11 Nov 2018

Having nothing much to do on a fine summers day I decided to go for a long track in the woods so took a long drive out in to the country where I knew there was some nice walks by a secluded lake . I parked got my walking gear and headed off enjoying the sunshine and peace . Following a narrow path I headed deep in to the woods following a little stream listening to the water rippling over the rocks and a few birds singing in the distance ..An hour of so had passed and the woods got denser and as I rounded a rock I was suddenly surprised to see someone in the distance leaning against a fallen tree ,as I got closer I saw it was a female walker alone with her dog , I greeted her as I got close she waved back I was glad to see such a sexy woman smiling back at me ,I’m so happy to see you she said with a worried look on her face she said she had twisted her knee and was in pain . Having a basic knowledge of first aid I asked if I could help? Yes she said and showed me her injured knee I touched it to check for any bruising but it seemed ok with my hand on her leg I looked up to see her smiling as I ran my over her leg she moaned but never moved , being attracted to this angel before me I continued moved my hand up her thigh as she moaned and opened her legs wider to accommodate my probing fingers ,Pushing her thong to the side, I continued exploring her pussy and pressing her pussy lips open I felt her clit hot and wet as she pressed against my fingers . I kissed her on the mouth and she kissed me back hungry taking my tongue deep in her mouth my hands caressing her hard nipples through her t shirt she pressed her body close to mine trapping my throbbing cock between our body’s .She reached for the top of my shorts pushing them down to give my hard cock some freedom grabbing it and caressing my balls as I fumbled with her t shirt removing it quickly then opening her bra and revealing a pair of rock hard nipples begging to be played with . I leaned down and kissed and nibbled them both while she continued caressing me . My hands caressing her throbbing wet clit sliding my fingers deep inside to her g spot ,she moaned and pressed hard against me begging for more as she allowed me go deeper . Whispering in my ear as I finger fucked her she begged me to fuck her fast and hard with my cock as she was ready to cum . Turning her over she leaned on the fallen tree for something to steady herself on as I spread her legs wide and grabbing her ass I plunged my throbbing cock in to her dripping wet clit she moaned as I pushed to the end so deep my balls were caressing her clit , grabbing her hair I pulled her back on my cock filling her till she could take no more ,sliding in and out fast and hard she moaned as her body shook as she reached her climax roaring like a wild animal I continued fucking her getting faster and deeper as she came ....... When she finished she turned and went on her knees taking my cum covered cock in her mouth she swallowed it deep choking on its size as she caressed my wet cum covered balls with one hand while still sliding and licking me with her hot mouth . This really turned me on and I couldn’t hold back any more I started to trob and cum hard filling her mouth with a hot stream of thick creamy cum moaning and swallowing she got it all not wasting a drop she looked up with a smile .. We kissed a while and I could taste my cum in her mouth she moaned as I continued caressing her hard nipples making her wet again she begged me for more as my cock began to recover and get hard , turning her over I pushed my still wet cock in to her tight ass as she groaned ,slowly I pushed deeper as her tight ass got used to my size I kept going to the end sliding in and out I could hear her moan and groan as I held her hips tight not letting go getting faster and faster she begged for me to fill her ass not able to take any more I pushed hard and deep as I groaned and my cock throbbed as I came hard holding her tight my cock pulsed till I had no more to give ... Suddenly we heard voices way in the distance we got dressed quickly before we had company , holding her hand to steady her I helped her along the path as we made our way to my car not saying a word just enjoying the moment .... Swapping telephone No’s we planned to meet again .

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