Written by terry-mancini

2 May 2012

ive been 45 years on this earth. ive had loads of girlfriends , loads of sex, but never the kinda sex that i truely dreamt of .the stuff that goes on in the back of your mind but you never meet the likeminded person,your too nice to ask or its just too much trouble . now ive decided to do something about it . this site is the answer to my prayers, an online shopping list where the world is your oyster, the chatroom where you can talk freely about your deepest fantasies to any one & realise there are tons of people who are the exact same as you. ive met my dream girl online.soon im meeting her in a hotel. were meeting in the lobby & i know when we meet the chemistry will be immediate.my thighbooted Queen will make all my dreams come true when she sits on my face & i lick her cunt & anus.i will fuck her doggystyle and show her whos boss for a while before she takes charge & rides me like there is no tomorrow.we will orgasm and fall into one anothers arms .we will drink champagne & make love again til morning comes.we will part in the morning happy in te knowledge that we will meet again to explore each others fantasies & grasp those few hours of intense happiness that we are all entitled to at some moments in our lives : til next month|||||