Written by admin

28 Sep 2008

I'm Driving home one night and I see you beside your car and you've got a puncture and no spare. I offer to take you into the town, the nearest town is over 10 miles away as we drive I can't help and look at your legs, you catch me looking and smile to yourself. Suddenly you reach over and start stoking my cock, as I start getting hard you release my cock from my trousers. You lean over and take my cock in your mouth and start sucking me. I can't believe I've just picked you up and you're now sucking my hard cock. As we drive you suck harder on my now huge cock, gagging as you try to take it all in you mouth. I have to pull the car over as I getting close to exploding in your mouth. As I pull over you kneel up on the seat and start sucking harder on my cock, sucking hard and fast you gobble my cock and suck me hard. Wanking my big thick hard cock you suck me till I explode in your mouth, you swallow every drop of my cum then lick my cock clean.

You sit back in your seat I fix myself, and drive on suddenly, you heist up your skirt and pull your knickers aside and begin to touch yourself. I watch as you play with your clit you're already wet from sucking on my cock, you slide a finger into your pussy then a second and then a third, with three fingers inside your pussy you begin to stoke your clit, pumping your soaking wet pussy with your fingers and rubbing hard on your clit you build up to a mind blowing orgasm, you place your two feet on the dash and pump those soaking wet fingers into your hot sticky pussy only stopping to lick them every now and them. Rubbing harder and harder on your clit and pounding your pussy with your three fingers you cum like a river, gushing out of your pussy squirting onto the dash you scream with the pleasure and cum all over your fingers and hand.

I drive on after watching you finger yourself and we get to the garage and get your tyre fixed. When we arrive back at your car and I fix your wheel, it's getting dark by now and you follow me to a side road and get out of your car, pushing you back onto the bonnet of the car I pull up your skirt and pull your knickers down. Spreading your legs apart I bury my face between your legs and lick your pussy out. Licking up your juices and sucking hard on your clit I begin fingering your pussy. Bringing you nearer to cumming again I drive three fingers deep inside your soaking wet pussy and suck hard on your clit, you cum hard on my mouth and I drink every last drop down. Standing up I take my cock from my pants and slide it inside your pussy lying back you spread your legs and I fuck you hard. Turning you over I slide into you from behind and pound your pussy hard, begging me to fuck you harder and harder. Ramming my big thick cock deep inside your pussy I spit onto your ass and begin to finger your ass while I fuck your pussy. Suddenly you look over your shoulder and tell me to fuck your ass, I take my cock and inch-by-inch I slide it into your ass, you moan deeply as I slide all 7 inches of my cock into your ass. I begin to build the pace driving my hard thick cock deep into your ass I fuck you hard, you reach back and begin to finger your pussy while I'm pounding your ass. As you reach another orgasm I feel my pressure building, you cum on your fingers again and I pound your ass as I see you lick you fingers, I pull out of your ass and you turn around and take my cock deep into your mouth licking and sucking your ass juice off my cock I cum again, I explode all over your face and mouth and you lick my cock clean and lick every drop off your face. Getting up you fix your clothes and as we leave you turn around and say I never got your name, I smile and just get into my car and drive off.