Written by tomirs

9 Jan 2011

I sight as another night slips slowly in and the hours off darks creeps upon another day without you

Sitting here alone cosy on my sofa '¦.put '¦..you are not here '¦'¦'¦..you are not near '¦'¦..to many miles between us '¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦.. Oh how I wish you where here '¦'¦. So I am emailing you with my thoughts on what id so love to be doing now '¦'¦'¦'¦'¦.Get comfy hun and enjoy '¦.hmmmmmmmmmm '¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦...

I'm alone and thinking about you. I'm lying on my bed with only pink lace knickers and a pink silk night dress and my breathing is starting to quicken. I would have love the chance of getting to know every inch of you again . Starting with a massage, if I may , you'd be lying on your stomach and Id be sitting on your bum rubbing oils into your broad back and shoulders . Loving the feel off your shin beneath my hands and the feel you under me '¦.making me feel so hot '¦.. Id slip of my nightie stroke some oils on my breasts and let my erect nipples rub on your back as I start to moan softly at the sensation off skin against skin '¦.

As we are both so slippy now as you turn onto your back and grab my breasts and tweak my nipples as you watch another moan escape from my mouth I am yours again tonight. You pull me closer so we have our first kiss which has been building since we started to play . You put your hands on my arse as I put my fingers through your hair and moving my kisses across to your neck to find you lower ear and start to nibble and suck sending shiver through you body and as you start to groan and grow feeling your cock press into my knickers .

I continue to move my kisses down, slowly down you neck tasting as I go , flicking your nipples with my tongue one and then the other over and over you hands in my hair wanting me to stop put still waiting more then down to your crotch where I nibble your cock through your tight black boxers till I hear you moan my name and beg me softly yet deeply for more '¦'¦. I know its time to unleash your pride . I start by licking up and down your shaft massaging your balls with my hands then my mouth teasing you again and again before going to your head twisting my mouth and flicking my tongue , tasting you wanting you , needing you .As you hands get more tangled in my long hair you need to take over is so strong now I start to pump your cock and the sexual intensity heightens moving my head quicker before , holding my head still thrusting your cock into my mouth with a deeper need . I keep going till I know you cant take anymore I slide my body up a little my breasts surround your cock , sliding between with such intensity that i finish what I have started , giving me the chance to tweek my nipples making me drip. It doesn't take you long to cum for me, you've been waiting for a long time.

After you've cum over all my breasts you massage them with your heat and gently open my legs so you can return the favour. Your kissing my pussy lips and gently pinching my nipples before you open my lips with your tongue and lick my pussy teasing and playful '¦.there and gone '¦. waiting for me to lift my hips begging for more sending shivers to my core yet not spending too long on my clit because Im so wet and really turned on again for you . You slide a finger in my pussy twisting it slowly, my hips push down trying to make you go faster but you hold me back and slide another finger in then your tongue glides in tasting my juices. Your fingers moving deeper within finding my G-spot tormenting me driving me higher as only you know how '¦..sweet tort quicken up you suck on my clit making me tighter my pussy locking around your fingers ,You slide another one in opening me wider moving deeper with each thrust as you blow on my clit before flicking your tongue over it again and again then start to suck me in you mouth so hot so tight on me I start to quiver and my toes curl and a loud moan escapes me . You suck harder taking all off me and tasting my sweet nectar.

All of this has made you grow again for me and I look deep into your eyes wanting you to fill me , you smile and as you do you slap your cock against my clit driving me wild again my pussy is on fire with excitement. You are watching me my eyes are closed waiting for you , you whisper for me to open them and as I do you ram your stiff cock into my pussy, making my body jolt underestimating how big you are now . You hold my hands above my head and thrust deeper and deeper , taking my breath away and every now and then having a nibble and suck my breasts driving over the edge , taking me until I can hardly breath , I am your and yours alone now '¦..

You hold me tight as our breaths mingle time slips slowly by in a long kiss until we both pick up our strengths to start again.

Nite babe xxxxxxxxxx

p.s. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did ;) tell me when you want to act this out!

Or if indeed you desire more for there is more so '¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦.. ;-)