Written by Path

21 Sep 2009

It was a simple thought `She is okay' when standing at the tram stop, as she walked bye her heels clicking on the cobbles the cold air making her draw her coat into her; she stood at the far end of the booth, not looking in my direction at all, looking at her feet waiting for the tram.

It was 9pm and we both boarded the tram, our seats opposite each other she looked and smiled, her lips a dark blood red sent a chill through me, I could see the night air had affected her as he blouse taut showed coldness.

The next stop passengers got off leaving just us in the section of the tram.

I built up my nerve and spoke `Going on a date?' She smiled her mouth opening showing her pink tongue, `No just to hear a band in this pub' `on your own I asked' I felt stupid another question, she giggled, `Unless you want to come with me' without hesitation I said of course. The tram rumbled on, arriving outside the desired pub.

Entering the pub, I did the gentleman thing; and opened the door as she passed her perfume made me shiver and I felt the arousal start to take hold.

The band had just started and the music roared out at us as we stood together, I had bought her a screwdriver and I had a rum and coke. As she bounced next to me clasping my arm as she jumped and sang with the music, her breasts keeping time as she moved and swayed, her softness and sex oozed from every pore I could feel myself harden at the thought of her.

The band stopped show over she turned as asked what next, her face was glowing, a sheen of sweat on her breasts. I laughed turned so she could not see me smile as a sweet thought passed through my mind, she pressed herself into me looked up, smiled and said, `I see you thoughts are pressing back at me' a soft girlish giggle sounded from her lips. I laughed trying to cover my embarrassment, but she pressed harder into me.

It was a natural thing as our lips moved towards each other, her dark blood lips glistening her lips open and pink tongue slightly protruding we locked our lips, our tongues entwined like mating snakes soft, and wet her mouth most welcoming, we parted. I said we leave now, without hesitation, she grabbed her coat and we left into the cold night air.

Turning into the lane I grab her again kissing her demanding her to kiss me back she responded with passion her coat open and her legs apart we stepped into the deep recess of the door. Our breathing hardening as we felt each other body her legs wide apart my hand slipped down to feel her wet and ready, she knew what to do her hand unzipped me loosening my cock she stroked me murmuring to `rip them off `. My hand grasped her pants and parted them from her letting them slip down her leg to the ground; I lifted her onto me; her mouth opening with a gasp, as I slid into a soaking wet pussy, we fucked hard and fast her blouse open and her rock hard nipples demanding to be sucked. I fucked her with deep long strokes, and each time she pulled me back into her with her legs.

We rode like this until we both felt our orgasm coming together, her head clasped into my shoulder as she pumped me of every last drop, the night was over.

I knew I would never forget this Back Lane quickie and neither would she