Written by sextom

12 Nov 2012

Having grown tired of the same old ding dong of my career I decided to take a course in sports massage... I had been a regular visitor to the physio room in my sporty days and it was always something that interested me. So after 2 years of studio I had finally got my certificste and I was very chuffed with myself.. I converted my garage into a treatment room and bought all the equipment I needed and I got my advertising campaign up and running... The first few weeks were slow and the majority of my work was young men from the local football team.

My first female customer was a lady in her 40's. She had taken up running to regain her shape after her third child she told me. However she had felt a twinge in her upper leg and needed it sorted. We agreed a time and I told her to bring a pair of shorts to wear while I worked in her. When she came in i was surprised at how fit she looked..definitely not the image she had portrayed in her phonecall to me. I told her to lie down on her tummy and I would give her legs a general massage first to warm them up before I went deeper on the injured area. I started to massage her lower calves and we chatted generally about her running etc. The conversation quietened to just a few 'yes' and 'mmm' as i applied a little more pressure to her muscles. I enquired if the pressure was too much and she replied almost dreamily 'no no its lovely, just what I needed. I continued this for 15 or so minutes and from the contented sighs I knew that she was happy so far.

Next I had to try and fix her niggly injury. I asked her to show me where it was. she turned around on her back and showed me where the pain started and finished. it started just an inch below the line of her shorts and finished about 2 inches above the line. This meant I had to roll up one leg of her shorts so I could gat at the affected area. I asked her was this ok and she said yes thats fine. The injury was in a very tender place at the connection of the quad and groin muscles. I explained to her that this would be queiet sore so I would start gently and then go gradually deeper. So she lid on her back as I started to massage her inner thigh / upper leg area. In order to go deeper into the muscle I adopted a slow deliberate circular motion. I gently massage the area for 60 or so seconds before applying more pressure to get into the damaged area. I heard her gasp and sharply take in her breath. I stopped and asked was she ok. "im fine" she said. I just got a bit of a shock, the start was so nice and gentle and the end caught me off guard"

I smiled and assured her that this would help the injury but that I would have to do it a few more times. She said ok, but could I go a bit higher up her leg as that was the more troubling area...(did i see her blush?) I removed the thought from my head and started the slow circular gentle movements again, this time another inch higher up her leg..I wasn't sure but I thought I heard her breathing a little heavier..this time before I went deeper I told her to brace herself as I went deep into the muscle for 30 seconds...She was breathing quiet heavily and her face was flushed when I stopped... I asked was she ok, and she blushed. "yes" she said. One more time should do it I said. "Can we try a small bit higher she asked?" and she rolled up her shorts to the line of her white panties. "Just here is quiet tender" she said. I started the process again with the slow circular motiions, my strong fingers gently pushing down on her tendr delicate skin. "thats definitely the spot" she whispered....My mouth was dry. What was happening here? I felt myself go red. I composed myself and told her to get ready for the sore part.. She took a deep breath and I went deep into her muscles...My fingers were now beyond the line of her panties....I finshed my massge and she let out a long sigh and as I looked at her her face was definitely flushed... "thats all for today" I said. "you should ice that when you get home as it will be tender" She smiled and thanked me. "Can I make an appointment for next week? same time?" Sure i said. But you might not need it, the injury should be ok in a few days" "Oh trust me I need it" she said as she walked out the door....

As I tidied up for the evening I ran through the events of the evening... Had I been imagining things? I laughed and told myself to stop letting my imaginaion get the better of me. I sat down and watched a football game and about 2 hours later my phone rang. "Hi this is Gemma, I'd like to make an appointment" "Sure" I said "what kinda injury have you?" "Im not sure, I think its the same as Shaunas, see you tommorrow at 7".......Did I hear giggling?? ..............................