Written by tinaandtom

18 Sep 2013

my flight was delayed grabbing my bag and leaving check in and heading for the airport bar it s 9 pm Monday night and i need a drink .the bar has about five people in it one girl with a red suit on really catches my eye sitting alone i would say she is early forties

fit short brown hair long legs golden silk string top cherry red lips what a looker i continued chatting to the bar man when my phone rang tina my sexy better half ..hi baby how are you she asked i chatted told her my flight out would be late as i talk i seen the sex lady in red looking and rubbing her finger around her drink bright green eyes looking at me i told tina about her i could tell she was getting horny when she asked me to put my phone in my pocket and go chat her up ..I had to admit the thought of trying it on while tina listened in on the phone really turned me on i could feel a deep throbbing in my pants so i put my phone in my pocket and left the bar and walked over to the table were the lady in red sat . hi is anyone sitting hear i said when she looked up and said what tuck you so long flicking her hair and she looked at me and said jd and coke .

I retrieved the drinks and sat at the table she crossed her leg and leaned across the table and told me to follow her she got ub and start walking i got up and walk behind her what a sexy walk her skirt riding high as she keeps looking back at me she walks over to a door of a airline information desk opens the door and leaves the lights down and beckons me in as i close the door she walks over to the desk sits on it and her skirt rides high up her legs i walk to her my cock is hard busting to get free she unzips me and slides her hand in pulling my cock out i kiss her neck and run my hands up her skirt to find her wet silk knickers i stand back a she slide of the desk and drops to her knees and puts my cock in her mouth licking around the top when she hear s tina moaning with plesure on my phone and stands up grabbing my balls and saying whats going on i pulled my phone out of my pocket and told her what happened we put tina on load speaker the lady in red was really turn on by the whole story and tina asked her if i could continue she still had a hold of me cock and said to tina ,, i never stopped with that i flipped her around and bent her over the table put my hand s up her skirt and pulled her silk wet knickers down around her knees and bit and licked her dripping wet pussy i could hear her telling tina what i was doing and tina had got her rabbit from the bottom draw and was riding it hard i stud up and slid my cock deep into the lady in reds pussy pulling her silk golden string top off and grabbing her big round tits and ridding her till she arched her back and came on my cock ... ok she says standing up and pushing me back onto the desk she got on top and pushed my cock into her soaked wet pussy and really fucked me all her files falling of her desk her dd tits in my mouth im going to burst she gets up and down onto her knees and asks for me to cum all over her tit s i stand up and she grabs my cock sucking and wanking till my hot load bust out all over her dd tits ...I will never complain about a late flight again ,,,,,,thank for reading