27 Dec 2017

The light from the TV flickered creating a glow throughout the room along with a contorted shadow of DDD that was sitting with his laptop. An impromptu invitation to a get together of like minded people - all seemed innocuous and it had all began so well … 48 hours ago.

Sitting in his shorts with the cursor on the screen for company, he closed his eyes and a wry smile crossed his lips. Fingers moved and the sound of them striking the keyboard came steady. People. Their nuances and the dances between them bookmarked by winks, smiles, laughter were replayed in his mind and he let his imagination unfold itself and with a cursory seasoning of comedy the story formed.

A winter lodge at any time of year was difficult to book but as usual Nora knew a man who knew someone with or without a dog and low and behold a 6 bedroom lodge was booked with an external sauna and jacuzzi. The entrance was palatial and filled with the sound of seasonal greetings and high spirits as each of the guests arrived. The theme was an easy choice with it being Christmas. As always the female attendees had gone above and beyond. Sexy Ms Santa’s of varying assortments each one oozing sex appeal, the noise from their heels filling the room and reverberating along with chatter and shrieks of laughter. Men being men had made the usual efforts …. jeans, shirt, ironic t-shirts about santa’s large sack combined with mistletoe and drunk reindeer. The guest list was short - this was an “impromptu social and pleasure evening” as Nora had put it in her invite and although she’d been as cute as always about who she’d invited those in attendance included the following




Jack / Nora


Leia / Anakin




“Im Jack Frost, and he’s definitely a Christmas character’ argued Freaky to Naomi and CuriousCat, who both looked stunning in their Red Sexy Ms Santa outfits and heels and in contrast to Freaky rocking skinny jeans and a grey t-shirt. Jack suddenly appeared quietly between the two ladies, winked that wink of his at Freaky and lead them away towards the lounge and large sofa shouting ‘get the drinks in young lad’ over his shoulder. Freaky headed towards the kitchen beside them still protesting but resigned to getting the drinks and enjoying the sight of the ladies slinking towards the sofa in front of him and Jack in their heels.

“You’re my favourite Nora!, how could you ever doubt me ???”, “Pull the other one Aido!”, “Absolutely !! come here” was the friendly banter along with a warm hug between Aido and Nora. Aido had gone with a classic look and finished his suit with a red tie ‘for the season’. “Tasty” whispered Caroline giving Aidos bum a playful squeeze and a pleasant surprise as she strolled in along side a dapper looking Oldfield. “Very tasty” said Leia as she made Caroline jump by squeezing her bum as both her and Anakin entered. They’d come from the cinema and latest Star Wars film so were dressed appropriately - Leia with her tight buns ….and Anakin looking dashing.

“Will you hurry up DDD and don’t drop that wine” said Xanadu towards DDD who were the last to arrive. “I told you we should have taken the Jerry Lee, instead of you driving”. DDD simply nodded but wasn’t paying attention. Silently he was looking around inside the lodge and winked to Nora as she threw her arms around Xanadu.

A wireless DJ app for smartphones allowed guests to queue their choices of music on the internal music system. In the middle of the lounge the guests groaned collectively as Aido danced with glee to Whams Jitterbug for the 3rd time in a row. “This is definitely not a Christmas song Aido” Leia shouted above the music “but George Michael was so yummy”. Nora was jumping up and down smiling and laughing. It was only when Oldfield pointed out to Caroline that she was doing so on Aido’s phone that it all made sense.

Outside CuriousCat had been joined in the jacuzzi by Freaky and Xanadu whilst Jack and DDD sat close by enjoying the cool air and laughing about something or another. “Im going to stick with tea” said DDD as Jack offered him a beer “You’re what ?? are you being sarcastic again ??” … they both threw their heads back laughing.

Freaky was explaining the technical workings of a periscope to the now topless CuriousCat and Xanadu. “So, all I’d have to do to get your periscope to rise is press your button Freaky ?” Xanadu said as she stood up presenting herself to Freaky who immediately stopped talking and gulped. “I can press that button with my foot” giggled CuriousCat as she stretched a long leg across to where Freaky was sitting. “Oh, periscope is definitely up now” laughed Freaky “It’s definitely Freaky time ladies” and they all laughed and moved closer together.

Neil Diamond was now belting out ‘Sweet Caroline’ as Oldfield smiled and twirled Caroline around the dance floor as the others looked on clapping in time with the music. “Hey Nora, has anyone tested the garden swing outside” Oldfield said laughing his eyes never leaving Carolines, a smile breaking across her red lips, biting down on her lip she pulled close to Oldfields chest and grabbed his bum “Don’t worry, Ill suck out any splinters” she purred.

DDD wandered towards the large fridge in the kitchen. “What are you guys dancing too” he muttered and queues a track with his phone. He could see Leia had queued Take That tracks next and smiled at “How deep is your love” and “Could it be magic” showing Nora who’d danced towards him. “Dead right it could be magic!! sexactly babe” as she grabbed his arse and tip toed back to the dancing.

Jack and the guys from the Jacuzzi had joined and Naomi inside who was doing very naughty things with her fingers around the neck of a prosecco bottle on the couch. Inside the coffee table there was a stack of old DVDs and in the middle one labeled in indelible ink ‘Michael / Emmie’. With a wink to Naomi Jack popped up and threw the DVD into the player under the screen and above the massive fireplace. For the lodge this was wired to the sound system so when the DVD began to play to abruptly killed the music on the dance floor.

“For feck sake Jack, we’re only getting started over …” Nora shouted but stopped before she could finish the sentence and was strangely silent. Her eyes on the big screen above the fireplace.

The home movie was shot within the same room they were all now within and at the fireplace the figure of a woman standing naked apart from 6inch heels, her shape lit by the fire with her hands on the mantle and her legs spread with hips high. She looked straight ahead.

“What have you found …. “ Nora finally finished her sentence as she picked up the bottle of Shiraz on the kitchen counter and moved with purpose to an arm chair.

“I think that would be Emmie … and here comes Michael” Jack said smiling as a male figure entered the picture, bare chested wearing jeans and holding a leather belt in his hands.

“Is there sound ? turn it up, he looks tidy“ said Naomi.

“Hmmmm the lines of your body intrigue me Emmie, I’m going to inspect you before I take you”

“Yes” her head never moving, following his instructions to her.


With one hand he lifted her blond hair that she had tied back in a pony tail and ran the edge of his folded belt across her neck. It was an old brown beaten belt, with jaded buckle and wide. He trickled it down the line of her spine.

“Ive a belt like that !”

“Please refrain from speaking Aido, I’m sure you do but I’m also sure you wouldn’t like the feel of my whip across your hand so perhaps one would choose to remove it from my leg immediately” said Caroline, her eyes never leaving the screen.

A ripple of “hmmmm” and “very nice” came from the room as “Michael” ran the belt from “Emmies” pert rear, circling slowly before rubbing it up and down on her sex. Bringing the belt to under his nose Michael said “Hmmm you’re very very wet Emmie” before licking her from his belt. His fingers now traced down the line of her back, around her hips and triggered and involuntary gasp and movement in Emmie’s body, her hand leaving the mantel.

“Oh dear” said Freaky.

“Oh dear indeed” said Oldfield smiling and sipping intently on his drink.

With speed, his right hand holding the belt moved back and with intent and power delivered a rasping blow to Emmie’s right cheek, An immediate red mark was visible. “Hands where I told you Emmie” Michael pulled her head back by the pony tail bringing her ear to his lips to deliver his message.

“hmmmm … he’s fit as …. what do you think ladies ?” said Naomi, stroking her leg and adjusting her stocking suspenders, her outstretched legs temporarily distracting people from the screen.

“I’ve just the thing for him and that arse of his” said CuriousCat and laughed.

“Mehh … he’s alight, but she’s a premiership back side ? whatcha think Anakin” said Leia. “Obvs” said Anakin kissing her neck.

“Adore me, want me, take me” Emmie said to Michael without moving her head.

“All in good time Emmie, all in good time”. whispering it to her now his body close to hers, his fingers now moving to her, deep inside her. She’s moaning almost immediately in response to his touch, his other hand pulling at her nipples.

“I’m thirsty, can I get anyone another drink ?” …. “Not now DDD” echoed everyone.

Her hips are visibly moving in time with his fingers, it looks like his entire hand is inside her, she’s moaning and pushing back against him. He murmured something to her - not picked up on the recording and her body convulsed and a loud gasp was accompanied by the sound of fluid hitting the wooden floor.

“Bingo” uttered Jack.

“Bingo …. indeed” purred Caroline.

“Anyone catch what he said ?” said Oldfield

“We’ve won the lotto ?” laughed Xanadu.

“No, but it’ll take a while to clear all that up, they’d need one of them wet floor signs“ laughed Nora.

“Yeah, slippery when wet is right” sighed Xanadu. Looking directly at DDD and licking her lips.

The screen went blue almost immediately and a collective ‘what the hell happened’ was audible.

“End of the movie” said Jack busily flicking through the other DVD’s in the collection. “Doesn’t seem to be a part 2 ! they could call the next one ‘hot shots’”.

“Ahh who needs that when we can make our own tonight gang” said Xanado grabbing Freaky by the hand and glaring at DDD, “come join us after you’ve had your tea lover”. Nodding DDD blew on his tea and winked knowing he wouldn’t.

As Caroline and Oldfield headed outside and the rooms occupants went exploring the rest of the Lodge with the glow from the drinks and DVD firmly fueling their imaginations and passions the tea was comforting to DDD.

The music kicked back in and the party began in ernest. He was alone in the room and enjoying his tea and the freedom to add track after track to the playlist. This party had all the right people here and all the makings of a marathon and not a sprint and it was to be savoured. Whether during the festive season or any other night of the year surrounded by good people, that can party, that don’t take life too seriously and know that we’re here for a good time and not a long time is a gift. It’s not about the material things anyone has its the freedom to be truly oneself around relative strangers, to play, to express, to exceed boundaries and be liberated by abandonment.

After nearly 2 days in the lodge, DDD typed “Everything changes, nothing lasts forever, nothing is perfect” and closed his laptop. He’d sensed someone approach. Felt her without a touch. He knew it was a she by her scent. “Come back to bed, its early” and with a kiss upon his shoulder the firelight was left to dance alone.