Written by Mr. Kelly

31 May 2016

So I play GAA for a local club in county Sligo. I'm 24, good looking and pretty confident. A couple of weeks back I noticed this MILF was coming to some of training sessions only i knew she wasn't any of the lads mums. I figured she was with the coach or something only they never left together. So one night when training over and this was back in November i think and it was already pretty cold and dark, and the MILF (lets call her Sarah) looked cold. She didn't have a car and i figured she'd walked down here, so i asked her if she needed a lift back into town. she smiled and said ok and so i showed her to my polo. She was fairly good looking, and i was sorta embarrassed cus i was still in my training gear and sweating from head to toe. a few of the other lads made some jokes and i could see them looking at us, but i pulled outta there in a hurry and we went off down the dark country roads together. About 5 mins into the drive, i asked her if she was friends with the manager and she said no, that she just liked to watch the lads training. I asked her why and she just smiled and quickly glanced at my short. I figured it was safe to make my move, so i put my free hand on the back off her head and next thing ya know my cock is flopping outta my shorts and she taking it in her mouth. the whole thing too. its felt amazing and she told me to speed up, i guess the danger turned her on, so i sped up to 75 on the dark road. then she took off her seatbelt and she kept sucking and she then she stopped and lifted her head a bit and told me she would do anything for the GAA. i said, 'grand, love, keep sucking so,' and she went back at it. i drove around for a good 15 mins in the dark with this MILF's head in my lap before i bust a load in her mouth. As i was coming, i held her head in place with my free hand and said to her, 'go on, swallow, it's for the good of the team.' that seemed to get her pretty wet and she drank my load and moaned and squirmed and i think i was going about 80 when i spunked haha. I offered to drive her home, and she said ok, but not all the way because her husband might see.