Written by wannabjenny

2 Mar 2010

You may have read about our fantasy home invasion. Since then Jacq has been asking me a lot if I enjoyed it, what did I like, what didn't I like, what would I like to try next, etc etc. I keep telling her she will have to wait and see what I have planned for her.

About two weeks later we are getting some carpets fitted and she is excited at the sight of the three young guys fitting the carpets. She asks me if the guys are her next treat, I say you just have to wait and see lol

After 3 days the guys leave and Jacq is disappointed nothing has happened. Again I say wait and see, she is by now saying I have no intention of her having fun again. I laugh.

A couple of days later she calls me to say that there appears to be a leak in the kitchen and that water is spilling out of the kitchen pipe. I tell her I'll call a plumber and that I'll let her know. About an hour later I tell her the plumber is on the way and that I'll be home soon.

15 minutes later the plumber arrives and Jacq answers the door to find the plumber, a guy in his 50's and his young 22 year old apprentice. She shows them the leak and they get to work. Jacq offers tea and goes to make it. The young guy was under the kitchen worktop working away as the plumber talks to Jacq asking her when she first noticed the leak, had it happened before, etc. The young guy asks her to test the tap and she walks over and turns it on. She notices that the guy is looking at her legs and up her skirt. She is bare legged with a knee length light skirt on and she likes the idea of the guy looking at her. She stays in place as he asks her to turn the tap on and off for a little while slowly spreading her legs a bit more as she notices him watching.

When she turns she notices the older guy looking at her and smiling as if he knew what she was up to. She blushed and asked him if he wanted more tea. He declined the offer and again smiled at her. By now the young guy was finished and he was on his feet leaning against the worktop. Jacq couldn't help feeling all four eyes on her and she felt herself moisten at the thought of both guys looking at her.

She went and got her wallet and asked the plumber, well how much do I owe you? The plumber responded with `your hubby said something more might be on offer!' Jacq looked astounded and said what do you mean to which the response was I'm not sure what he meant, have you any idea?

With that Jacq raised her skirt and asked if this might be what he meant. The guys were getting a very good look at her faboulous legs and nice white panties. She had only plain panties on as she wasn't expecting to be displaying herself. The young guy said `well, that's very nice I must say, you must be some slut' and he laughed. Jacq immediately dropped her skirt and said `get lost' you're only a child anyway. The plumber laughed and told her to take her skirt off. He said it in such a controlling way that she looked at him and asked `are you serious?' All he said is I'm not gonna ask you again of if you prefer Mike here will rip it off you. Jacq immediately took her skirt off and he then said `Top!' she took that off and stood in front of them in her white panties and black bra. Mike said `not even matching tut tut'. The plumber then ordered her to sit on his lap and kiss him which she did while Mike felt and squeezed her tits through her bra. Mike then kissed her hard as the plumber felt up and down her legs each time spreading her legs a bit more as she attempted to keep them closed. `Your husband tells me you like big cocks is that right' Jacq responded with `he didn't say that'.

The next thing she heard was Mike behind her say `would you call this a big one' Jacq turned to see him standing against the worktop with his jeans at his knees and his large hard cut cock standing. When she didn't respond the plumber pushed her towards the erect cock and said `well slut how you gonna pay us for our work?' She went and knelt before Mike taking his very hard cock in her hand and stroking it up and down. Mike quickly caught her head and pushed it down on his cock and began to slowly fuck her mouth. She felt her bra being undone and the plumbers two hands cup her bare breasts saying `nice tits'.

Eventually Mike stopped fucking her mouth and he lifted her up and took her to the kitchen table. He then took off her panties and spread her legs. She heard the plumber open his workbag and the next thing she knew was she was being blindfolded. She struggled but Mike was too strong for her and she couldn't stop what was happening. She then felt her legs spread wide and something cold placed against her leg, something being rubbed up and down her leg, each time getting nearer to her pussy which was at this stage quite wet. She asked what is to but all she heard was laughing and Mike saying to the plumber `did the hubby say this was alright?' Who cares what the hubby thinks was the laughing response. By now Jacq was a little scared as she knew she had lost any control over what was happening. She felt first one, then two fingers at her moist pussy and then they were inserted in and out. Then she felt something bigger at her moist lips and asked again what is it please. She received no response but felt whatever it was be inserted into her. All she could feel was that it was cold, hard and wide. Gradually it was inserted into her with Mike saying `she'll never take all of that'. She was now a bit more scared when she heard the plumber say `she will, just watch!'

For the next few minutes the object was inserted more and more into her as she relaxed her muscles more and more to attempt to take it. The plumber, she assumed, began to fuck her a bit with the object as it stretched her more and more but the harder he hurt her the more she enjoyed it. `Jaysus she can take it all, what a horny slut'. Eventually he stopped and took out whatever he had in her. He took the blindfold off and the first thing she noticed was the two guys were now nude and then she noticed the big cucumber on the table. She couldn't believe she had taken that in her. The plumber sat down on the chair and without being asked she got off the table and sat on his erect cock. She began to ride her faster and harder and it wasn't long before he was cumming in her. She then turned and asked Mike, `where do you want it?' he asked where was available and all she said Mike wherever u want!!

He didn't need a second invitation, he walked over, turned her around and pinned her down on the table. She felt his hard cock against her bum cheeks as he spread her legs. He then pressed the tip of his cock against her bumhole and began to push it in. She tried to relax as she felt it enter her but he didn't relax, he merely began to pump in into her harder and faster with each stroke. The plumber laughed as she said ride her cowboy. Before long Mike started fucking her furiously and she felt him tense just before she felt him come in her ass. She had never felt so much cum spilled into her and when she stood she felt it spill out of her and down her leg.

The plumber asked Mike if he felt that they had been paid enough for their work to which he laughed and said I could have fixed that leak in two minutes. They then got dressed and left saying before they left that anytime you need a leek fixed or plugged let us know!!!

About 30 minutes later I came home. Jacq met me at the door dressed and I asked if the plumber had come. She said that he did and that so did his apprentice!! She immediately dropped to her knees, took my cock out and sucked me dry in a few minutes, merely saying `Thanks Honey'

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