26 Jul 2015

Wrapping the towel around my waist, I slowly made my way along the hallway towards our bedroom and paused momentarily at the sight of the unusual glow of hazy light leaking from the opening in the door. Pushing it open, I found our bedroom furniture adorned with rows and rows of candles, each one with a flickering flame that contributed to a halo of light around the bed and a show of dancing shadows on the ceiling. I could feel the warmth on my skin, still glistening with dampness from my shower, each globule of moisture glinting with the reflection of the golden flames. I was mesmerized by the scene, especially when I saw what was waiting for me on the bed. Sarah was lying there, on her back, with her head propped up by some pillows. Her eyes were transfixed on mine and she smiled at my expression of pleasant surprise. I looked down at her naked body. Each sensuous curve illuminated by candle light. She spread her knees apart and reached down between her legs. Her fingers floated over her skin, and my eyes following their lead. Slowly she started to touch and rub herself.

“Wow, what brought this on?”

“I was feeling naughty,” said Sarah.

“You put a lot of work into this, didn’t you?”

“I was inspired.”

I pulled my towel away, already stiffening at the sight of my wife masturbating on the bed. I lay down in front of her, my head between her knees, and started to kiss and lick her inner thigh. Her skin was soft and scented, and I could hear her breathing intensify as my oral caresses approached her ultra smooth, freshly shaven pussy. I manoeuvred her labia apart with my fingers and sought out her clit with my tongue. It was hard and hot and sensitive to the point that even the feel of my breath made Sarah arch her back with pleasure. With glee, I spent several minutes fucking her with my tongue, whilst continuing to rub her clit with my fingers. Each time I stabbed my tongue inside her I could taste her wetness. The deeper I tried to get it, the wetter she became, and soon the swollen redness of her vaginal lips told me she was ready to receive my cock. Eventually, when the bulbous and sensitive tip of my penis pushed up inside her, and I could feel the warm wetness of her cunt around my shaft, I really couldn’t hold back. The sensation was so arousing that I felt as if I was going to explode right there and then. Sarah wrapped her legs around me and turned me over. She sat astride me, her large hanging breasts swaying and bouncing as she slid up and down on my erection again and again. I should have paused. I should have given myself a chance to stop and make it last longer, but the feeling of the weight of her body pushing down on my dick was overwhelming, and the sight of her hard nippled breasts hanging over my head pushed me over the edge. I forced my pelvis upwards and moaned uncontrollably as those wonderful spasms sent several spurts of thick white cum spraying from my cock. With each jet I pushed upwards, two, three, four times until every last drop had filled her. I collapsed back down on the bed. Sarah purred like a satisfied cat and slowly lifted herself off my exhausted penis, which fell with sticky slap back down onto my belly, limp and spent. As she did so, cum emerged from her vagina, slowly running down the inner thigh I had been licking only moments before.

“I’m so sorry,” I said trying to get my breath, “I couldn’t make it last. That felt amazing.”

“That was the idea,” said Sarah. She wiped up some of the cum running down her leg with her finger, and licked it clean. “Don’t think you’re finished yet, though. I’m going to make sure you’ll remember this night for a long time.”

The next morning I sunk back into my usual seat on the train and immediately closed my eyes in an attempt to block out the beginning of another working day from my mind. Some people seem to be able to properly sleep on trains, but I never can. Too much noise and too many people talking, like the two women sitting behind me…constantly giggling. To pass the time, I tried to focus in and eavesdrop on their conversation.

“I’ve read it twice,” said one of the girls, in a hushed tone. I couldn’t see either of them, but could just hear their voices behind me. “I love how she describes the sex, it’s so wonderfully descriptive.”

“I know, some of those chapters are wild. I have to admit, it’s been giving me ideas for me and Phil.”

“Oh, I know what you mean. I’ve done that too…have you done the candles yet?”

That word “candles” immediately echoed around the inside of mind. Could it be a coincidence? My eyes opened and I tried to listen even more intently.

“Oh, I know several women who tried that after reading the book,” said the other girl. I was praying they’d mention the title of the book. PLEASE mention the title of the book. “But what she does with that black bra,” continued the girl, “I wasn’t expecting that. That was hot.”

At that point, the conversation abruptly ceased, as some guy plonked himself down in the seat opposite the two women. Dam him for that. I was intrigued, and couldn’t wait to get into to work so that I could get onto to the internet and find out what book they may have been talking about? Could it be that Sarah had read the very same book, and that it had been her inspiration for last night? It didn’t take me long to find out. The latest erotic thriller to top the best seller list was the talk of Twitter. It was called Triangle of Death, and was a story of a woman who persuades her husband to let another guy join them for a threesome, and then embarks on a series of sexual adventures with both lovers. The twist was that the wife was actually scheming to murder them both, staging the deadly deed to make it look like both men kill each other in a fit of jealously. I downloaded the audio book version onto my phone and listened to it at work. The description of the candle scene was extraordinarily similar to what Sarah had done, and it made me wonder what might come next? In the next chapter of the book the wife stages the first threesome, coaxing her husband to share her with another guy. As the plot develops, they experiment more and more, each sexual set piece becoming more and more intense…until eventually the wife carries out her plan and stabs them both with a razor sharp fish knife. Thank goodness we don’t own a fish knife, I thought to myself with a wry grin.

“Do you trust me?” asked Sarah, when I got back to the house that evening.

“Of course,” I replied.

“Then just relax and go with it. I think you’re going to love this.”

Slowly she led me up the stairs and immediately my heart began to pound once more. As we turned into the hallway, I could see the same glow of light coming from the bedroom doorway. Sarah smiled at me. Her eyes were glinting with sexual mischief as she pushed open the door. The room was once again decorated with candles, but this time it wasn’t Sarah lying on the bed masturbating…it was a man.

“This is Tom”, she said with a whisper. “I’m going to suck both of your cocks and make you both cum all over me.”

I didn’t say anything. I stood there transfixed in silence and watched as Sarah slowly unbuttoned her blouse and then reached up to undo the bun in her hair. This confirmed that I had been right about the book. Sarah was obviously replicating the scene in Chapter Two and even though I now knew exactly what was to come, it didn’t stop my stomach being knotted with nerves. With a slight shake, Sarah’s jet black shoulder length hair cascaded downwards. Pulling her blouse off she tossed it away to reveal a wonderfully sexy black lace plunge bra. It’s scalloped lace trim drawing the eye down towards a curved graduated cup and an alluring centre bow almost hidden between her boobs. I glanced down at Tom. He was young, tall, slim, and toned. There were so many questions I wanted to ask. Who was he? Where did he come from? My mind was racing, but Sarah was standing next to me, looking up into my eyes and undoing my trousers with her hands, and the anticipation paralized me. Tom was clearly used to situations like this, not at all displaying any of the nerves that I was feeling. Instead his eyes were fixed on Sarah, as he slowly stroked his own already fully hard dick. My trousers fell to the floor, as did by briefs. Sarah massaged my penis and squeezed my balls. As she eventually pulled my foreskin back with her fingers, she reached up on tip toes and started to kiss me passionately. At that moment I seemed to relax and the stimulation from Sarah’s hand started a surge of blood flowing into my cock and slowly but surely it started to harden. Within seconds Sarah’s fingers were gripped around my thick shaft and she was smoothly pulling the foreskin back and forth over a head that was now swollen, sensitive, and feeling wonderful. Sarah then sat down on the bed and reached out towards my erection. She wrapped her hand around it and pulled me closer, until I was standing in front of her, my tip bouncing only inches from her mouth. She lifted my dick upwards with her hand so that her tongue could lick my balls, moving upwards onto my shaft, the warm wetness felt wonderful. She allowed her tongue to explore every inch, every bulging vein, and every ridge of skin. She licked my tip, tasting it, flicking it, until she took me fully into her mouth, sucking with loud squelches as she moved her head back and forth.

Suddenly I felt a presence standing next me. It was Tom. His naked torso blocked out much of the candle light and cast a shadow over Sarah’s face as she reached out and took his cock in her other hand. She pulled her head away from mine, beads of saliva stretching from my soaking glans to her mouth before she moved her head towards Tom’s expectant length. She did the same to him, twisting her hand around his shaft as his manhood slipped noisily in between her lips. Tom placed his hands on either side of Sarah’s head and started to move his hips in and out. He was visibly fucking her mouth, moaning with delight at the resulting sensations as Sarah slurped and gagged at the feel of his cock pushing into the back of her throat. Then she gently pushed him away, obviously revelling in the control, taking my cock once again into her mouth and then quickly back to his, alternating between both to keep us simultaneously aching with pleasure.

Then for a moment she paused, as if taking a breath, looking up towards our faces. She continued to hold each cock, one in each hand, slowly jerking us. A devious smile revealed itself as she pulled us both closer in. We both shuffled towards her, standing shoulder to shoulder now, Sarah slowly pulling our cocks closer and closer together. Eventually, when they were close enough, she pressed both tips together. My instinct was to pull away, to stop this now. Being touched by another guy’s cock was not something that I wanted to happen, but Sarah had me in a vice like grip and I found myself relenting to the passionate intensity of the situation. Sarah pressed our heads together, the precum emerging from both our tips smearing on each other as Sarah desperately tried to get both heads in her mouth at once. Beside me, I could hear Tom’s breath starting to shorten and his moans increased in intensity. Sarah released my cock and I took a step back as she prepared for his orgasm. She spat saliva onto her hand and gripped him again, stroking him with fast violent jerks. Fast and faster she wanked him until I could see his abs tense, his legs almost buckle, and several jets of thick white cum splash onto Sarah’s neck and chest, much of it dripping down onto her beautiful black bra. It was lovely seeing Sarah enjoy herself so much. She yelped with unadulterated delight at the sight of his discharge and greedily licked up the last of his cum, squeezing what remained of his ejaculate from his cock. Sarah looked down at her bra. It was covered in Tom’s cum. Without pausing, she reached up behind and unclipped it, allowing it to fall from her arms to reveal her gorgeous large boobs. Her super hard nipples betrayed how turned on she was, as she examined the globules of cum on the black lace garment in her hands. She looked up at me and that same naughty grin once more adorned her face. She reached and gripped my cock once again with her left hand, stroking me gently until she released it, only to take her bra and slowly wrap it around my shaft. Taking care to smear Tom’s cum all over my cock, she started to stimulate me with the sperm covered bra. I closed my eyes. The sheer luridness of the situation was turning me on like never before. Every thought in my mind was saying “no” but the sexual electricity was drawing me in and made me unable to stop. The sight and feel of another man’s cum being wiped onto my own cock as lube, warm, sticky and wet, was a boundary I never imagined I would cross, but as I felt my own orgasm building…I knew I couldn’t stop. I could feel my balls tensing. The strap from Sarah’s bra was wrapped around one of them, and each jerk brought my own cum closer to the surface. At that point, I couldn’t take it any more. All I wanted to do was fuck my wife. I stood back and pulled the cum-drenched black bra away, casting it aside. Sarah instinctively seemed to know what I had planned. She lay back on the bed and lifted her legs into the air so that I could pull her black panties off. I reached down, holding my own cock, to feel its hardness. It was still smeared in Tom’s cum, which I spread all over my shaft and tip to ensure it was sufficiently slippery to slide up into Sarah easily. She spread her legs and reached down to guide me inside her. I pushed forward, watching it enter her, going deeper and deeper until my balls were pressing up against her bum. I started to fuck her. The events up that point creating a frenzy of sexual tensions that just had to be released, such that both of us fucked as hard and as fast as we ever had before. Our mouths locked together, our tongues dancing. I increased my rhythm, as I could feel the inevitable orgasm start to build. As I did so, the sound of my cock repeatedly plunging into Sarah’s dripping pussy started to change. Her juices covered my balls as they slapped her with each thrust. I could feel a wave of please start to emerge from deep inside my body. I fucked harder, deeper and faster still. Sarah started to yelp with each push of my hips, the sound muffled by our kissing until we were forced apart by a foreign object. Tom had manoeuvred himself onto the bed and was pushing his cock between our mouths. For a moment I found part of his shaft pushed against my lips and I pulled my head up, but totally unable to stop the overwhelming and all encompassing path to orgasm. I opened my eyes, looking down at a face that was drenched with sweat and glowing with exhausted passion, Tom’s cock entering her mouth, a mouth hardly able to cope with its rejuvenated hardness. It sprang free from her lips and, in that moment, she stared up into my eyes.

“Suck it, suck his cock for me.”

I was seconds from cumming. I could feel my muscles tighten as the swollen cock head entered my mouth, Tom pushing it in deeper and deeper as my own cum erupted. Sarah’s body seemed spasm, uncontrollably she shook beneath me, her vagina restricting around my girth as it convulsed and sent shivers of pure pleasure cascading throughout her body. As I ejaculated, I sucked on Tom’s cock, and Sarah watched. Then…after what seemed like an eternity of powerful contractions, my body fell limp. Exhausted I emerged from between Sarah’s legs and staggered back wards until I flopped down into the chair in the corner of the room. For Sarah, though, this sexual adventure wouldn’t end here. I watched, trying to catch my breath, as Tom took my place…slowly pushing his re-hardened cock up inside Sarah. I could see my own cum dripping out onto his balls. At that point, I closed my eyes.

I awoke just as the daylight of dawn overpowered the candlelight. Tom was lying on the bed, sleeping soundly. Sarah was nowhere to be seen. Putting on a robe, I quietly made my way downstairs and into the kitchen, where Sarah was sitting with a cup of coffee.

“Well?” she asked, in a whisper. “Did you have a good time?”

“It certainly was intense,” I replied with a half hearted laugh, whilst opening the fridge. I reached inside and took out a carton of orange juice. “Who is he?”

“I found him online, on the website we looked at, remember? We’ve been chatting for weeks. I’ll give him a lift home after breakfast. I need to go into town anyway.”

“That’s ok, I can go. What do we need?” I lifted the carton to my head, and took a mouthful of cold, sweet juice.

“No…I’ll go,” said Sarah as she walked towards the kitchen door. “I need a new fish knife, and I have a specific one in mind.”

…the carton crashed to the floor.