25 Jul 2018

The morning light crept over the horizon slowly.

Each shard of light making its way into the world, carrying eternal warmth and caressing his face and bare body. The night before he wanted the physical to distract him and walking barefoot and barechested across the dark meadows to this place, his place he had finally found peace and calm.

Sleep had still proved impossible but his thoughts were calm now. His breathing measured and meditative and in synch. He had sat enjoying the aloneness for what had felt like minutes but had been hours and now as he felt the sun come into this world his other senses began to wake from their slumber.

The feel of the breeze, the air clean, pure and chilled, the sound of birds and nature waking below him.

Opening his eyes as his breath left his body he paused and stared out.

The suns orange light creeping above the horizon far across the land held his gaze.

The light reflecting from the pair of railway tracks in the distance, near the mill at the edge of town that disappeared down towards the coast.

The tiny specs from distance, the birds jumping from perch to perch in the live oak trees that straddled main street in the town.

Closing his eyes again, he savored the images and began to breath in.

The scent of the orange blossoms in the fields to his left that he'd walk through in the darkness last night.

The smell of the warm land from the fields behind him carried by the gentle breeze. That warmth the rises in the morning at this time of the year.

Exhaling again and pausing.

He became aware of the sound below him that had been there all through the night. He'd flipped the switch as he'd stood at the bottom of the stairs for the pump that sprayed the surface of the diving pit allowing divers to spot the surface of the water before entry.

The gentle sound of the sprayed water across the surface was slight and constant from 10m above. The sound of crickets and insects waking in unison with the water below and the birds surrounding him felt so nurtering to him now.

His toes gripped the edge.

His arms raised in unison, one hand overlapping the other and his breathing moving in time with this space, these sounds, this world. The sounds and smells wrapping him and the warm sunshine, stronger now and higer than moments before brought a strenght to his core and a singularity to his being.

A flex of his ankles triggering a surge of energy upwards through his body pushing hard with toes, feet, legs as hands and arms reach higher allowing him to fly high from his perch.

And time stands still as he begins to fall.

As she laughed to him leaving that morning on the steps from the house, he'd reached for her arm and pulled her back into him, the soft skin of her shoulders and back against his chest, his breath silenced as he leaned to below her ear and playfully tugged with his lips on her ear lobe as his fingers pressed on her hip. The feeling of her shudder and push her ass back against his excitement, the sound of her laugther, the smell of her scent mixed with his own after their night, her hair, the taste of her neck. When he kissed her that morning, deep and long, the world seemed to spin leaving them both breathless and dizzy and smiling like kids ... she'd skipped away, turning at the end of the path to look back once more and he'd reached a hand to deliver a blown kiss farewell.

Reaching once more, as he had done thousands of times before, his body a spear in the morning light plummeting from the peace above to his heaven below the impact was always different.

It came as unexpected thunder this morning, raging instanteously against the silence and serenity that had preceeded it.

As his body transitioned and descended deep within the impact and explosive rush disappated eclipsing the world above. The cooling depts and the silence within welcomed him.

He existed in the spaces he could in what was left and the memories of what was once, but here is where he could live once more.