Written by hopelessromantic

17 May 2011

They met in the smoking area of the club. She had asked for a light as she leant over the steel table he stood at, inviting a look at her bursting cleavage. He hastily obliged of course, all the while fixated on her voluptuous breasts ready to explode out of her tiny black, low cut dress. She thanked him and struck up a conversation about being on the pull that night and not finding any guys she liked. He jokingly asked what was wrong with him to which she replied nothing if he had a big enough cock. She then slowly slid her slender fingers along his jeans to his now rock-hard bulge. I’m impressed she said as she gave it a squeeze. He was shocked by her openness. Clearing his voice and straitening up a little he told her it was unfair that she get all the fun and leave him unsatisfied. She was clearly eager to please as she quickly grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the smoking area and straight to the toilets, his dick aching in its cage…

As they stepped into the cubicle she pulled down her thong and handed it to him. Without a moments delay she dropped to her knees and pulled out his huge cock. She gasped at its length and girth. That’s the biggest I’ve ever seen she told him as she began stroking it whilst rubbing his balls. A shot of excitement ran through him as she wrapped her mouth around the head of his dick and began sucking away at it. He had never been with such a willing girl and though he would test the water a little. He grabbed her by the arms, lifted her up and spun her round, exposing her ass. I’ve always wanted to do this he breathed to her as he lowed himself to her ass. He slid a finger into her tight pussy, which at this stage was dripping wet and aching for his thick cock, whist he began licking her ass hole. She sighed with delight as he pump his finger in and out of her and lick away at her tight little asshole. I began rubbing her clit whist fingering her ass. She loved it and begged him for more. When he knew she was ready he grabbed his cock and thrust it into her pussy. She let out a scream as a mixture of pain and pleasure ripped up her body. He was the biggest she had ever had and she loved it. He began fucking her hard whist pulling her hair. She arched her back as he fucked her like the slut she was. He grabbed her waist and bucked in and out of her like a bull. She moaned and moaned as she felt herself nearing climax. Just as she was about to cum all over his cock he pulled his huge member out of her and pushed it against her ass. She begged him not too saying he was too big and that she had never done it before but he ignored her and in one deep thrust he pushed his gigantic dick into her tiny asshole. She let out a scream of pure pain as he slowly began to rock back and forth in her ass. As he began to build up momentum she felt something building inside her. A strange feeling she had never felt before. She was enjoying it. He was fucking her hard in the ass and she found herself working his big cock in and out of her ass like the dirty whore she was. He reached around and grabbed ripped her dress down over her breast along with her tight push up bra, exposing her huge bouncy tits. He grabbed them whilst he thrusting and out of her tight ass. She begged him for more as she felt a family feeling growing inside, she was close. Now he could feel something building up. He thrust harder and harder, pumping in and out with his long thick cock. She suddenly buckled as her pussy cam; she let out a huge moan of pleasure. He pulled out of her ass after she came and spun her round just in time to let out a huge load of cum onto her dirty little face. She opened her mouth to let some in her mouth. He let some onto her big tits and her now ruined dress.

She thanked him for his cum as he pulled his trousers up and put his cock away. He looked down at her. She was a mess on the floor, with a ripped open dress, a broken bra, covered in cum and he realized he had her underwear still. She asked if she could have them back and his jacket, that she would be completely naked if she didn’t have them. He smirked and threw his jacket and the thong at her. I suppose you’ve earned it he said.