Written by needstoplease

10 Apr 2013

She tasted fantastic. She smelled like sex. And the sight of her writhing under his touch made his cock rock hard. It throbbed, wanted to be touched, sucked. He wanted to take her right there and then, roughly, deeply and as fast as he could. He wanted to cum all over her, on her stomach, her perky breasts, her face, in her mouth. He just wanted her so much.

While pushing two fingers into her pussy he rubbed at her g spot, took his other hand and started to rub at her clit. He pushed his fingers in hard but rubbed slow, looking up from time to time to see her laid back with her eyes closed, licking her lips as she squirmed. Her breathing increased, her thighs tightened around his head and he gently sucked on her clit, using his tongue to flick and circle it. After five minutes, in which she became more and more vocal and started to moan. His jaw started to ache. As he took his fingers out and slid his tongue inside her wet hot pussy, kissing it, eating it, he used both hands to rub her lips and clit fast. She started to orgasm. Thrusting into him, he buried his tongue and moved it like crazy as she moaned loudly. He slowed, and then stopped as her breathing became more regular. He looked up to find her smiling widely with her eyes closed. Between her legs her juices ran down her hot mound, he licked them up, causing her to once again arch her back.

He smiled against her lips. Good, he had pleased her, now it was his turn.

She was small in height, perhaps 5ft 4inches. Her body was a sexy woman’s body, not skinny, not big. She had curves. He loved curves. He slapped the side of her ass to wake her up, and she woke up horny. Her eyes opened quickly and as he stood she took him in. His member stood proud, large and just waiting to be used. She must have read his mind because she flipped over onto her stomach, her elbows and head on the edge of the bed. She gripped him in both hands and looked up and smiled before she put him in her mouth. Ahh! Her tongue created a myriad of patterns as it shot over his swollen head, played across his eye. He put his hands on the back of her head and leaned forwards, his cock going deeper into her mouth.

He shuddered as he felt his cock hit the back of her throat. She gagged and went to pull away, would have if he hadn’t held her head firm. The look in her eyes as she looked up was one of panic.

“You said anything,” he said quietly, looking down at her. “Just relax,”

When he pulled his cock out it was followed by a quick indrawn breath, he rubbed his saliva covered head against her face. After a moment she was ready, and when she looked up it was with such fervour. Such a fucking sexy look! She wanted him in her mouth, she wanted to gag and be used! Fuck this girl was amazing!

“Did you like that?” he asked. She nodded and smiled, her answer was in her actions as she grabbed his member and shoved it in her mouth. This time he didn’t need to force it in, she did it herself! The noise of her slurping on him, the wet warm feeling of her mouth, of the involuntary gag reflex that sometimes caused her to slightly close her mouth, it was heaven!

Knowing that if it continued he would soon cum (oh and how he wanted to! Right down her throat!) he pulled his cock out of her mouth. Spit ran down her chin, which she scooped up and then licked off her fingers.

With one hand gently rubbing at his cock he pushed at her head. “Turn around with your ass off the bed,” And she did exactly as he asked. No doubt, no hesitation. She just quickly turned around, her ass and legs off the bed, and thrust herself into the air, spreading her legs wide. What a sight!

He was large, both in height and in the size of his member. He could just fit two fingers inside her, which meant it was very tight on his cock. It had been for the last three days and today would be no different. It would be great.

With his cock sufficiently wet and her own smouldering pussy drenched, he placed one hand on the side of her ass while he grabbed his cock with the other. He rested it against her tight hole and she moaned at the pressure, pushing herself back, wanting him inside her.

“Do you want it now?” he asked, already knowing the answer. She shuddered in anticipation.

“Yes! Now! Please.”

With a firm push of his hips, his cock entered her.

To be continued.