Written by tomirs

11 Jan 2011

Sitting at my pc trying to get some work caught up on and not wanting to think about you forgetting my birthday yet again '¦it's a little thing in life really and you are busy with work so I am not to disappointed .When I hear the door opening I know it you ,'¦. Ill finish up here in a few minutes as I know you will jump in the shower before you say hi '¦

Time slips by and is forgotten as I type away on my keyboard '¦..when I hear you open the door softly and as you walk up to me, my back is turned. I feel your breath as you whispers my name and slides your hand to my neck. You thread your fingers through my hair and pull ever so slightly, tilting my head back, exposing my neck. Your tongue is warm and wet as it slides from my shoulder to my earlobe. I reach back to find you throbbing in my hand. You gasp with pleasure at my unexpected touch and I feel a fresh surge of lust as your pride turns to granite in my hand.

`I want you now,' You whisper, slowly, lightly grazing my arm, caressing my skin, drawing goose bumps. I feel your fingertips at my neck and you rub down my nape. Swiftly you turn me around and captures my lips in a soul-starved kiss. I pull back, gasping for breath. I cannot speak, but no words are necessary. You grasps my hand and softly whisper, `Come with me.'

I let you lead me down the hall passage to what I expect to be the bedroom. Instead you stops at the bathroom door. You open it and step back, ushering me forward. I cross the threshold to find candles illuminating the room , so many I stunned they transform the room , as if by magic. Flower petals mark a trail to the full, steaming tub. But instead of the prerequisite rose petals one would expect to find floating in the tub, there are a host of carnation petals, My Birth flower , in a myriad of colours resting lightly atop the bubble covered water.

`You remembered!' I exclaim. You simply smiles in return.

I reach for you to show my gratitude, put you gently but insistently pushes my hand away. `Tonight is about you, not me.'

You reach for me again and touches your lips to mine. I feel the feathery touch of your hand as he reaches for the buttons of my blouse. You leaves a trail of hot kisses over every inch of skin as it becomes exposed, until I'm clawing at you back, my desire raging.

You deft your finger explore everywhere your lips have been until they find the lips nestled between my thighs. You rub one finger over my monds, searching for my clit. Your other digits swiftly pull back my lips to expose my sensitive button. I gasp as you caresses me, bringing me to the edge of climax. You leave me hovering, aching with the need for release.

`Time for your bath,' you say softly in a husky tone and leads me to my nirvana sauna.

Frustrated with pent-up desire, I nonetheless ease my tired body into the steaming tub. You covers my shoulders with your hands and begins a massage. Slowly, but determinedly you eases the tension of the day as your well-practiced hands work their way from my shoulders to my breasts. Then fondle and teases my nipples until they stand hard and erect. Your then dip your head down to swipe one tenderly with your tongue.

`Yummy, that one tastes good. Will the other taste as sweet I wonder?'

You move to the other nipple and takes it whole into your mouth. `Delicious,' you sigh.

I don't realize your hands have continued their downward delight until you plunge deep inside me and I cry out in ecstasy. Your magic fingers explore my depths and bring me to the brink over and over, only to take your hand away at the last moment, fuelling my desire and my frustration.

You capture my mouth for another hungry kiss. You break away and reach back to grab a cup. Dipping it into the bath water, you pour it over my head in preparation for washing my hair. I reach for the shampoo, only to feel his hand over mine, taking the bottle away.

`Now what kind of experience would I be treating you to if I allowed you to do any work? You just need to simply lay back, relax and let me cater to you for a change.'

I lay back and closed my eyes, revelling in the feel of your strong fingers working their way through my hair. This was something I had never experienced and I wanted to enjoy what was happening since I wasn't sure this type of experience was likely to repeat itself. I bend my head to allow you greater access to my nape when I suddenly feel your unmistakable breath on my neck. Slowly, nuzzling me you starts to lick, soft lingering swipes with your tongue, curving up my neck to my ears. I feel my heart race as you continue your ministration. Just as suddenly your mouth is gone. My eyes fly open in alarm thinking that this was the end of my magical evening only to discover you was reaching up for the sponge '¦ Lathering it lightly with my favourite body wash, you moves across my arms, my neck, my breasts with slow methodical circles. You move lower across my stomach and reaches into the tub for my legs, right then left giving both equal attention before returning your attention to my hot, wet centre.

Ostensibly to wash it, your finger slip several times Into my pussy to find me more than ready.

`I think your bath is finished madam. Now if you will be so kind as to follow me, I will continue your pleasure ritual forthwith.'

I laugh at your stuffy language; so out of character for you. Obediently I allow you to place my robe around my body , stealing a kiss as you then lead me on a short trip to the bedroom. Upon entering I discover that even more candles have been lit. I sit on the edge of the bed, unsure what to do next. You move swiftly to my side and with a jaunty leer you kneel in front of me and slowly peels away my robe, Your hands are stoking my already raging fire and I marvel at his control as he begins massaging my collarbone, quickly moving to my breasts. This time you takes great pleasure in suckling and teasing my nipples to full hardness. your tongue is so lovely but I want it elsewhere. Sensing this you chuckle and moves agonizingly slow, teasing and tormenting me sweetly spreading kisses down my abdomen, across my thighs, nuzzling my heated wet lips. Your first tongue swipe across my clit almost sends me to the ceiling. I grab your head and force it deeper into my pussy, running my fingers through your hair encouraging you to go faster, to give me more.

I feel my pressure building and I strain toward that release, begging for it. I feel the onset and I fall back onto the bed, arch my back and ride the waves as they crash over me.

Out of breath, I again try to reach for my lover, only to be rebuffed again.

`Not so fast my dear,' You say hoarsely . `I have other things in store for you.'

Grinning wickedly you moves to the dresser and opens the top drawer '“ my special drawer. I watch in fascination as you pull out toy after toy. I can't believe you really expects to utilize all of them in one night, but I am not about to argue if you feel its necessary to bring me the most amount of pleasure possible, And so you begin again and Now I am lost in your world off lust and need as the night slips on and on and you never stop your sweet birthday surprise , over and over you take me '¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦