Written by TITAN79

28 Oct 2009

After that day I realized I was putting up with too much crap and I really didn't want to let things get much more complicated than they already were.( as if they could lol)

I had seen Grace out and about a few times since and gotten a few sly smiles and naughty winks from her, I wasn't quiet sure if the little minx was just being a cock tease( which she did so well) or if she wanted to pursue matters more now that her sister wasn't in the equation.

I had just about given up on anything happened when i got a text from her number late one Friday night, ' I want you to do me a favor...tell me how bad do you want me?' it read.. smiling to myself I felt my cock stir in my pants getting a flash back to her eyes meeting mine as she deep-throated my cock that faithful afternoon. Collecting my thoughts I replied ' The Door will be unlocked tonight before I go to bed... that good enough for you?' I waited and watched the message go through and waited, 10 minutes passed, then 20.. I was just about to get up and start locking things up for the night, plug out the telly etc, you know all the crap they tell you do before you go to bed, then my phone beeped once more, I picked it up and reading the message smiled to myself ' Hmmm sleep tight sexy, dont let the bed bugs bite...they can be right suckers.....lol xxx

I finished what I was doing and locked the doors bar the back one, headed up to bed and settled under the duvet and drifted off. As I slept I had a few amazingly erotic dreams, mainly revolving around grace, even one scene with her and her sister sucking me off in turn.. yeah bold I know.. but hey it was my dream, my rules. In the last dream I was getting an amazing Bj from Grace and I swear I could smell the divine scent of a aroused pussy, as time went on the sensations got stronger, waking suddenly ion the darkness I could feel a weight upon me lifting my head my nose ran smack bang into a smooth curvy ass, I head a groan.. 'Grace..what the fuck?' sitting back on my face she wiggled her crotch over my mouth and seductively said ' I told you some bed bugs can be real suckers...didn't I?' now be a babe and lick me would you '.. I grabbed her ass cheeks and with a mad hunger for her I delved my tongue into her wet pussy, manipulating her firm cheeks with my hands as I feasted on her scalding hot sex, I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go, her hips pushing against me trying to get my tongue further in. I am normally not a fan of 69's as I like to concentrate on the pussy I am licking but fucking hell the whole scenario had my cock fit to burst and Graces moans and sucking nosies were driving me to madness, I ran my tongue lower, touching her clit, she ground down on me firmly ' Oh fuck yeah thats it, right there babe' she growled. My hands pulling her to me, her smooth hairless pussy I just had to have more of it, wrapping my lips around her clit I sucked and stroked it with my mouth, her tummy's spasms from her approaching orgasm driving me even more crazy with raw Lust. I'm Normally a take charge kinda guy but fuck there is something so erotic about a woman grinding her pussy on my face using my mouth to make her self cum thats just amazing. as she started to pant more I could feel the sensation on my cock, her mouth coming off it more and more to utter words like ' Fuck'.....'Jesus' 'Oh holy shit' at the other end her slim hips and gorgeous ass were gyrating slowly and purposely on my mouth, getting ever last ounce of pleasure out of me for her enjoyment.

Climbing off me before she came, she grabbed my hair and kissed me hungrily, our mouths mashing together in sheer lust, between kisses she looked me in the eyes, her face scarcely visible through the darkness ' Fuck me...Please....' I smiled and kissed her Once more. I then moved across her pushing her on her back and nudging her legs part with my knees, I wanted to eat her up, I started to kiss and suck on her neck whispering pure filth in her ears, telling her how hard she had me, how I was going to fuck her til she couldn't take any more, she responded by pushing my head to her breasts, voraciously I sucked one of her nipples to my mouth and nursed on her lovingly my hand caressing and flicking across her other nipple.. she started to buck her hips towards me, no words but her action told me how much she needed my cock inside her, I reared My ass up and slowly started to prod the head of my cock against the opening of her waiting pussy, she moaned as the head of my cock skidded teasingly across her clit, she grinned at me in both joy and frustration ' Just do it you bastard god dam you!' I smiled back and kissed her as I kept up my teasing she gripped my ass and before she go any further I reached to the drawer beside me and grabbed a condom ' awwwww.....do we have to .. I'm on the pill you know' I smiled and slipping the condom on said' I am sure you are hun but you cant be too careful, before she could object any more I drove my cock inside her she moaned and bucking her hips up to meet me bit down on my shoulder 'Fuuuuuuuuuck' she screamed 'God I been dreaming of that since the last day' I ground my pelvis towards her as at last we were joined at last. We fucked intensely..yes fucked, this was too urgent and animalistic to be called anything else, Grabbing her small ankles I held her legs on my shoulders as I pounded her with all I had, I wanted.. no I needed to fuck her more than I had fucked any woman before this, the fact she was ten years my junior and I was making her experience such feeling spurred me on more. Now both sweating we Looked intensely into each other eyes as I felt myself getting close to coming. withdrawing my cock before I gave in completely I flipped her onto all fours and started to kiss her curvy ass cheeks, running my hands all across her flesh feeling her silk like skin, looking over her shoulder she made a face at me and said' fuck what did you stop for?.. I was so close!' Slapping her ass and telling her to ' Zip it' she smiled that devilish grin at me and wiggled her as at me ' Oh big man going to put manners on me is he'.. her grin turning into a mock pout, smiling back I spanked her pussy , the delightful sound of her wetness mixed with her sudden groans egging me on as she put her head on the pillow and ground her ass at my hand, I slapped her pussy a few more times, my fingers stinging her clit and making her grind herself at me like a woman possessed. Then without warning I slipped my thumb inside her she gasped as I then with my same hand started to rub her clit as I worked my practiced hand on her sex as I worked my thumb in further I felt the rippled surface of her G spot, she groaned like a wounded animal as I put pressure on the spot while my fingers outside continued to dance on her clit, I love watching a woman getting off on my hands, I worked her pussy with firm slow action, her grunts turning to moans and then as she started to tremble and shake a load scream as she let go all the sexual energy which had been building in her body for the last few hours.

Collapsing on the bed, she lay completely wore out 'no more.. I need a break...holy fuck ya bastard where'd you learn that' she said.. smiling I replied ' ah now can't beat experience can you?' she grinned and looked at me with a little pout.. 'but you didnt cum yet did you ?' I pointed at my cock and smiled..she smiled back and pushing me on my back crawled between my legs and started to suck on my slowly, her eyes never breaking contact with mine, sucking me and teasing her fingers along the base of my cock and down towards my ass, she started to deep throat me and working the muscles in her tongue she started to drive me towards the edge.. I Couldn't hold back Gripping her hair I started to unload in her mouth, pulling back she caught it all in her mouth, sucking the last of my seed out, she crawled up along my worn out body, and dribbled it on my chest smiling lewdly as my cum trickled from her lips, spreading it over my nipples with her fingers she leaned down and started to suck it off my nipples and run her hungry tongue around my chest gathering the last of it up. Feeling satisfies and basking in the delight of her body pressed against mine I stroked her hair as we both drifted to sleep.