26 Feb 2018

There is only one room door , she walks in front of me going to the room door. Oh that dress showing off her curves so elegantly as she slides the card down and green light appears turns to me again that seductive smile she opens the door and we both walk in. We walk into a massive open room with a complete glass wall which have Curtains draw apart from one section right in middle which has a high back regal chair facing towards the window right in front of it. I start wondering that's a very strange place for the chair there is no table around it , She walks to the window and looks like she is feeling herself as she stares out the window, hands over neck across her body... she turns to me and smiles and says come here.

I walk over to window and look out and what a view , the Hotel is at river front looking down town I scan the scenery and notice just across river there is a big Multi story car park and a couple of cars on top floor everyone facing away but only one facing towards hotel....mmmmmm I wonder ...Sir????. She turns me around and in front of window we start slowly kissing , it's so soft and sensual as She starts to kiss my neck , then stops and says will be back in a minute and heads into the ensuite. I look again at the view still a little daylight as it's mid summer , Wow I am a lucky guy I say to myself.

Suddenly She comes out of ensuite now in a Black Silk Sarong still with the High heels on and walks over to me ... I am so turned on and it's very noticeable thru my trousers which I am no longer trying to hid. She stands in front of me ,I am still looking out of the window , she starts taking off my suit jacket and places it gently over back of chair , then starts unbuttoning my shirt slowly and slowly rubs her hand up my chest and pushes my shirt off over my shoulders

again gently places the shirt on back of table. She then sensual moves her hand around my now naked chest over my shoulder down my arms and moves around me and is now standing behind me and slides her hand over my Cock which is so fucking erect oh man I just want her so bad ... she then walks around and now stands in front of me facing the window again starts moving her hips against my Cock like she is an erotic dancer. I put my hands on her hips and she steps away walks to window looks outside and the she slips her sarong off ... I look at the silhouette of a stunning naked lady looking out across the Water.... Sir must be there ... he has to be there... she turns again looks straight at me walks over and grabs my belt buckle and Says.... now it's time for my Birthday dessert

She unbuckles my belt and slides down and takes off my shoes placing the neatly under chair , removes my socks places them in shoes , she the slowly slides up standing while looking at me unbuttons My trousers slowly unzips and my trousers fall to ground... leaving me in my boxers with huge erection oh the look of it I sense her excitement. She places the trousers neatly over the chair.... and then goes down on her knees pressing her face against my boxers I look out to the skyline still some daylight sunset is due soon... she slowly puts hands on my boxers and slides my boxers over my erect cock.... it is so hard it pings up after being released nearly hitting her face that it made her flinch and scream in delight and how big and hard it is.... She then looks up at me and starts slowly moving towards my Cock..... Oh god I am in heaven

she slowly kisses the tip of my cock , slide tongue down the side going up and down , start kissing and sucking my testicles I am groaning in pleasure .... then slowly she goes down on my Cock sliding up and down , over and over again she slides her hand under my balls and starts feeling around my anus teasing it as she starts to go faster and harder then with both hands grabs my arse and takes my Cock completely gagging on it... Oh what a sound watching a lady take you whole and she rather have your cock than oxygen.... she gasps for air and goes again and again oh man I feel my juices building .... God man I am not sure I can hold off longer ...... I think she felt that as she stops slowly takes my Cock out of her mouth kissing my body as she slowly works her way up till she softly kisses my lips... again she walks around and sits on chair straddling her legs over the arm rests showing off her wet delicious Yoni ... I go over get on my knees and start kissing her breasts , nipples moving down over stomach pelvic bone towards her wet Yoni

As kiss her wet Yoni lips I tongue to move around up.and down around her clitoris outer lips and inner lips... using my fingers to penetrate while sucking kissing licking her clitoris ... can feel her body tensing up and she is loving this she is grabbing my head pushing it in more as I go faster.... she is about to go I feel it and she scream Oh Fuck Oh Fuck .... she pulls my head back quickly and screams


She gets up from the chair goes to window faces outside the Sun is now setting and beautiful colours on the sky .... puts her hands on the window and bends over showing her wet Yoni and says

"fuck me now as hard as you fucking can"

I enter her hard and start pounding hard oh god this is fucking amazing as I go harder, oh man I sure to go soon, but I pound harder her hands slipping all over the glass it's heating up ya can see her hand prints in the window as I fuck her even harder. She screams

" oh god fuck me fuck me harder and slap me"

I pound that Yoni so hard and slap that beautiful derriere.

" Oh God I am cumming"

she screams as I press her head against the glass I now pounding so fucking hard that we both orgasm together and both scream in ecstasy.

My body is so aching I collapse back on chair we still entangled, she still grinding all the juices out of me leaning back on my body. We Sat there for few mins motionless, the Sun now set and darkness now showing in the skyline. All of sudden she stands up walks over to her handbag and pulls out her phone. She presses a button and walks over to me looks at me with phone at ear, slowly kisses me then pulls away says.

" Honey thank you for my present , it was so fucking enjoyable see you in an hour" ...

she hangs up kisses me once more

" I heading to shower Let yerself out but we will meet again " ....

and watched that sexy body head towards the shower .... still in amazement at what just happened

I got slowly dressed and made my way out of hotel .... the Greatest Walk of Shame I have ever had