Written by noddy

8 Nov 2010

Another One'¦.

Dee and I are on holidays when we kind of hooked up with another couple, Mike and Kate. They were the same age as us and we'd often met for dinner and drinks. The women went shopping and we'd go to the pub for a couple of beers and a game of pool. I'd often stolen sneaky looks at Kate on the beach and I know that Mike had certainly appreciated Dee's tits when she climbed out of the water with her top around her waist'¦ We had teased each other about all falling into bed together, Mike was up for it too but the women passed it off as a joke and said they would need to be really drunk.

It was the Friday night before we were due to head home and we were have a right good session, the women had gone to town shopping and a for girlie dinner leaving Mike and I to hit the bars, we ended up in our apartment drinking beer and wine and were well on it when the women arrived home, happily they were both merry as they had been drinking too. After a few more drinks and a lot of giggling the women announced that they had discussed us having a go at swinging, Kate confessed that herself and Mike had tried it once or twice but it hadn't worked out'¦ Dee was willing but understandably nervous.

It was decided that we should start with kissing, so Kate crawled over and kissed me on the mouth, her hands in my hair, her tongue probing my mouth .. I could taste the wine on her breath. Dee watched us and Mike moved to sit beside her and put her arm over her shoulder, she tentatively turned and began to kiss him as his hand caressed her back through her light blouse. The kissing stopped and the women sat giggling so I suggested they kiss too, which they did, Dee was really getting into it, moaning and pulling Kate closer to her. Eventually they told us they were going to the bed room and would call us when they were ready'¦

We waited '¦. And waited'¦and waited'¦ eventually we couldn't wait for their call and followed them to the bedroom , and what a sight greeted us'¦Kates lovely naked arse was bobbing up and down and Dee was on her back, tied to the four corners of the bed with scarves. Kate was licking her clit and easing a vibrator in and out of her pussy, I was so turned on.. Im not sure if it was Dee being submissive or Kate being so dominating but whatever it was, it was making me rock hard, and Mike too by the look of the bulge in his jeans.

Dees eyes were closed in pleasure, as Kate continued to lick at her pussy. She looked up for a moment to tell us to get undressed which we were already doing, Mike was naked in a flash and went to his wifes side to caress her arse and tits, I was soon on her other side, my hands wandering over Dee kissing her, squeezing her tits and bending to take her nipple in my mouth, I whispered into her ear and asked her if she was ok? With Mike sucking on one nipple, Kate sucking on her clit and me kissing her neck '“ all she could manage was a breathless '¦.mmmmmyeeesssss.

Kate started to take control and ordered Mike to kneel beside Dees head so that she could suck his cock and ordered me to pay her some attention.. Dee was sucking on Mikes balls and slowly working the shaft of his cock as I kneeled behind Kate and spread her legs so that I could lap at her juicy pussy, I teased her lips with my tongue and delicately licked at her clit, she pushed back as I pushed my tongue into her dripping pussy . Dee was now sucking hard on Mikes cock as he pulled her hair and began to fuck her mouth hard, judging by Dees moans of delight she was enjoying herself so I turned my attention to Kate and as I licked her clit I slid a finger into her and licked her pussy, clit and ass. I reached around to squeeze her little tits and was surprised to find one of her hard nipples was pierced, something I hadn't noticed before. I pulled on it a little and she moaned from between Dees legs, as Dee came, whimpering and thrashing beneath her. She slid up Dees body, sucked on her nipples, before kissing up her throat and on up to suck on Mikes balls as Dee was deepthroating him , Mike groaned with pleasure as both women licked and sucked at him, occasionally stopping only to share wet kisses.

I stood at the foot of the bed as both women then turned on the bed facing me to give me the same treatment that they had given Mike, Kate on her back and Dee kneeling on top of her. Mike, positioned behind Dee ,nudged the head of his cock into her wetness, she was so wet he slid in easily. Kate now sucked hungrily on my cock as Dee was sucking her nipples and slid her hand down to play with Kates clit making her growl with her mouth full of my cock. Mike was now building a good rhythm and Dee was bucking with him, moaning softly into Kates tits.

Kate stopped sucking me and told me to fuck her, I was waiting to get into that pussy ever since I tasted it, so I turned her around on the bed and lifted her ass off the edge of the bed as she guided me into her. She looked up at me as I started to fuck her and she started playing with her own clit, using the vibrator. It didn't take her long to come and as her pussy tightened on me I could feel myself coming. Mike I could see too was on the brink and pulled his cock from Dee and stood up , so that she could suck him, her body was slick with sweat and she crawled across the bed to kneel in front of him and sucked the head of his cock as she wanked him to climax in her mouth, she swallowed and kept sucking, causing Mike to shudder. She crawled back onto the bed and kissed Kate deeply, sharing the taste of her pussy and Mikes come.

This was too much for me and I pulled out and wanked all over Kates tits , she leant up to suck my cock clean as Dee caressed and licked some come from her tits. They kissed again and cuddled together, stroking each other.