Written by needstoplease

10 Apr 2013

It was tight, so tight. June put her head into the bed and bit the cotton sheets as he entered her. His cock was long, hard, and his first thrust slammed his hips against her ass, his balls against her clit. When his hands came around and squeezed her tits she let out a loud moan. “Fuck me! I’m yours! Fuck me!”

There was no gentleness in him this time, not like the previous days. Where he would usually start slowly and build in speed and tempo, this time he just fucked her. She moaned, thrashed and arched her back in pleasure. When he put his arms around her lower stomach and pulled her ass higher, she matched him in thrusts, pushing her ass back and onto his cock, making sure that he went as deep inside her as he could.

With a loud smack he spanked her ass, causing her to yelp. It wasn’t a soft tap, but a firm, hard hit with his open palm. It left a sting that was almost uncomfortable. Almost. She was revelling in the pain and sensations in her pussy, the sound of his balls hitting her clit. Her eyes were closed, so when he spanked her again she wasn’t expecting it. Fuck! And again and again. It was hard enough to cause her to moan uncomfortably. Yet she didn’t cry out, didn’t tell him to stop. This was what she wanted! She wanted him to use and abuse her, for him to treat her as she deserved. She WAS dirty! She knew it now. After years of holding back, of keeping her virginity pure, she had finally realised how she loved to be used, to have her body at the whim and will of a guy bigger and more powerful. And he WAS powerful, his large hands now back around her stomach gripped her firmly. His cock was deep and his control absolute.

“Move forward, lay on your stomach.”

With a push, he forced her down onto the bed so that she was laid out flat, like a board. He pulled her legs together, moving her with ease. And as he did so she sighed in anticipation. She knew how tight it was going to be with her legs together. And as he climbed on top of her his weight felt all encompassing, like the weight of the world was about to enter her tight pussy. She went to thrust her ass out, eager for him to enter her, but he simply pushed her back down. “Just lay there, I will open your legs slightly to get in, then when I close them don’t open them again.”

She liked how he talked in simple blunt phrases. They were almost like orders. That was another of her fantasies, to be told what to do. Arghhhh!

Parting her legs slightly he used the fingers of one hand to hold open the lips of her pussy, resting the head of his cock against its entrance while he positioned himself. Like before, she felt the tightness, the stretching as he levered himself and let his weight fall on her. Fuck it was so tight! She moaned, bit the bed, and gripped the wrists of his hands that were now to either side of her head. It was too much! Too tight! And when he bit her neck she let out a moan that was part scream.

He didn’t care, though. He just continued to ride her, breathing hard as he continued to bite, his cock going deep and hard. The throbbing in her pussy was rising to a crescendo. He rested his whole body on top as he fucked her using just the movement of his hips. His entire weight on her back left her feeling deliciously helpless. He pulled her hair, used one hand to tilt her head to the side and slide his tongue into her mouth. It wasn’t sensual; it was raw and undiluted need. He had to have her, all of her! And she was giving him everything!

When she came, it was with a scream and shaking limps. His cock was still inside her. The throbbing grew until she could no longer stand it, until her pussy contracted and clamped down on his hard member. She didn’t even notice him stop while she had her orgasm; all she could focus on was the deep sensations running wildly through her body. And again and again, one orgasm after another! The juices ran down her legs, left the bed damp underneath. Yet she noticed nothing. All she could hear was his breathing in her ear as he kissed her neck. All she could focus on was the orgasmic feeling in her pussy, her stomach, her whole fucking body! And all she wanted was more!

Just when she had finished, he started again.

If June had thought he was being rough the first time, now he seemed unleashed in truth. There was not an ounce of consideration for her, for her body. He sat up on her, rammed his cock into her hard and fast. She knew what he wanted now. He wanted to cum. And oh how she wanted him to cum too!

“Cum in my mouth! I want it in my mouth, please.”

It was as if those words alone set him off. His breathing increased, became more rapid and uncontrolled. His fucking of her became faster and faster. She FELT like she was being used. And she loved it. When he started to moan June felt the excitement in her building. She had never had cum in her mouth before, never really tasted more than the pre-cum. She WANTED it.

When he pushed off and gripped her head, June opened her mouth wide and took him deep. He hit the back of her through and she gagged. His hands gripped her head, fucked her face like he was just fucking her pussy.

“I’m going to cum down your throat! Now… now!”

He jerked and shook, slammed her face onto his hard cock. Warm, hot cum shot into her mouth, her throat. It was thick, warm, and there was LOTS of it, so much that it started to leak down her lips, onto her chin. June swallowed. And as he pulled his cock back a bit, she sucked on the tip of his head, loving the feeling of pulling the cum out of him.

“Fuck, June. Suck it all up baby.”

And suck it up she did. She wiped the cum off her chin and put it into her mouth, swirled it around before swallowing. She squeezed at the base of his cock, making sure that she got all the cum she could. And when she was done she gave his head one last sloppy kiss before falling beside him.

“That was fucking great,” he said.

June smiled and couldn’t have agreed more.

“Next time you can fuck my ass,” she said with a sweet innocent smile