Written by performer

5 Jan 2012

At the age of twenty she started to think of herself as a poor adult rather than a poor orphan, living in a small Russian coal mining town. Her only asset was her hot body and sultry demeanour. She had recently learned that the best way she could get a comfortable life here was to spread legs for the right people. On at least a dozen occasions now she had whored herself for food, board, advancement and once she realized she liked it, just for spare cash and favours.

The problem was that within 5 to 10 years she would probably end up like the worn out old whores who blow twenty coal miners a night just to get by. She knew it.

The last time she whored out her body as a human was to a master vampire. He had been ravaging her pussy with his 14" immortal cock for well over and hour when he looked down at her fuck flushed face and said "I'm ready to cum bitch."

Without a word she slid from underneath him and onto her knees so she could suck his cock. She took the engorged head of his fuck tool plus about two inches. That way when he leaned back to pump his jizz in her mouth, a few tiny drops would leak out and dribble down her chin. Then she could swallow most of his cum and make a theatrical display of being a submissive cum slut when she licked the last cum of her chin then slurp his big fat dick clean of every drop.

He concluded quickly that she would be his bitch. He drank her blood that night and turned her into a vampire.....his bitch over which he exercised virtual ownership rights and powers.

Once it was done she accepted her fate very easily. She could be a dirty slut and keep her looks with immortality.

He was exceptional, but within a year she grew bored and started fucking other vampires and humans. He was enraged when he found out.

He had her stripped and shaved the tuft of hair above her perfectly maintained cunt. There he had the words "cum slut" tattooed into her skin. She was hauled before a group of twenty vampires. He would use his powers over her to change her forever. He sentenced her to be a cum vampire.....an immortal who craved fresh cum the way a vampire craves blood.....and to be banished from the group. If it was human cum she wanted she would spend the rest of time as a cum guzzling whore.

She felt the craving immediately. He knew it. He pushed her to her knees and offered his cock to her as a last refreshment before she began her knew life. With fear and loathing she devoured his massive tool and coaxed a hot load of cum from him very quickly. She felt no relief.

"Oh by the way....vampire cum is no good for you, but get used to it because these twenty who have gathered here are the ones who wish to have there way with you before you are banished. She is yours."

The biggest of the group seized her, spanked her hard then bent her over a chair lubed her ass and stuffed his huge fuck tool deep into her. Another fat cock was quickly in her mouth and she could feel hands all over her body. She could see very little as the second vampire forced his cock into her mouth balls deep. They spread her fuck holes and pumped her full of vampire cum until sunrise. She was an obedient performer who would have enjoyed being gang fucked if not for her burning craving for human cum.

Then they hosed her off and dropped her in the seedy area of Moscow wearing a tiny red leather skirt, a black leather push up bra, 4" heels, clit ring and tongue stud.

She was told to expect to need to feed on cum at least three times per day. She was given the power to change her shape to any human shape. If however she assumed the form of a man and ejaculated into another human, it would deplete her cum stores and would cause greater hunger. She could load-up to maybe skip a feeding or two, but if she overdid it she would be forced to cum into someone else as a release. As a special curse, just jacking-off as a man would not provide relief....only cumming into another human.

She arrived on the street in Moscow in the morning. There was minimal activity and she was craving cum in a bad way. She followed the minimal movement of people until she found a rundown high school. She waited for the first group of slacker looking types and propositioned them.

For the price of three meals she whored herself to six young studs for the rest of the day in a tiny apartment. After the first few boys filled her with cum the cravings started to subside. She could now enjoy the rest of this fuck session. They were louts who kept calling her whore and bitch while they spanked and gang fucked her for six straight hours. With her immortal strength she could have stopped the abuse....but this was nothing compared to being gang raped by twenty vampires and she now loved the taste of human cum. She begged each one of them in turn to pump there cum into her mouth. They were happy to oblige, forming a continuous line to fuck her in the ass or pussy then come around to her mouth and cum in her throat.

She milked and slurped every last drop from every last cock. Then she took her meager pay (she would of course charge more from now on) and belly full of cum and set about her new life.

Of course now she was so full of cum she would go mad if she did not shift to the shape of a man and fill some poor unsuspecting tart full of cock meat and cum.

The pressure was building so she had to think fast. She got herself to a shopping area and started hunting for MILF's. She took the form of a 6'2" 200lb. man with an 11" fat cock. She waited for the tartiest, most desperate for companionship MILF around. The MILF was easy to get on the hook, but not quite ready to get fucked. He eventually forced the issue by pushing the hot MILF into any alleyway then pulling her into an abandoned building. The MILF wanted this man but was reluctant to whore herself so easily. She was thinking about this problem right about the time she got bent over a dirty old table and had a nice fat cock stuffed into her hungry pussy. She stopped thinking about it and surrendered herself to this fuck machine. Three hours later she was bent over again with her ass in the air taking this huge cock in the ass.....shuddering with orgasm while her husband was tied up in the corner. She swallowed the last load of cum and begged the man to stay. He said only that he would return some day. Then he walked over to the MILF's husband and wiped his cock on the man's lips.

"You'll take care of my bitch until I return won't you. The man leaked pre-cum from his small penis while he answered yes and cleaned his wife's pussy juice and left over cum off the strangers cock."