Written by wannabjenny

6 Feb 2010

Continued from first part

The others agreed and said that no sexy lady could ever be satisfied by such a wimp. Jacq was asked if she ever had real sex to which she answered of course. `you'll soon know if that's the truth' was the laughing response she got.

They then tied me to the chair and walked around her making sexual comments. One attempted to kiss her and spit in his face. He laughed and said `I like that'. She was told to raise her dress again but this time all the way up and over her head. She was now standing in her stockings and red undies and matching heels. They told her to walk up and down the room then to get them more drinks.

Eventually they told her to sit on a chair they had placed in front of them, to spread her legs, close them, open, etc for a few minutes. They asked me if I thought Jacq was enjoying it, I said no, they then asked how come her panties looked a little moist. They asked if she was enjoying displaying herself to three horny guys, she said no of course not. `Are you wet' she was asked, she said no. she was told to stand up and to go over to me. `check' I was told, I placed my hand on her panties but was told `inside, check inside her', I put my fingers in to discover she was quite wet to my surprise. `well?' I was asked, I replied that she wasn't and they laughed and called me a stupid liar.

She was blindfolded and told to sit on the chair. I then saw the three guys strip naked and saw that all of them has large thick cocks, mush bigger than me. The leader walked over to me took my head and pushed it down on his thick cock. He forced me to suck him deep almost choking me. I heard the others say `u like sucking cock don't you', Jacq assumed they were talking to her and she went to say something when she was told `not you slut, its ur cock sucking hubby I'm talking to'. She turned to where I was but she couldn't see anything. By now the three guys were around me and I was being fed the cocks in turn. `go on get our cocks nice and ready for ur hot missus'. I'm ashamed to say I was enjoying the action.

After about 15 minutes they left me alone and they went and got more drinks. They hadn't spoken for a while and Jacq kept looking around to try and see what was going on. Then without warning one of the guys kissed her fully on the mouth, another started kissing her breasts and the third started kissing her legs at the top of her stockings, she couldn't move from the six hands holding her down. Next thing I noticed is that she seemed to be kissing the guy back and had parted her legs fully as the guy took off her panties with no apparent force. Jacq then said `let me see please' and they asked why, `I want to see what you're going to fuck me with' she responded to my shock. They laughed and asked me should they let her see and I said yes. They took blindfold off and she looked at the three guys, pulled the nearest guy down and kissed him forcefully. `Jacq what the fuck are you doing?' she responded with `I so need a good fucking'. The guy she was kissing stood and offered his cock which she took lustfully into her mouth and took another in her hand. The third guy was lapping away at her now soaked pussy and she was grinding it into his face. They then lifted her up and carried her to the round table, placed her on it with each of them standing around it. `Now Slut we're gonna play a game, its called spin the slut' all laughing loudly.

They told her to spin herself around the table and told me to tell her when to stop. I was to decide who fucked her. She started spinning and when I didn't say anything Jacq was the one who said `say stop u fucker'. I said stop and she was legs open in front of the leader. He asked if she wanted it and she said oh god yes just fuck me. He didn't need a second invitation and he started fucking her hard and fast, it was obvious that she was enjoying it from the heavy breathing and moaning and the way she was moving in tune with the guy. When he was about to come he withdrew turned and came all over my face. `taste it' I was told and I did. By now Jacq was being taken by a second guy who was furiously fucking her to her screaming pleasure. He also withdrew and spilled her cum all over me.

The leader then said `you do know our friend here doesn't really like girls' Jacq said what does he want to which the response was he'd rather have your hubby. She says that's such a waste, can I get him ready?. She didn't wait for an answer but instead dropped to her knees and took the large cock in her little mouth. By now I had become erect again with the leader saying `I think he likes the idea, do u' I said of course not I could never take it.

Eventually the guy stopped Jacq sucking his cock and walked towards me. I don't mind telling you that I was scared stiff with the size of his cock. I tried to ease away but the other two guys untied me and took me and placed me face down on the table. Jacq was asked if she had any lube, she said we had Vaseline and she went and got it and put it in my ass and on guys cock.

I tried to struggle away but the guys had me pinned down as I felt a very hard cock against my bum. As he eased it in I felt extreme pain but all I heard was Jacq saying go on fuck him. With that the guy put himself more into me and with each stroke entered deeper. It was very sore but I began to enjoy it eventually relaxing my bum as he fucked me harder and deeper. I started to moan and the 2 guys let me go but I didn't move away. I heard Jacq behind me asking the guys not to waste their fresh erections as she took one at each end. Eventually I could feel the guy in me building to a climax so I began to encourage him to finish me roughly. I could feel him tensing and then felt a huge load being emptied into me at the same time I heard Jacq screaming in load orgasm and both guys coming.

When we were finished Jacq got up and got more drinks. The guys dressed and said, keep your money and just left.

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