Written by needstoplease

10 Apr 2013

Sex is good. No, sex is great! And all June wanted was to be fucked, hard, deeply with long slow thrusts that would slowly get faster and faster. Arghh, she could feel the tingle in her pussy as she lay seductively on the bed, feel the need in her rising. Fuchsia coloured panties and bra, she had her legs spread open wide, invitingly. She wanted it. She wanted him. And he could do anything he wanted to her. ANYTHING.

Never in her life had she been so brazen about sex. Never had she wanted anything as badly as she wanted him. For three days now they had been meeting up for sex. And each day she had seen the look in his eyes that he wanted her, that he was holding back. As she would grip his muscled back he would bite her neck, not hard enough to leave marks, but a nice bite nonetheless. June wanted him to bite harder, for him to grip her butt roughly as he thrust into her. She wanted him to spank her and throw her around, move her as he did what he wanted. She wanted all that. And she was going to get it.

He stood fully naked at the foot of the bed, his eyes hungrily taking her in. She could see his member growing larger, becoming swollen. With her legs open she wiggled suggestively. “This is all yours,” she said lustfully, her eyes looking up and matching his hunger. “Do what you want,” And she added “fuck me.”

Two words. Two simple words that meant so much. Without preamble he gripped both her ankles and pulled her across the bed. Her panties rose deliciously up into her pussy and ass as she slid across the cotton sheets. He pushed her legs apart, further than they already were. It was almost painful, yet it was so very sexy. She was wide open. Never had she felt so vulnerable, so powerless. His muscled arms trailed down the inside of her thighs as he leaned over and began kissing her stomach. And he was biting her all the time, just like she’d told him she wanted. His teeth were digging into the soft skin above her mound, his lips sucking at her. She arched her back, almost reached out to grip his head and pull him into her. Not yet, she forced herself to gain some control.

Just as she had that thought he leaned into her. His hands around her ass, he pushed out with his elbows to keep her legs spread wide. June moaned as his strong hands gripped her, his head and teeth sinking into her.

“Fuck! Yes!” she moaned.

Teasing her, he eased off the pressure, released her legs and began running his tongue slowly up her stomach. His hands trailed up the sides of her body and found her breasts. With a firm grip he buried his face between her chest, his tongue licking, his teeth marking the skin. She moaned and arched her back as he rubbed his hard cock against the silk of her panties, the heat and pulsing between her legs driving her crazy. She wanted him inside her so badly, wanted to feel him deep and hard, fast.

His breathing was heavy as he kissed her neck and pulled off her silk underwear, his hands deftly found the clasp of her bra and realised her lusciously firm boobs. He pressed his body heavily on top of her, pushing her down into the bed. He was so hot! She reached down with a hand and found his large hard cock, its head already slippery with pre-cum. She yanked it, pulled it back and forth as she pushed his head down from her neck. He knew what she wanted and as she released his throbbing cock his tongue quickly found the burning between her legs. Long slow strokes from the bottom of her pussy up to her clit, a quick flick over the clit, and then back down to the base of her pussy, a slow stroke up to her clit. When he put his lips around her and sucked gently she moaned out loud. “Fuck! Yes!” And as she did, he slid one, then two fingers into her now soaking wet pussy. Slowly at first, his fingers quickly found her g spot and began rubbing, his tongue and lips sucking at her all the while. She was going to cum! She was going to cum right on his face!

Large hands meant that his two fingers pretty much filled her up. He went faster. What was at first slow and sensual quickly turned into a romping vibration that drove her wild. He was slamming his fingers into her so hard that her head was bobbing back and forwards. She grabbed one of his hands and pressed it into her left tit. She held it there as she thrust her hips forward, wanting his fingers to go deeper. She was close to orgasm! She wanted his large cock inside her! Now!

But he had other ideas.

To be continued.