Written by kezlouise

1 Jun 2010

as i hit the send button on my email i know that ive now just arranged a blind fuck date ,

ive been gaggin for sex for the last few weeks not being able to get my fill of a hard cock dipping in and out my pussy,

hes not my usual type , but i couldnt wait to feel his huge cock streching my pussy and ass,

the date was tonight in a near by hotel, he had booked the room, and would be waiting ,

i decided to have a bath and dress , my fingers move into my smooth pussy as i gently rub my clit ,

im shaved and dressed , ready for road, i pull up out side the hotel , room 169 how fitting ,

as i walk to the door my clit is throbing to be touched i feel my dampness on my thighs,

i knock at the door, i hear him call and say come in , as told hes naked on the bed blindfolded,

i reach in to my bag and pull out the soft tie, he will do as he is told , i tie his hands behind his back,

gently kiss his lips biting gently on the bottom one, i feel him shift under me ,

his cock straining to be sucked, not yet , i work my way down his stomach,

by passing his cock, the tip of my tongue running over his balls sucking on them,

the tip of my tongue touches that area between balls and ass, i hear him moan,

i lift his legs circle his ass with the tip of my tongue, pushing deeper deeper,

work my way back up , my tongue running the lenth of his shaft,,

the pre cum glistening on the tip. i rub it in with my thumb , licking and sucking making the shaft nice and wet god,

hes huge , mouth at full strech, i angle my head to suck him in tip to base,

he pushes as i do making me gag on his huge erection,

i cant take it any more im dripping wet i want to lower my wet hot pussy on to his mouth ,

i spin in the bed kneel each side of his face as i dip my pussy on to his waiting tongue he finds my clit instantley ,

oh god i grind harder on to his face, his tongue dipping from my clit to deep in my pussy ,

oh i want to feel him in side me , i mount him, he gasps as his huge cock enters my tight wet pussy ,

i start to rock gently on him , starting to build speed, fucking him hard and fast, god im going to come , i hear him start to moan

hes coming coming i feel my self start to shake the pleasuer that enguls me ,

just before he comes i get to my knees and sucking on his cock hard the taste of me off his cock i suck harder,

i feel the hot salty cum hit my mouth, i swallow all he has to offer , i get up say thanks , get dressed untie him and leave ,

hes told when the door closes he can remove blind fold, when i get home feeling satisfied i receive a email,

that was amazing, same again some time ?

maybe maybe not