Written by DubDaddyDom

12 Mar 2018

She walked slowly down the corridor.

It was wide and expansive and she’d enjoyed taking her heels from her feet in the lift as they travelled from the bar.

She was tipsy now from the wine, the conversation and the anticipation of what might come next and she liked that feeling. Adventures begin with plans, ideas shared and logic of what might be but it’s all best guess. The excitement and anticipation of opening ones eyes at the beginning of a day with no plans is about what just might unfold. Her eyes were open now, her heels in hand as she walked in the centre of this corridor, the rich carpet underfoot and the down lights casting wonderful shadows of the her and those following behind.

The natural flow of conversation in the lounge seemed muted now since the elevator doors opened and she’d emerged leaving them behind. A few steps ahead she always enjoyed how he was silenced when she stood to walk away. It had been their thing and when a woman can stop a man in his tracks by how she walks away in heels and jeans it is something to be admired and respected. The feeling of being desired, adored and wanted by him was part of their relationship and she would always hold it dear to her. The feeling was intensified now for her knowing that someone else had joined him in savouring every move of her body, the lines and shape of her as she heel-toed the line of the corridor enjoying the feeling of their eyes on her body.

“Oh I love this song” she said as the slide guitar kicked in across the room and the lyrics ‘Give you my lovin’ seven days a week’. The guys were lounging on the sofa in the corner of the room as she sat on the edge of the bed facing them. His taste in music yet another thing that attracted her to this new friend who smiled as she stood and began to sway mouthing the lyrics ‘I’ll be your honey, if you’ll be sweet’ and held her hand out for his. He sipped on his wine before looking, as she did, for a sign of approval and it came with a wink and a gesture of his hand. She adored that man in every way - his love and passion for her, for their relationship and for enjoying a journey with her that allowed them both so much freedom to experiment on the edges of their desires.

His hands on her hips as she swayed, slow to the music and in time with the rhythm she swayed with him before pulling him close to steady her gaze on his eyes. They burned intensely with intent and … a … hunger ?. A look she hadn’t seen or remarked on until now and her mouth opened slowly as she pulled him close to kiss him. The kiss was gentle, tentative at first like the first drops of rain in a storm but as their hips swayed and finally met against one another the torrent began and the passion between them raged now.

Tongues and lips reaching and touching and tasting as her hands held his head and she felt his hands on her hips move slowly to her lower back and even lower. Her eyes opened as they turned and she winked at him, watching them now.

He looked relaxed and entertained by the movements before him. His wife was a sensual, passionate person and his enjoyment of her and love for the girl he’d grown with was unparalleled and he enjoyed being here with her as she experimented and explored sexual adventures.

Behind her now, she felt his lips on her neck deep and sensual touches and his excitement against her. Her head tilted back as she felt a tug on her hair as he ran his fingers through it. Arching, she groaned as she felt his hand on her hip and the feel of her dress loosening as he pulled down on the zip … pausing as he kissed her back periodically.

She could feel his lips but she sensed him drinking her in with all his senses. He’d leaned past her when they’d met and kissed her cheek and she had thought she’d heard him breath in sharply.

Now she was sure she heard this and she knew then he was tasting her scent as he undressed her. Her suspenders and stockings remained in addition to her bra but she suddenly felt very much exposed as he touched and kissed her legs and thighs, slowly turning her and placing her hands on the bed below, bending her slowly whilst standing to one side and kissing her.

He leaned closer now, kissing and nibbling an ear, having moved from her mouth. “Stay” was his … command ? it definitely hadn’t sounded like a request. In the mirror beside the bed she could see her husband look on still relaxed and enjoying how this adventure was unfolding.

She felt his fingers now on her neck circling and moving down along her spine. He once again kissed the line they traced, his tongue stroking her skin. She felt her breath shorten as her body now kicked and responded instinctively to this touch she was experiencing. Her eyes focused on her hands in front and on the bed and her mind racing with what was to come.

Warm fingers stroked her lower back and circled perfectly on her cheeks. She felt a tug on the underwear but not to remove, simply a tug of enjoyment. “I adore your choice in underwear” a voice came from above her “so do I” came the more familiar voice from behind and they both laughed.

She found herself wet already, but when his fingers moved the fabric to one side and slide down to her sex she found herself shook by the gentle stroke of his finger and her body kicked once again as she felt his finger enter her for the first time. It teased and touched, rubbing and sliding in and out in time with his other hand that rubbed and stroked her shoulder, her neck. “So relaxed aren’t we” another whisper came from behind. Her eyes were closed now, pushing back and feeling only his touch, lost in that feeling of giving, her body to him, letting him caress her and wrap her with his movements, teasing pleasure out of all of her.

His fingers now eased across her, gently flicking and stroking her most intimate areas and she felt the warmth and wet of her body all around her. The pleasure was intense as he pressed the heel of his hand against her and she let out an audible gasp. “mmmmmmmmmm delicious” she heard from her side moments after feeling his fingers leave her, she opened her eyes to see him licking slowly his fingers before offering his thumb for her to suck slowly on as he eased the fingers of his free hand into her again. More powerful strokes now, she felt his desire …. and she bit hard on his thumb. He playfully cried out ‘hungry girl ? are we’ as he removed his fingers from her.

From behind she felt the pull of her panties that were now wet, down her legs as she was gently assisted when stepping out of them. She saw his hand in front of hers open, ‘let me lead you’ he said, as she placed her hands instinctively in his. They turned and stepped towards the small table that was in front of the couch now.

She was lost in the pleasure at this time and her breathing and body were intoxicated with the abandonment. A familiar face smiled at her. She could see his excitement in his jeans and noticed his hand rub himself long and slow as the other lifted his glass to sip again and savour his wine.

The noise of a mans belt being opened from behind was accompanied by the sound of it being ripped from jeans “you’re a good girl, I doubt we’ll need anything so dramatic” and she smiled sensing and anticipating him now.

She could hear him move behind her and then the footsteps on the carpet beside her.

Lifting her slowly, his finger tips on her chin, his lips on hers and a deep kiss left her breathless and light headed. His hand stroked her shoulder and playfully along her side to her hips as he moved behind now. His fingers again reached inside her, gentle stroking the inside of her thighs and above as she felt him now between her legs and below. Her eyes and mouth open now staring forward, she gasped and instinctively pushed back wanting him but all her efforts only resulted in his hand gently holding her bum.

“There is no rush and I'm hungry for you” she heard before she felt his tongue stroke down and into her from behind, he presence low behind her she groaned low at the pleasure this mans tongue was now giving her body. She was being moved slowly rocking back on forth by his hand, gently sitting back onto his tongue as in entered and left her body licking and flicking. She heard him groan and down a low growl as he continued to feed on her pleasure in this way. Her pleasure releasing over and over and freely for him and she was lost in this moment. Her man sat in her peripheral view, watching her, savouring her pleasure and it pleased him. Being able to share this experience with him and what else remained as part of this adventure was the so precious and she glowed and pushed back that little bit more onto her hungry lover.