Written by Bryan48

21 Jun 2017


It was what she was hanging out on the washing line that caught my attention. I was doing some gardening work for a local good looking housewife, Audrey,mowning the grass, clipping the hedges, pulling some weeds etc.

When she contacted me , she also mentioned that she need some bushes trimmed.

' My husband is away on business,' she said, 'and i cant do these things.'

' Maybe you need your own bush trimmed,' I thought to myself, as I agreed to come and do the gardening chores.

' He's away for two weeks and everything will be so over grown when he comes back,' she added


My dirty mind began to wander and fantasise. Oh yes, he's away on business, and I suppose fucking every hooker, escort and swinger he can afford to hire...If I was was in his posation and had his money, I'd be doing the same, rather than toiling and sweating , working for buttons in peoples, overgrown gardens..And if Adureys' man is away for two weeks, what's she going to do for sex....when shes awakes in the night and her juicy wet, pussy is begging for her to locate some hard , rigid cock to fill up her thirsty cunt with gushing sperm.Probably has to resort to the dildo or vibrator, but be alert Audrey, the real thing that you crave will be hard at work in your garden today.

' Maybe its and Escort, rather than a Gardening serivce that I should be advertising.

But back to the present . Here I am cutting her grass andweating under a hot summer sun.... It was so warm I peeled off my t shirt and let it drop to the ground.With all the physical work I do, my upper body is in good shape, well toned and muscular. If she cares to glance in my direction as she strides towards the washing line, she'll will notices the beads of sweat forming on my well tanned chest.Will this cause a stirring of arousel in her ertotic places, a hardening of the nipples beneath her almost transparent white T shirt. No bra required on such a hot humid day in such a private place as her walled, concealed garden. Benath the crotch area of her tight body hugging jeans, is there a penetration starved vagina secretly leaking a small stream of lubrication juice in anticipatation of the arrvival of an eager, hard cock, also starved of the beautiful sensation of a tight, pulsating pussy?

The aroused mind works in mysterious ways, but seldom beyond the boundries of what nature has intended..

And it was what she hung up on the line that focused my sttention. A selection of G strings, black, white, purple and yellow, along with matching, equally skimpy bras.Why is she hanging them out in plain sight of me, a horny gardner, loose and at large in the garden of an attractive woman whose husband is away on business for a fortnight? Could she not have waited until I was gone or hung them indoors on a clothes horse. It dosent't take much to dry out such brief and scanty items of erotic female underware.My cock also noticed and began to harden inside my buffed , work denim jeans.

I love to glance at womens bottoms, especially those compressed by ight jeans, and try to guess, what type of panties they have on...G strings are my favourite, also skimpy panties, better than larger, normal, everyday sensible ones.I figured that today, Audrey, wouldn't be entertaining the sensible ones. Hard to guess from this dstance , but I fantasised, that if later on when she'd ask me in for tea, and if luck would have it, and I had the oppourtunity to remove her jeans, that a skimpy black G String would be all that would hide her shaply, athletic ass and pussy from my male, lustfull view.

..'Good drying today,' I qiupped.

'They'll dry soom enough,' she racted,'but some body parts of mine are getting wet,' she joked.

' No comment to that,' I replied.' I've work to do.'

' Better get on with it so,' she replied,' but don't exhaust yourself,' I might have something extra for you when your finished with the garden.'

' Well tea with tart and cream would be perfect, I quipped.

' I'll make a juicy tart if you bring the cream,' she replied.

Fuckin hell. I couldn't belive what i ws hearing. I began to imagine that this could be my lucky day., when I would finally get to ride the sexy Audrey, whose husband is abroad on business, and fucking all the new pussy he is prepared to pay for while he is away, the dirty bugger..Good on him, he is doing me a big favour , but he hardly realises it.

When i was finished, as expected she called me in for tea. Would my fantaises come true...Things took a significant turn for the better, after she let me inside the hallyway.

' You're very hot and sweaty from all your hard work,' she said,' maybe take first a shower before coming in to my kitchen. Bath room is up stairs on the right.'

'Ok, I replied,,' I'll do as commanded.

Inside the bathroom , and altough there was a key in the door, I didn't lock it. If she wants to,' I thought to myself, she's welcome to pop her head in the door and watch me as I shower. After all it's her house. My cock was quite hard as I stood naked in the shower, letting the lukewarm warm cascade over my sweaty, sticky body. Thinking of Audrey downstairs, I stroked my rigid dick, feeling pleasent thrills of pleasure in the head along with the tell tale signs of juicy precum .

' This cock needs attention fast, and it wont be happy with only the practiced strokes of my own hand,' I told myself..'It's crying out for the delicate but firm hand of a woman whose husband is away from home for close to two weeks.

Just a s I stepped out of the shower and was about to dry myself, and as if in answer to some silent, lustful prayer, the door swung slowly open and Audrey, now only in a

a black G string stepped inside.

' Don,t be alarmed or take flight,' she joked..' It' just that I have had this fantasy in my mind for a while..That there's a strange man in my shower....and I can't resist going in and drying him off with the towel.'

' I made a feeble attemp to cover my hard dick with the bath towel, but she's aleady noticed my arousel.

' That animal needs some attention,' she whispered as she pulled the towel from me.

Before I could breath a sigh of mounting pleasure, her soft and luscious lips were sucking on the tip of my straining cock, eagerly searching for more of the pre cum to whet the appetite of this obiviously sex starved woman. She clenched her hands around my butttocks drawing me closer.

Id come in expecting tea , tart and cream, but instead here I was naked in the bathroom, feeding her a generous length of my hard, straining cock. I moaned with pleasure as her skilled tongue, flicked and massaged the throbbing head of my pleasure filled cock.I reached my right hand down to caress her, bullet like nipples of each firm and perfectly formed breast. Her soft tender skin added to my arousel. She gave out a long groan of risng pleasure as I continued to tease her protruding nipples. Glancing further down, I noticed her hand buried well inside her g string...and altough I couldn't see it, previous experince in similar suitations, told me that her nimble fingers were rubbing and arousing her juicy clit and pussy. This turned me on so much, that I could feel myself begining to cum in her mouth. I pulled away as I didn't want to explode yet and waste the sprem down her throat. The best and only place to cum inside a woman, is deep withing her tight , warm, wet pussy.

'I want to feast on your pussy,' I told her.

' It's all yours,' she gasped.

Grabbing her I hoisted her throbbing,hot body onto the sink counter. I yanked away the G string...pulling it down her legs and chucking it on the floor. She insantly spread her hips to reveal a wide open, wet juicy cunt, almost vibrating with sexual energy. Ok I hadn't got my tea yet. I was going straight to the desert.

There's nothing I like more than feasting on the lips and insides of a shaved aroused fanny.

And thats what she calls it.

' Lick my fanny,' she ordered , pulling my head between her shapely hips. My tongue flicked first to taste her firm clit, and then pushed inside to taste her stesaming, womanly juices.. My cock got harder, realising that soon it would be inside this beautiful, pleasure giving female orfice, bucking, pusshing, thrusting, fucking as deep as possible, to build up a jet of unstoppable of cum.

..'Make me cum,' she begged, as she thrust hard against my face.I licked faster at my favourite female organ. When having sex, I always ensure that the woman has an orgasm, or as many as she can summon, before I get to fill the love tunnel with my creamy man juice.

She moaned uncontrollably as the first spasm of anorgasm, shook every muscle in her body. She arched back, thrusting her pulsating fanny into my mouth. My tongue went as deep as possible as the love juice streamed into my mouth. Tasted wonderfull.

I pulled back and came up for air.

'The neighbours will hear us,' I exclaimed.

' Oh they know me well by know and how loud Im when the orgasms come,' she laughed.'Let them come, look and join in if they wish.'

' And what about condoms,' I asked.

' I hate them,'she said,' Its the bare naked hard cock, that I crave.' Condoms, steal some of the pleasure.

' Yes , same with me, ' I replied, 'but what about safety,

' Leave that to me. I'll take care of that . Please put that hard , solid cock into my fanny. Do it here where I sit.'

I'm tall, so when I stood up, my cock, like a missile was pointing level with her , red juicy, gaping pussy. My best moment with Audey was on hand. Time to penetrate her fanny and feel the full force of the thrilling pleaure of the intense union of the male and female body, just a s nature intended. And when its the inside of another mans' wife, the pleasure is added to. The wife who's husband is abroad on a business trip and probbaly, fucking every , sweet younger, hooker/escort that his abundant salary can buy him. While his own sex starved looker of a wife, is getting the best out of a lowly paid, commeoner gardner. Fair exchange we all agree.

I poked the oily tip of my hard cock around the edge of Audreys open fanny. She took it in her hand, and rubbed it vigariously against her hot extended clit. With a qick thrust I rammed into her gaspimg love hole.

'She graoned aloud as the bare flesh of my hard , solid dick, made contact with the sweet, warm flesh of her pussy walls. I shoved it in as far as it would go.

' You can cum inside me, ' she moaned.

' All I could do was groan a sigh of intense pleasure as I kept on pounding her juicy cunt.

' Can I fuck you from the back, ' I asked her.

' No just keep doing it this way, from the front is my favourite posation, ' she said.

I could feel the waves of mounting pleasure in my cock head, as I continued to fuck her beautiful fanny, hammering in and out.With the bathroom window open, anyone outside would hear both of our moans and the slapping of our skin as we made rapid contact.

' Cum inside me ,' she gasped....fill me with your sperm.

And I did when I finally exploded inside her . As I bulit to the climax, she tightened her fanny muscles around my hard shaft.......this heightened the presure and forced out my cum with an increased level of pleasure. I rammed as hard as I could into her,as the sperm raced to esacpe. I'm always loud when I cum, like a gizzly bear at full voice.....but I was never as noisy as today, filling the gergeous Audrey with wave after wave of warm cum. I,d been so horny nice first seeing her earlier at the washing line, hanging out her underware that a big reserve of cum had bulit up over the course of the day But I never realised that my days work would have such an incredilbe happy ending.

She whimpered and gasped as the last of her orgsams shuddered through her body. I kissed her on the neck over and over as I pulled away from her hot creamy pussy. White cum was already seeping out of her...such was the amount of stuff I lodged inside .

' Did you hang all that sexy underware on the line earlier, in full view of me on purpose,' I asked her once we'd both come back down down earth after out incredible fuck.

' Umhh sort of',she replied. I saw you topless and sweating as you worked in the hot sun and I liked what I saw;your tanned well toned upper body. I was so horny all morning and with not having ahd a good ride in almost two weeks, I reckoned that maybe such a trick would work. As I walked back inside , I saw you undressing me with your eyes, which turned me on to no end, and I also saw a stiffening cock inside your jeans. I knew then that things could fall into place later.

'Oh they certainly fell into place,' I joked., ' My cock in your fanny, falling into place.

To finish off we showered together, drying each other off afterwards, getting another chance to caress and explore each others bodies, before getting dressed.

' And now for the tea I promised,' she said as we went down the stairs.

'I'm ready for that now, I said.

'Tea, apple tart and cream,' she promised.

.Oh you're well stocked up with cream now,' I added, ' After all you did tell me to bring the cream.'