Written by wannabjenny

5 Feb 2010

Just a little fantasy I have.

We're at home one night getting ready to go out for a posh night out. I'm in my tucks and jacqs is wearing a full length black dress, low neckline showing off her firm breasts, makeup and hair done, all in all looking fab!!

I have called for a taxi and the doorbell rings, I call down to say door is open, we'll be right with u. a few minutes later with Jacqs finally in her high heels and ready we go down the stairs expecting to see the taxi driver waiting. We see no-one and I look outside and see no taxi. Must have been kids I tell Jacqs and ask her if she wants a quick drink before we head. She says yes and we head to the living room. As im getting the drinks the door opens and we hear `we'll have whatever you're having'. I turn and see 3 guys entering the room, I don't even have time to question who they are before one of them says `just do what we ask and no-one will get hurt'. I give them some drinks as one of the guys walks around Jacqs commenting on her appearance and figure.

I tell them taxi is on way to which one laughs and says oh we sent him away. I ask what they want and they ask what do you have. I tell them I have about €1,000 in cash and they laugh saying we want more than that. They then tell me that they know I have access to safe at work and that there would be more than €10k in it after the weekend trade. I tell them it is timelocked till tomorrow and I can't get at it until then. One then said to the others `I wonder what we can do till then' laughs and tells me to get more drink. One asks Jacqs if she has stockings or tights on and she tells him to get lost. `Don't be rude to your guests' , `this is going to be fun' and `I like hot tempered girls' were the comments that followed.

At this stage we were both scared and one left the room while the others just sat and stared at us, especially at Jacq. The other came back with some rope and said this will have to do. The leader then pointed at me and said `strip', I hesitated and he pulled out a knife and said `now'. I striped to my undies and hesitated, he just pointed at them and said `well?'. I dropped them and stood nude in front of them all for maybe 5 mins before one said to Jacq `you can't tell me that he can satisfy you' to which they all laughed. He then told me go stand in the corner and face the wall.

Next thing I heard was Jacq being told to stand in front of the fireplace, then to raise her dress a little, then a little more. I knew that the guys were seeing her sexy black stockings and knew how good her legs looked in them. All I heard was higher, higher, oh that's nice, told you she'd wear stockings and then oh god they're so hot. I knew then that they had seen her really sexy lace red panties. They asked her to come closer and I could hear her deep breath as they touched her stockings and I imagined also her bare legs.

They told me to turn around and I saw Jacqs holding her dress high and the three guys just sitting and looking. One said `well will you look at that, I guess ur hubby likes the thought of you showing off to us' and laughed, I'm ashamed to say I had an erection. I was told to go sit in the armchair they had placed in the middle of the floor. They then told her to kneel and look after me. When she hesitated they told her it was me or them again all laughing. She knelt and took me in her mouth, all commented how good it looked and it wasn't long before I came, when she attempted to pull away, she was told to swallow every drop.

When she finished one said to the others, `seems such a waste that such a lovely lady shouldn't get her fun too'

Should I continue??