Written by welcome9

20 Feb 2011

as i was on the bed i was so aroused that now joan began to kiss me, and what a beautiful way she had with her tongue, and sharon moved up in the bed and gently parted joans legs and began to taste and lick her wet hot pussy . i took my hands and began to feel joans firm tit while my other hand began to finger sharons wet tight cunt . we were beginning to be really aroused and i could see by sharons movement of her arse that she was turned on , i was so aroused knowing i would fuck both of them . then joan turned to sharon and they began to kiss , i knew what joans kiss was like and it immediately turned on sharon and with joans soaking wet pussy it was my turn to appreciate her beauty , and i moved my trobbing hard member and entered a moist soft wonderful wet cunt and could hear joan trying to moan as she had her tongue deep in sharons mouth. im not one to let a lovely pussy go to waste and i reached over and gently parted sharons legs to reveal a warm moist pussy oozing with lovely juices. i couldnt wait to have my tongue touch her softness and began to lap up her juices, her scent was sending me wild as i contuined to fuck joan. then it was my turn to take sharon , to enter that sensous warm cunt was the ultimate treat as she was so sexed up , once i entered her she began to move up and down my shaft her attractive full tits began to bounce as she showed all the sings of enjoying my cock. joan came and began to lick my balls driving me wild as i fucked sharon, i truly felt like a stud and wanted to fill and totally satisfy these two babes.

the nite ended having sex in every way we wanted, and the following day back at the office was still terribly wrrm. at 4pm a memo was send round to sey all personnel were to go home early, and i had only to look out my office door to see joan at her desh and she slowly moved and i could see as she parted that she was not wearing any panties, she smiled and i smiled back knowing this was the way we had agreed from the evening before , to have our next sexual encounter, just then i saw sharon cuming down the long corridor with a lovely short blue skirt with a huge slit and knew that my cock would be busy fucking in a short time havind found two lovely sluts who appreciate my efforts to service them