Written by Alexia

19 Dec 2009

I dream of meeting you some quiet afternoon in a room away from all the curious people. I would run a bath a fill it with wonderful sensual oils and foam and climb in and wait for your arrival. Of course the warmth of the water and the lunacy of life will have made me sleepy and I drift off to sleep only to wake when I feel you touching my cheek with your lips. `Hi sweetheart' you murmur and lifting me out of the bath, you'd wrap me in a large warm bath sheet and pull me into your arms, and smiling down at me say, `and what would madam like now?'

`Madam needs a little help with her back' I would cheekily smile and taking me by the hand you would lead me into the bedroom and lay me facedown on the bed. You would run your hands along my back and over the rounded curves of my bottom, pouring a little oil onto your hands to make them move more smoothly, lingering over the crease between my cheeks and moving to sit across me. `Oh God, how wonderful,' I would smile and turning over I would pull a sheet around me, before beginning to undress you, slowly and with great deliberation, taking my time to kiss your skin as it is exposed to my touch. I'd pull down your zip, and rub my hand along the length of your swollen cock releasing it from your boxers to spring up, into my waiting hand. I would pour a little of the massage oil onto my hand and begin to push back the foreskin of your cock to reveal the pulsing throbbing length of your shaft, circling you with my fingers, holding you firmly but gently rubbing and pulling until I begin to feel that you are growing very tense. Pushing you back onto the bed, I would straddle you, bending my head to take your hard, swollen cock into my mouth. Sucking and licking I would make you arch your back, thrusting up ever deeper into my throat, loving the feel of my tongue as it flicks at the rim and runs the length of your hard throbbing phallus. `Stop' you groan, `I don't want to come just yet' and reluctantly I'd release you, to claim your lips instead. Your tongue dances in my mouth telling me how aroused you feel. Your hands sweep over my body, sending electric thrills of contact and I greedily pull you to me, wrapping you in my arms and legs, you are going nowhere! I tell you how glad I am that you are there with my mouth and my hands. You gently push me onto my back and part my legs to reveal my swollen pussy, wet with moist desire for you. You gently run your fingers over my clit and back into the opening of the labia and back to the clit again, moving with a circular pattern that has me wriggling with joy beneath your fingers. Your mouth bends to follow your fingers and I feel you kissing me in my most secret places, something that I had been dreaming about for a lifetime. Nothing can describe the flames of desire that pored through me as I felt you nibbled and sucked and licked me until I reached the most incredible orgasm, shudders rolling through me in wave after wave of pure bliss...