Written by TITAN79

9 Jul 2009

She gazed longingly out the window of her room, the city was alive outside and she wanted to be part of it. The armies were returning victorious from a long and bloody battle, and the celebrations on their arrival had taken over the whole city of Rome. Lamps were burning everywhere, lighting up the way for the returning troops. She could almost taste the excitement in the air. Excitement she could only dream about. She could never be part of it, as a vestal virgin she would not be allowed to leave the temple. She could never be allowed to be alone with anyone except for the eunuchs and other virgins. She was praised for her beauty and charm but had never known just how powerful they could be. Her only pleasure was in play with the other virgins, when they would gather to bath, they would explore each other's bodies, satisfying each other. But this always left her wanting more. She had never even seen a man naked, let alone know what pleasure a man could bring her, but while she may not have understood her desires, but they were strong within her. And as she gazed out the windows at the returning troops she saw him, the desires she had felt for so long became stronger than ever, her pussy ached at the very sight of him. His face dirty from battle, his breastplate still splattered from the blood of his victims, his muscular arms covered with scars and scratches. She couldn't't take her eyes of him, and then he looked up, and caught her gaze. She felt a jolt through her whole body, she had never wanted anything as badly as the desire she felt right now. He smiled, and began walking toward the temple, eager to claim his prize, but then stopped. He must have realised where she was, that he would not be allowed to enter the temple. He looked up once more and returned her gaze for what felt like a lifetime, then smiled and walked away. The pain that she felt as she knew she would not be able to touch him only made the desire stronger. She touched herself, her pussy was wetter than it had ever been, it ached for something she had never felt before. She glanced out the window once more but he was gone. She lay on her bed, naked, touching herself until she finally fell asleep. What she did not know was that he would return when the streets were empty and the celebrations over. He had returned from battle to claim a prize for his courage, and he had chosen his. His desires for the pale beauty in the window were as strong as hers, and he would not rest until he had taken what he had decided was his.

Having returned from Battle he went to his quarters in the palaces outer buildings, nodding to the two majestic centurions as he entered the narrow hall and strolled towards his dark candle light room, upon entering he found the hard cold empty bed hard to look at even now as the lust in his blood cooled after seeing the stunning maiden on the balcony. he disrobed himself, his battle sculpted form glistening with sweat in the faint flicker of the oil lamps. In his bed he closed his eyes and began to slide his hand along his torso to his firm cock which had still not returned to its flaccid state ah his touch he closed his eyes and pictured the alabaster skinned goddess from the window earlier slowly stalking up along his body like a cat, she purred at him and nuzzled her face into his chest, her satin like hair draping across his skin, as he twisted and turned the beautiful creature on top of him slide her face slowly down his body, her tongue trailing a soft wet train past his naval, her delicate finger tips trying to scrape lightly at his chiseled chest. as the soldier lay on his bed, his cock hard as a pillar of the colosseum itself he slowly stroked himself as the vision in his head moved her mouth across his lightly haired cock, the heat of her breath on his member making him painfully erect. suddenly he groaned as her wet deep mouth engulfed his cock, taking him deep inside, as he recovered from the pleasant shock her mouth started to run up and down his cock......slowly...languidly. his swollen cock head touching the back of her throat as she sucked on his member as if her life depended on it. The actions of his imagination combined with his manual stimulation was drawing him closer to his goal, it had been a long 8 months at war, and bar the odd rough fucking of a bath boy one night on a stop over he had craved this sexual relief for too long, the slim smooth youth did for a quick release but it was a woman he really desired, and now as the beautiful girl from the balcony sucked on his cock..in his mind at least he felt his body tense, his balls pulling tight into theyre sac, the blood rising in his temples,like a flash, he was mounting her, like an animal in the field, no finesse no gentleness, her virgin cunt presented to him as he roughly felt up her wetness and sliding his fingers inside feeling her maidenhead...god he loved virgins..with a strong firm plunge he broke through, the momentary pain making her gasp and cry a little. by now his hand stroking his cock had gone from mouth to pussy and was doing a satisfactory job of releasing his frustration. as he closed his eyes more tightly he drove his cock home, wrapping his strong arm around her body pulling her to him, pure animistic lust, the basest form of fucking. in reality his hand raced lightly up and down his throbbing member, his naked form laying on the bed cock in hand, eyes firmly shut, the odd bucking of his hips gave away what was going through his mind. As the scenario in his head got to boiling point, he growled like a bull,pulling back his foreskin as his body surrendered, his thick white cum shooting from his cock, in his head filling the fertile receptive virgin cunt of his imaginary lover....in reality covering his chest and arms, the cool wet splashing of the liquid snapping him out of his dream.

Opening one eye, he looked around the empty room, she was gone, the sound s of the courtyard barely audible outside as the late arrivals of the guard marched back into the barracks. Pulling the animal skin over himself he slowly drifted off to sleep, Tomorrow his mysterious maiden would have to be much more than just an apparition.