slid it into her pussy, going deep and slow at first, then deeper and faster, deeper and faster, in and out, in and out. Mary moaned, her body arched to confirm the ecstasy she was feeling. Grabbing my hair, she guided my head into her, making me thrust deeper. Faster I went feeling her cum in my mouth and all over my face.    

Finally she pushed me away. "Give me that cock," she said. When I stood up, she grabbed my penis, wanking it slow first, then a little faster, then faster. "Do you like that?" she asked.  

"Uh-huh," I replied, feeling myself about to explode all over her breasts. She bent down, cupping her lips around my cock, taking one, long suck. I grabbed her blonde hair, guiding her head as she sucked and wanked furiously. It was my turn to try to not moan too loudly. After for what felt like four minutes of the best blowjob I ever had, Mary stopped, wiping the cum from her mouth with the back of her hand. 

She stood up, getting back on the bed. Mary was now on all fours, her ass facing me. "Fuck my arse hard!"   

Grabbing her hips, I pulled her into me, Arching her head back, eliciting another moan confirmed she felt me enter. Slow at first,I began to pound, then gaining speed, her cheeks and pubic hair mashing against my cock and balls.  

"Faster, deeper!" Mary cried, cum dripping from my cock onto the sheets. Faster I went, her cheeks now becoming red with the force of both our bodies colliding. "Deeper!" 

 Any deeper, I thought, and my cock'll be out her throat. But who am I to not oblige? So deeper I went, slowing down, taking large thrusts, holding them for a minute. Mary shoved her face into the pillow to muffle the scream with each long thrust.  

Here comes the big one, I thought before ramming it in one last time, exploding inside her anus, cum dripping from her hole. 

Mary lifted her head from the pillow, now lying on her back. Panting, she held up a finger to signal to give her a minute to catch her breath.        

Wiping my cock down, I eyed her already wet red pussy, ready to give her more pleasure. Climbing up on the bed, I took the initiative, not waiting for her to give me permission.  I put her legs over my shoulders for maximum effect before sliding it in. We groaned in unison as I began pounding, my balls hitting her ass. We grunted and moaned in unison as I got faster, deeper, going farther.  

Pap,pap,pap,pap was the sound of our sweaty bodies beating off each other but it was drowned out by the cries of sheer bliss. Her breasts bouncing up and down, me going harder and faster, bed frame threatening to break through the wall. 

Giving one last shove of joyful penetration, I came, filling her pussy with even more cum.  

 Rolling onto my back, we laid there for a few minutes, each staring up at the ceiling, trying to catch our breaths.  

"Wow," I said. Mary looked over at me with a broad smile of her own. I could see from her legs that she was still coming.      Suddenly, a knock came to the door. I thought it might be one of the other guests calling to complain about our loud sex.    "You might want to get that," Mary said.  

"Expecting someone?" 

"Uh-huh. I hope you don't mind but I brought a friend."

I sat up, a little annoyed. "Oh really? Who? We never discussed this." 

 "Trust me, it's going to be worth it." Another two knocks came. "Open it and you'll see." 

Throwing on my jeans, I opened the door. There, standing in high leather boots a black tight leather dress forcing her cleavage to meet her jaw, was a slender woman in her early 40s. Long black hair, with brown eyes.  

Mmmm, I thought. This night just got a lot more interesting. "Hi. Come in." Standing back and opening the door a little wider, Mary's sexy friend came in. I eyed her up and down, eager to get started on her.

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