Written by Anna Mosity

29 Sep 2014

There is something primitively erotic about letting strangers watch you have sex. Knowing that all those eyes are upon you and knowing that those people are themselves becoming aroused by what you are doing stimulates your own arousal to amazing heights. Yet when you haven’t done it before, the prospect is ridiculously nerve wracking.

When Susan and I first talked about going on cam for others to watch, the thought of it totally appealed to me, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go all the way. Time and again we would switch on the cam and chat to others in the chat room. We never showed our faces, but the safety of anonymity couldn’t make me relax. We would go a little further each time, slowly touching each other, me delicately unbuttoning Susan’s blouse to reveal her bra. As we started to kiss, and our tongues entered each other’s mouths, I would feel myself become incredibly turned on. But then I would glance at the screen and see the numbers of people who were watching and I would feel the nerves returning and ruining the moment. It wouldn’t be until the cam was switched off, or we left the chat room, that the real fun began.

I could sense that Susan was frustrated by this. Never anything except totally unselfish, she would never admit it, of course. She had a lovely curvaceous body, which she was proud of, and she had told me that before we had met that she occasionally masturbated on cam in different sites, just for the thrill. I didn’t mind at all, in fact the thought of it turned me on and I wanted to try it too, but I could never quite get over my hang up. Still, I was determined to try. On each occasion I would promise myself that the next time would be the one. The next night we would fuck on cam.

Then one night we went online, after a few drinks at the pub. Three pints had me feeling relaxed and chilled and when Susan entered the chat room I had a feeling that things would go further than ever before. Initially Susan sat at the desk in front of the laptop and cam by herself, chatting with a few room regulars. I pushed an armchair closer to the desk and stood behind her. Susan put some other room cams up on the screen. One of a guy stroking his dick, the cam closed in on his big thick shaft as he slowly pulled his foreskin back and forth over his large swollen head. Another cam showed a woman sitting at a desk in her bra. I placed my hands on Susan’s shoulders and we watched as the woman reach inside her cup and pulled one of her breasts up and out, massaging it and squeezing it with her hands. I could tell Susan was getting turned on. I could feel her rib cage rise and fall under her shoulders as her breathing quickened, and she pressed her head back onto my stomach. She deftly moved the mouse and clicked on the button that switched on our cam in the room. Now I could see myself standing behind her, and so could the whole room. One viewer…two viewers…three and then four. I moved one of my hands from her shoulder, and reach down inside her blouse. Her skin felt so soft. Her natural 36D boob filling my hand and feeling silky smooth and warm. I pulled out my hand and slowly started to unbutton her blouse, all the time watching our cam on the computer screen. Twenty four viewers, twenty five. I started to feel my heart pounding in my chest with excitement and I deliberately pulled open Susan’s blouse so that people watching our cam could see her black bra and my hands sliding inside. By now I could see the comments in the main chat room refer to our cam. Susan seemed to be becoming lost in the moment, closing her eyes and reaching up to feel my arms. My eyes, though, were transfixed on the chat room. Thirty seven viewers, thirty eight viewers. There were endless compliments, people asking us to go private with them, people making ignorant demands. I could feel beads of sweat start to gather on my brow. Susan was so visibly turned on by all those eyes staring at her body. The people in the room couldn’t see, but she had a lovely big grin on her face as she reached up behind her back and started to undo her bra. The tight black straps suddenly loosened and she angled her body forward so that the garment easily fell from her shoulders to reveal her swinging round globes of flesh. Instantly personal messages and whispers started to flood in, each one preceded by an urgent beeping noise. I watched intently as Susan cupped her own breasts with her hands, her pink nipples visibly becoming hard and erect. Forty two viewers, forty three viewers, forty four. Susan turned in her chair and ushered me to stand next to her. She looked up at me and smiled as she placed her hand on my crotch and felt for signs that I was ready to take things further. I, though, was transfixed by the comments in the chat room. It seems like everyone in there were watching, hanging on our every movement, waiting in anticipation of a perfect cock and a perfect show. What if it wasn’t perfect? What if I couldn’t get hard? With so many people watching it would be embarrassing. I looked down at Susan and shook my head. The show was over.

I flopped down in the armchair next the desk and sighed heavily.

“I’m sorry, love” I said apologetically, “I want to, but I just can’t relax when so many people are chatting about me in the room.”

Susan smiled warmly. She manoeuvred the mouse and clicked on the computer. As the chat room vanished from the screen she pushed the laptop around dismissively.

“Oh, for god sake, it doesn’t matter at all. It’s just a bit of fun. Let’s not let it spoil the evening.”

With that, she slipped from the chair down onto her knees in front of the armchair. She was kneeling there, topless and completely nude apart from her black panties. Pushing my knees apart she stared up at me with those piercing green eyes and while they stared intently into mine she started to unbuckle my belt. With the cam on the laptop switched off it was like a huge weight lifted from my shoulders and suddenly I felt truly relaxed. I could feel the blood filling my shaft and I started to get hard in anticipation of what I knew what was to come. Susan’s tongue protruded from her mouth and she appeared to lick her ruby red lips as she finally broke her gaze and glanced down at my crotch to unzip my jeans. Gripping them strongly she started to pull both them and my briefs down. As she did so, my hardening cock sprung up, initially bouncing until it fully stiffened and came to a rest against my stomach. Susan reached over and touched it. The feel of her fingers wrapping around my girth was delightful, and as she slowly pulled my foreskin down I experienced that familiar sensation of feeling that you are at the limit of erectness. Susan started to stroke my cock, slowly at first, delicately moving her hands in a wonderfully sensual rhythm, leaning forward so that her boobs beautifully pillowed my length on either side, her long hard nipples brushing my thighs. Occasionally she would lower her head and use her mouth to stimulate me. She would start my licking my balls, sucking them into her mouth one at a time. Then she would place her tongue at the base of my pole, and slowly lick upwards, following the rigid veins towards my tip, which she would enclose around her mouth. The sensation of feeling that warm wetness of a tongue tasting and exploring my swollen and sensitive tip was amazing and made me gasp with pleasure.

Allowing my cock to fall from her mouth, beads of saliva clung to its glistening flanks as it bobbed in expectation. Susan was insatiable now. Seemingly, much more dominant than usual she climbed up onto the arm chair, facing me, with one foot either side of my thighs. I reached up and placed my hands on her hips to steady her, as she reached down between her legs in order to hold my cock in place. She lowered herself down until my tip pushed against her labia. Staring into my eyes, our faces were only centimetres apart now and I could feel each heavy breath on my skin. I raised my pelvis upwards and could feel my tip push through her lips up into her vagina. At the same time she lowered her pussy even further and slowly my penis slipped up inside her further still. When it was as deep as it could go, she slowly raised herself, her mouth opening as a sharp intake of breath indicated that the sensation felt sublime, before lowering herself onto me again with an audible moan. The feeling was wonderful. Susan’s vagina was tight, hot and wet, gripping my cock and making it feel like it would explode. Our rhythm increased and we began to fuck harder and faster. Susan was clearly much more turned on than usual, as I could feel her wetness seep down into my lap, literally dripping down onto my balls as they violently shuddered with each new slapping thrust. I could see Susan’s face begin to blush with redness at both the effort and the pleasure, and the sight was putting me over the edge. I could feel each plunge of my cock deep inside her start to build an orgasm, faintly at first, but then slowly increasing in intensity as a wave of pleasure started to wash over my body. Susan could feel what was happening and she raised herself up, allowing my soaking and glistening cock to flop out of her cunt. She slipped back down onto her knees and reached forward to grip my cock, just as a spasm of ecstasy caused my body to go rigid. She pulled back my foreskin and my bulbous purple head sent a thick white spurt of spunk arcing upwards towards my own face. Then there was another spurt, and another, fountains of cum splattering across my chest. Susan squeezed my cock, milking every last drop of semen from my tip, which leaked in globules, dribbling down my dick to lie in pools among my public hair. Susan grinned with satisfaction, lowering her head to sensually kiss my thigh, before leaning forward again to take my spunk adorned cock into her mouth once again. She licked and suck the cum from my skin, then leaned further forward to run her tongue up along my stomach and chest, allowing thick strings of sticky cum to gather on her tongue as it made its way up towards my neck. She lapped up as much cum as possible, before opening her lips and pressing them against mine. I could feel her tongue pushing my own cum into my mouth, its familiar taste and jelly like creamy texture sliding easily down my throat.

I lay there for a second, spent and satisfied, trying to gather my breath.

“Oh, that was so nice. Thank you so much,” I whispered.

“I have a confession to make,” said Susan as she stood up. I watched as she turned to the desk and clicked the mouse next the laptop. The chat room reappeared on the screen and there was our cam image, showing me lying in the armchair, my jeans around my ankles and my cum-covered check and face there for everyone to see. “I didn’t close the room. I just minimised it. Everyone saw what we just did.” I looked up at the chat room screen. Ninety five viewers, Ninety six viewers, ninety seven.

“That deserves a spank,” I said with a wry grin.

“Oh really,” laughed Susan, “shall we leave the cam on?”