Written by welcome9

18 Feb 2011

last summer during one of the hottest weeks it was clear to see that the hot warm summer days was having an effect on the women in the office. the insurance office is open plan with plenty of cubicles for each person to work and as the material is often very confidential there is a degree of privacy. As the days wore on the women in particular began to wear less amd less , no stockings lower cut blouses and shorter skirts , this was most noticable with joan and sharon, both had spaces across from my office . the doors and windows were open to allow some nice breeze , and when i looked out i could clearly see that joans skirk was terrible she was leaning down to pick up some files , she caught my eye as she looked up and smiled. As i passed for coffee a little later i saw joan chatting with sharon and yas i had fancied sharon for a long time . She was a very busty blonde who knew her assets and had great legs. By 5pm i was ready to o to a going away party for 3 of the staff and it was being held at the local hotel and all the staff were invited and joan and sharon were there too

the evening went well and the drinks helped us to relax and we began to talk abour holidays and fun when away . i could see thst joan was beggining to flirt with me and our eyes mrt several times ,i could see thar the button of her top was undone and as was standing there grtting a gkane she leaned ouer and said , would you like to see nore, i tried to recover myself and laughed and said , sure love to . and to my suprise she said , youll have to take the two of us , immediately i could feel the bulge in my pants as i had fancied sharon , she was sexy and this was not to be passed up, joan was too quick for me , saw my bulge and said , i take that as a yes and she signalled to sharon with her eyes and in a moment she was standing beside me. Now i was hot and my mind was racing wondering what it would be like to take these two beauties

we waited in the bar and as everyone was heading off i must have had quote a few drinks , and joan as organised as always indicated that we go to the room, where straight away i began to kiss joan. Sharon was lyin on the bed and with her short skirt i could see her skimpy short thong barely covering her lovely pussy meanwhile joan brgan to open my shirt as i opened her blouse to reveal her 38dd tits.Meanwhile sharon was over to unztp my pants and had my member out , it was alredy trobbing and she began to suck and tasye me as i was being overcum with pleasue. I let joan open her bra and reveal her assets and my hand began to p[en her skirt to fall to the ground and i could see a lovely shapely tight pussy . we moved to the bed and i removed joans black thong and began to open her legs as she lay back to show a beautiful wet cunt and straight way my tongue began to explore and taste her lovely wet juices . Sharon was busy now sucking my hard cock and balls and by now her top was off showing those huge tits that i had often longed for . Then i turned joan around and began to lick and taste her lovely arse as sharon was sucking mr she bean to finger me so that i could frrl her finger probing my arse. i was totally turned on and couldnt wait to fuck both these lovely babes to be contuined