Written by gingerfire

28 May 2012

Stay easy while I tie you, he says..

my heart is beating fast, I love this kind of play. Love the loss of power being tied gives, How he takes control and has free reign over my body. His to use as he wishes…

Pull your legs up to your bottom.. I'm going to tie your ankles to the arms of the chair.. Oh.. This is new. He spreads my knees leaving me exposed. My hands still free. I’m sitting on the very edge of the chair

Touch yourself for me baby... Oh no I cringe. Blushing I look at him.. No I can't.. You can do it..

I want to watch you pleasure yourself..

My face burns hotly.. Do it he says menacingly. Taking my hands he places them on my neck.. Sliding them down to my breasts.. My breathing has become shallow.. He takes his hands from mine, continue, he says grinning at me. I'm going to sit hereon the floor between your legs and watch the show. If you please me you might be allowed to have this cock you're so hungry for! Now do it!

Cringing I slide my hands over my breasts, my nipples hardening telling of my desire. I pinch them, harder, he says the way I do it. I close my eyes out of embarrassment, and turn my face .No no.. open your eyes he says, I want to see you.. Pinch them harder he whispers… trailing his fingers up the inside of my thighs. Oh.. Delicious sensations.. I can feel the juices flowing in my pussy. I continue with my hands.. Running them down my body.. Across my stomach towards my pussy. Hesitating I feel a blush rise in my skin again .. Hands lower he says forcefully, I squirm, looking in his eyes I can see its as much a tease for him as it is for me. Oh please.. You do it.. To me.. I can’t. yes you can and you will, now continue he says, I’m waiting.

Slowly I side one hand down and skim over my pussy, oh my I am really wet. Do it the way you do when you are alone thinking of me. I blush, he knows I think about him while I pleasure myself oh god.. But that’s so hot and I feel the muscles in my pussy clench. My fingers swirl around my now throbbing clit, mm that’s it baby he says. I groan and repeat the move and tip my head back gasping. Again he says, groaning in pleasure my fingers circling my clit starting the build up. My pussy longing to be filled with his cock. My fingers getting faster, I feel him blow on my sex, his face is very close to me. He bends his head.. I feel his tongue slide up between my pussy lips to my clit. Throwing my head back in pleasure I push against the restraints. Sucking on my clit I gasp at the intensity of the pleasure, my pussy aching to be filled. I want to touch him my hands go to his hair, keep still! Or I will have to restrain these too. Standing he says, baby I’m gona make up cum quickly are you ready? Yes I pant, longing for release. Sliding his two middle fingers into me effortlessly moving in circles touching that sweet spot at the apex of each circle, the heel of his hand on my clit. He strts to move his hand up and down rapidly, assaulting both the sweet spot inside me and my throbbing clit. Ah the pleasure is building in side me.. This is going to be really quick! I can hear my wetness squelching as he speeds up. Cum for me baby, cum now.

I explode around his fingers, crying out in pleasure as I fill his hand with my juices his hand pressing into my clit causing aftershocks of ecstasy to flow through my body. I’m vaguely aware of him untying my ankles and flipping me round so I’m on my knees across the chair. My turn he says as he spreads my legs and slams into me. My pussy is still throbbing from my orgasm as he slams into me again and again, the pressure building once more around his cock. Get ready to cum again baby.. I need to fill you, he grinds into me harder than before. His fingers grip me hard around the hips, cum for me babe, cum.. He says through gritted teeth. Crying out I convulse around his cock, he bucks, gripping me hard, shouting my name he pours himself into me..