Written by TKMax

12 Sep 2014

This happened on a recent holiday Sarah and I had in Greece. We stayed in a lovely small family run hotel, bistro style bar, stunning views and a lovely pool which Sarah adores. We spent our days exploring the area and chilling out by the pool. Gio was the owner, he was a real charmer and entertained the crowds at night as well as working the bar and serving food. His wife worked in the kitchen, his son waited tables and did whatever was asked of him by the customers. Sarah flirted outrageously with Gio, she loved the attention and she got plenty of that from him. She wore bikinis most of the time and just a wrap around skirt when in the bar area. Gio always gave her lots of compliments, saying how lucky I was and so on. But Sarah knew all he really wanted was to fuck her like he had with numerous others before her. Late each night Sarah would like to sit outside smoking and Gio often would join us as he finished up for the night. On our last night the talk had turned from flirting to teasing and as we left Sarah said to him he could join us for a nightcap in our room if he wanted. He said he needed to do a few things and would be along later. We all knew what a nightcap really meant, back in the room I had Sarah on the bed and was kissing her as I fingered her very wet pussy, I sucked on her nipples before going down to lick her pussy which I love to do.

Just then we heard a brief knock on the door and without a word Gio entered, very self assured as if it was a regular thing. I continued to lick Sarah's pussy, Sarah moaned lightly as she watched Gio strip naked and approach the bed. He had an impressive cock which hung down limply, he took it in his hand and pulled it as he placed it in Sarah's mouth. He played with her nipples as she sucked his cock to hardness. He then moved his hand to her pussy and replaced my tongue with his fingers, the sound of his fingers in her wetness confirmed she was ready for fucking. Gio didn't need to be asked, he positioned himself between her legs and rubbed his cock up and down her slit before one big stroke and he entered her. He leaned forward to suck her tits as he fucked her pussy with long deep strokes. Slowly pulling out until his cock was at the entrance before driving in fully again. Sarah moaned as his thrusting became faster, and then with one deep stroke he emptied his balls deep inside her pussy. As he withdrew a trickle of cum followed, Sarah lay there breathless but I was quick to replace his cock with mine, Gio watched as I pumped Sarah hard, he stroked his cock back to hardness as I fucked Sarah for all I was worth before I added my cum to her well fucked pussy. Gio fucked her doggy style before emptying his balls in her again, thanked us for a wonderful time and left.

Next morning as Sarah showered Alex arrived with fresh towels. He made small talk with me about football and music. The look on his face as Sarah walked out of the shower naked and wet was priceless. He was in a trance and Sarah played on that. She took a towel and wrapped her hair in it, raising her arms exposing her tits to him, nipples erect as the cold air hit them. He stood in a state of shock and what happened was so surreal. It was obvious he had no experience of a naked woman. No words were said by anyone, but sexual instinct took over. Sarah reached out and taking his hand placed it on her tit, he just squeezed not knowing what to do. She placed his other one on her pussy and he just lightly rubbed her slit but not enough to penetrate. Sarah led him to the bed and lay down in front of him, she bent her knees and widened her legs, opening her pussy to him. He licked it but in a very shy way. Sarah got up, stripped him and laid him on the bed, she straddled him in the 69 position. She sucked his rock hard cock and played with his balls as she basically fucked her pussy with his face, he had a wet pussy thrashing on his face and didn't know what to do. Arab then straddled him, easing his cock into her pussy. She fucked it slowly as she knew he'd come if she went for it. But Sarah loves her pussy to be filled so she got on all fours, she reached back and guided his cock towards her pussy, Alex was trying to get it up her arse in his excitement but Sarah placed it to her pussy lips and the only words spoken were " push, that's it, now fuck me". Alex started to get a rhythm going and starting thrusting harder and faster, and just as his father had done hours before he emptied his balls deep inside her.

As we were leaving Sarah remarked as we said goodbye, would they ever know each other's story.