Written by keithby

27 Sep 2017

We changed and got into bed. you moved over next to me and wrapped ur arms around me. I turned towards you and wrapped you up too. Within a few moments, one part of me was clearly not ready for sleep.

I rolled over on top of you. And ur legs spread and wrapped themselves around me. I started kissing you gently and as we both closed our eyes, the magic began. There was just something about kissing you that tuned the rest of the world out

ur tongue in my mouth probing and teasing, as if daring, me do the same to you. My hands began to wander ur body, My hands reached the small swellings on ur chest and the hard nipples atop each mound.

"Oh, Jesus you're good at that," you hissed. I lowered my face to those breasts and began to lick and suck ur sensitive nipples. I could feel ur toes flicking as they scissored back and forth.

One of my hands moved lower and found wetness

My fingers rubbed themselves in the wetness and moved further and further into the source.ur moans began to increase in intensity and in volume. I had to plant my mouth on urs and locked our lips together to dampen them.

you reached down and grabbed my dick and slid it to ur opening, pausing, and smiling. "Is this what you want?" you asked playfully. "

"Hmm, I'm gonna have to think about that one," I said just as mischievously.

"Unh uh, Buddy,"you said, thrusting ur hips forward and impaling urrself on me

The feeling I get when every one of the nerves along the surface of my dick sliding into that hot wet pussy is almost indescribable. I always gasp at the pure pleasure of it

"Ya like that, don't cha?" you say as you starts to gently rotate ur hips beneath me. ur arms wrap themselves around me, grabbing my hips and pulling me into you more forcefully. At the same time, my lips lock onto urs, and my arms go under ur shoulders.

"It only takes a few moments of that before, you and I cease to exist as separate beings. My dick pulses and swells in time to the clutching of ur pussy and our moans are shared. Sometimes it's hard to tell who was making the sounds.

Then you begins to thrash wildly. "Oh fuck," you hiss "Give it to me.

Once I felt the head of my cock enter ur pussy, you lowered urself down the total length of my hard shaft closing ur eyes. When ur crotch touched mine, you just remained there wiggling ur hips. Without opening ur eyes you said,

"Oh keith, you feel so good and are so deep inside me, I don't think I have ever had a cock so deep inside my cunt. I can feel your cock in my pussy. I love it, just love it and have needed this for so long. I had no idea it would be my cock that satisfied my pussy needs. Oh keith, this is so good. Please don't think bad of me please, please. I really need to be fucked."

I just laid there looking up at you as you sat there straddling my lap with my cock totally penetrating ur pussy. I reached up with both hands to fondle ur big soft tits. you moaned saying,

"Yes keith , fondle my tits, squeeze them, play with them, do what ever you want with them. Oh baby, this is heaven."

I was loving it too, ur tits felt so good in my hands, ur nipples were erect as I fondled them with my thumb and finger. you then leaned forward to brace urself as you began to raise and lower ur hips sliding ur pussy up and down my hard cock.

"Oh keith, I love fucking you. Your cock is so big, so wonderful, so exciting, I love how it feels sliding over my clit. Oh baby, this is wild, so wild. I don't want it to ever stop." you continued to fuck me for quite some time as I fondled ur tits.

you looked at me with a grin on ur face and said, "Just think of me jacking you off with my pussy rather than my hand. Does it feel good?"

"Oh louise . It feels wonderful, I love it." i replied

"You just don't know how wonderful this is for me. Oh god leith, your cock is giving me the greatest sensation I have ever had in my cunt. I mean this is outrageous, absolutely outrageous! My pussy is on fire. I want you to cum inside me, deep inside me. I want to feel your cum being squirted into my pussy. Oh keith, I never thought about us fucking until just today. This is beyond what I would have ever expected." you moaned

"I glad I'm making you happy louise. It means a lot to me."i say

"You will never know just how happy you have made me. Now, how about we roll over and you fuck me?" you replied

"OK." i say

"Just be careful so that your cock does not slip out of my cunt. I want to keep your cock inside me as long as possible. Oh baby, this is incredible. Lets roll over very slowly." u said

We took our time and rowed over until you was on ur back and I was on top of you.

"OK baby, now fuck me. Slide that big beautiful cock of yours in and out of my pussy and give me the fuck of my life." u said

I did not hesitate as I began thrusting my cock in and out of ur pussy as you groaned and moaned with delight.

"Oh keith, you are even deeper inside me! Oh for god sake, this in unbelievable, totally unbelievable. Your cock is way, way up inside me, all the way into my pussy I can feel you so good. Oh stick it in me deep and hold it there." I did as you said while watching ur face, you looked totally contented.

"Oh baby, this is the ultimate sex. Your cock is absolutely the best I have ever felt in my cunt. Oh my god, I think I have died and gone to heaven. OK, OK, now start fucking me again and tell me when you think you are about to cum. I want to be totally aware of you cuming inside me. I want to feel ur cum being spewed inside my wet pussy I want to be totally tuned to your cuming inside me." you moan

I continued to fuck you as you had ur first orgasm, I pumped my cock in ur cunt as hard as I could while I aggressively fondled ur nice big tits; oh how I love ur big tits and nipples. you just continued to moan and groan as we fucked. Shortly after ur second climax, I could feel the sensation of an approaching eruption and told you I was about to cum.

you said, "Yes keith, cum in me, spray my pussy with your hot cum , load me up, I want to feel cum inside me again, it has been so long and I am so glad that its your cum that I'm about to receive."

I just continued pumping my cock in ur and them bam! I totally unloaded all the spunk I had inside ur hot wet pussy. you had ur third orgasm just as I was pumping in the last of my load inside ur hot wet pussy.