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Found At Sea

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Published 3 years ago
Stripping each other, kissing, touching, grabbing, taking ... they'd fallen. Bodies bound, an endless kiss and the euphoric feeling that their souls had embraced, these two people of no significance or note, fell. They weren't special. They weren't remarkable. They were adorned with something richer than either had felt before, something wild and free. Something that cann't be marketed, that can't be captured or presented in fictional or factual stories, that can't be fabricated and that gleefully evades those that demand it the most. They were both capable of listening. As he'd entered her for the first time, her entire body had arched, her eyes wide open along with her mouth staring up and back and he could hear her gasp. A hand under her stroking her shoulder, supporting whilst his other grabbed the flesh he had sunk deeply into. His body pulsated and shuddered within her as he let his own eyes closed and mouth open savouring this ecstasy. The warmth of her body, welcoming him in. Her wet sex held him perfectly as the muscles of her body spasmed and they collectively groaned as their anticipation that had build now crashed down all around them. Time, breath, bodies ... all paused now .... to allow their deeper connection to settle after this new step where they had physically connected for the first time. Eyes opening, smiling, reassuring as he began to stroke her from within. The pressure, depth and speed of as his body moving within her varied as his gaze on her learned the nuances of her, her body. By listening he'd watching her move, the slightest touch and change and how her body felt around him, he instinctively knew how to take her down deeper, lifting her periodically to where he wanted her to feel more, to feel all of him. His lips on hers, moving to her neck and to her nipple now, his tongue worked flicked and probing as he continued to move in and out of her. Wet now, it stood and glistened as he paused and blew air across it ... his eyes caught hers tracking his fingers as they raised to his mouth and tongue and back again to her. Two wet fingers stroking either side of her beautifully preseented teat trapped between them, he continued to massage and then sqeeze her gently between them. As he drove deeper and harder into her, his fingers continued to stroke and touch and take this connection higher and higher. He listened. The dunes were deserted. The Sun crept quietly, emerging out from the Sea's embrace and cast shaddows across the sand. The grasses around him, stirred by the same warm wind from the land behind, wrapped him. His gaze dropped now and he began to reconnect. His toes, his feet and legs crossed beneath him. His hands resting on his knees. His breath slow and steady, the hollow in his chest and those feelings waking once more. Disappointment. He reached out, collecting a handful of sand and slowly began to release it in front of him. It's particles sparkled in the morning sunshine and he could see how it fell forward what he'd hoped for was happening. It had turned during the long night. The weariness and weight encounted made him ache. It was almost time to go. To return to where he could once again breath. The tide had turned finally and the offshore breeze pushed the water high on the bank and the swell moved towards him and a welcome cocophony of water broke the silence calling him. As he stood, he knew it was time and the pull of the cool blade across his own chest contrasted with the warmth he now felt fall over him as he began to walk towards the sunshine. He'd listened. He'd felt. It was time to breath again. To be found between the sets, idlying in the shallows. Where the energy of the waves transcend the physical form and let go. Found at sea.

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