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Greatest Walk of Shame ( Part 1)

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4 min
Published 3 years ago
Read the text from Sir.... Tonight is night ...Enjoy remember to give the Envelope to her , she will be at the bar wearing Silver dress and rose beside her. Be there for 8pm. Sir had contacted me few weeks ago thru mutual friend and asked if I would take his beautiful partner out for a Meal for Birthday and make sure she had good time as her Birthday Surprise. I agreed as knew them both well and tonight was the night. Sir had chosen suit for me a classy tight fitting navy suit and was looking damn hot if I don't say so myself.... I reach hotel bar and there she is, in a stunning silver dress with rose beside her ... the dress was tight to her sexy body and those sexy long legs on display what a stunning lady she is. She had a cocktail beside her , I walked up to her and said Good evening Sexy ... she turned looked at me in surprise ... "Oh hey there, how are you ? " She stood up gave me a nice sensual kiss mmmmmm " Been too long since we did that " I smiled at her... " What brings ya here and looking so damn sexy do you have Date " she asks me .... "I do actually"....i smiled and said this is for you and handed her the envelope from Sir .... she looks confused but she recognises Sir' s handwriting on envelope. She opens envelope and there is a note and something else inside ... she reads the note and then she smiles so seductively and touches her neck before folding note and puts envelope in her bag..... Waiter comes up and says your table is ready Madame is your date here ... she replies " He has just arrived " looking at me with those deep piercing sensual hazel eyes.... taking my hand we walk to the table .... I pull her chair back like a perfect gentleman would do and she sits down and I join her.... "Happy Birthday hope your happy with your surprise?" i ask.... She smiles and " ohhh very happy " raises her drink and says " Here is to a very good night...." We had our starters and were waiting for our main meal the conversation had be flowing so much laughs and naughty talk.... she then looks at me and as I look at her I feel her foot moving up my leg , the long table covers hiding from the rest of customers , it's now at my groin aera she touches her neck moving hand over her shoulder and back towards the neck she starts rubbing her foot over my c**k... which starts to become erect ... she still smiling at me as I sip glass of water trying to play cool but feeling so turned on by her.... as she moves her foot slowly back down my leg our main meal arrived.... We finished our main meal ... As waiter comes over ... i feel the foot again over my c**k ... Waiter is now at table, he asks "Madame do you wish a dessert menu" ... while still rubbing my Cock with her foot she says " No it's ok" , she opens her purse pulls out the envelope I had given her and pulls out not the note but a hotel room key and says " Put the meal on this room number please " waiter walks away she turns to me and whispers to me "We are going to have dessert upstairs" and again presses her foot into my Cock which is now very erect.... We finish off drinks and then stand up , I try to cover my erection as we head to the lift .... we enter lift another couple are in there ... they press 3rd floor and She leans over and press Top floor this Hotel is 15 floor hotel .... Wow we are going to penthouse .... the couple get off at third floor turn and smile at us both .... before the door even closes She presses me against lift wall and we start passionately kissing... our hands all over each other bodies .... 5th floor 6th floor I start kissing her neck she groans in pleasure 7th floor 8th floor oh please lift hurry up I want this lady so bad 9th floor 10th floor it stops .... we quickly separate and fix our slightly mangled clothing ... just as doors open an older couple there .... the man says "Going down" She replies " No we are going up " they said ok and door closes she turns to me and says " But I will be going down very soon " and starts caressing my Cock thru the suit trousers.... we finally reach 15th floor and the doors open

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