Written by Bryan48

3 Jul 2015

Sasha was an amateur photographer. She was also a fine looking woman, athletic in build, fit and active. She was sexy. I’ve a had many fantasies about her,( very bad thoughts). If I still was a confession goer then I’ve have to tell them to the priest. Indeed lucky the priest who would hear my sins of impurity. The thoughts were the usual, sleeping with her, tittle fucking her ample and firm breasts, 69 positions and doggie style penetration, Cumming in her mouth. The list could go on. He, the priest would be committing a few of his own later on when done with the confessions. But so much for that let’s get back to reality.

I never realized that Sasha, who lived a few blocks away, was into nude and erotic photography. Or I never imagined that she would be. Anytime I saw her with her beloved camera, she was capturing landscapes in the local park, or doing a few family portraits at church services. No it was the last thing on my mind, that she was doing a course on Nude/Erotic imaging and that she would ask me to model for a project she was doing.

‘How would you fancy doing some modeling for me?’ she asked one evening while out jogging. God she was looking hot in her ass hugging lycra leggings. She has all the right toned curves in all the right places. A semi erection was stirring inside my running shorts. I’m in good shape too, being a weekly gym goer and a running regular.

‘Ok,’ I said ‘anyway If can help you I will.’

‘But its nude photography and you’ll have to remove, basically all of your clothes.’

I could feel my cock getting stiffer at this sudden news.

‘Ok. I replied,’ but I could get a hard-on and that could be embarrassing.’

‘Well I’m hoping you’ll get very hard, as I want to get some nice shots of your stiff cock.I can see your up already,’ she continued, gesturing towards my crotch region.

‘That’s a good sign,’ I joked, ‘and I still have my clothes on.

She has a room of her apartment converted into a small photography studio. She lives there alone. I’m not sure if she has a boyfriend or not. Not a permanent one anyhow, although I doubt if she’s ever stuck for a good fuck when desire comes over her. We arranged for 7 o clock on the following Friday evening. My fantasies were already beginning.

‘She’ll be so aroused at the end of the photo-shoot that she will lead me to the bedroom, take off her clothes, and we’ll be straight into a hot and intense love making session. She’ll suck my cock, bringing me close to orgasm. Close but not all the way. Lying on the bed spreading her legs, she’ll instruct me to taste the healthy, warm juices of her wide open pussy. I’ll start at her toes, and slowly make my way up the inside of her athletic legs, pausing briefly in several places to lick, caress and explore her leg muscles.

Eventually when I reach her fiery, juice saturated fanny, my tongue, like that of a lizard will dart out, flicking and licking at the red lips, into the opening, tasting, teasing and tormenting, as she begins to moan and twist her body in extacxcy.

‘No harm in dreaming, ‘I tell myself.

On the other hand she may just send me on my way when the shoot is finished and she has all the shots in the can. Time will tell.

Made sure to shower thoroughly before leaving for the photo shoot with Sasha. I was careful to clean the head of my penis, that there were no small residues of dried up sperm from wanking sessions. Wanted it in perfect order for sucking. Bought a new pair of body hugging briefs that fitted nicely around my cock. As yet I wasn’t sure if she wanted me fully naked, or if I could leave on my briefs. However one way or another there would be an erection struggling to be set free, if she asked me to keep them on while she got her images.

So there I was in her home studio ready for the photo-shoot. As instructed I stripped down to my underwear. She had a a set of flash lights and a background set up. She was wearing a tight fitting low necked top which showed off her full and firm breasts bulging underneath. I could see the waistband of her red G String peeking above the waistband of her tight jeans. My erection was already almost full on inside my shorts.

‘I’ll take a few shots with your shorts on to get you warmed up,’ she said. ‘but I don’t think you need much warming up.

She outlined a few poses for me to do.

‘Can you rub your cock through your shorts,’ she asked.

I duly obliged. She fired of a few shots, the flash repeatedly lighting the room. God When was I last this hard.

‘Ok I think it’s time to release that beast and give it some fresh air, ‘she joked.

So there I was naked and fully erect in Sasha’s studio.

‘Now what I really want to get in a cum shot. I want to get a close up of your cock as it ejaculates I will try to capture an image of the cum as it shoots into the air’ she explained.

‘So I have to wank myself and have an orgasm, ‘I asked.

‘Yes I’m afraid so. I can’t do it for you as I ‘m taking the pictures.

‘So what do I get in return for doing this?

‘Minuets of pleasure and the best orgasm ever. But if you pass this audition I want you to do a session with a girl next week. She a blonde eastern European girl. She loves doing erotic photography sessions and she loves getting her tongue and hands on new, fresh, hard cock.

Wow this got me going. My cock was getting harder. I began to stroke it. The head was already tingling with pleasure. My balls were already overloaded with cum that would soon be looking for a fast exit.

‘She’ll want you to penetrate her doggie style from the back. I’ll ask her to keep her G String on, so you can just pull it to the side, then slide your throbbing cock into her tight, wet pussy.

I realized that Sasha was talking dirty to me to help me with my orgasm. I began to moan and groan as I gripped my dick tighter and felt the pre orgasm sensation building. She continued to fire off shots with the camera and filling me in on next weeks session.

‘I’ll ask her to suck long and deep on your cock shaft. She gives good head and can suck for hours. Her tits are firm, and almost perfect. I‘ll want you to give her a good tittle fuck, slide it between her tits. Maybe get a cum shot from there. See your juice on her neck and chin.

I was now lost in my wanking pleasure. Unaware of Sasha and her camera, all I could hear were her words and was lost in a fantasy of fucking the eastern European girl.

Tell when you’re ready to cum,’ she said.

‘It’s very close. I can’t hold it much longer,’ I gasped in-between moans of intense pleasure.

Ok enjoy it.

The tip of my hard cock was already lubricated with pre cum streams. I gripped the bottom of my thick shaft and began stroking fast. I was ready and wanted to cum hard for Sasha and her camera. When it happened my body tensed up, lower back, backs of legs right down to my toes. I always moan loudly with orgasm.

Here it comes, I gasped.

The flashes were firing of one after the other as Sasha worked to capture the perfect cum shot.

My juice flew high into the air. A lot of the stuff spurted out. I was extremely aroused and had been building up to this orgasm all evening. All the time really since the day she asked me if I would do it.

I sat down, panting and wallowing in post orgasm satisfaction. Sasha was looking at the shots in her camera.

Wow super, look at that. she exclaimed.

She came over and showed the images to me.

Jesus is my cock that big from that angle , I quipped.

Then there was the cum shot. She’d captured it perfectly. A stream of cum, frozen in time as it spurts up from the tip of my dick.

You’re fast with your shutter, I told her.

Well done, you are a fantastic model,’ she told me .And you’ve passed the audition. Next week you and Nada from Hungry can work some magic for me.

But Sasha, I added, when all this stuff is done it’s you I want to fuck.

She giggled. Well we’ll see about that when I have all my projects done. I’ve seen your cock and I wouldn’t mind having it inside my pussy. I can see myself squeezing it with my pussy muscles. So if you pass next week’s audition with Nada, which I’m sure you will, then maybe we could spend a quiet evening together, me and you and no cameras.

To be continued.