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Anonymous encounter ......

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Published 10 years ago
Ah cool night put not as cold as I expected it to be as I left the night club and headed off to my car which was parked at the bottom off the car part under the shade off a weeping willow tree …As I walked alone I noticed a few other cars parked close by and it seemed I was alone frustrated and god I wanted company tonight .. It was then that I noticed something was different in the area just passed my car so walking slowly to the front off my car for a better view I waited until my eyes focused ….to my surprise it was a younger couple fondling and kissing at there car …not realising it I watch for what seem like seconds put must have been a lot longer as in that time the male had removed the girls top and was sucking at from my view where sweet tits … Darn I was getting worked up more …. As I continued to watch the couple with intrigue …his hands moulding and squeezing breasts that filled them well ….as he sucked and nibble with a keen intent and what seems a never ending lust to please as the girl moaned and begged him in a hushed yet strained tone for more .. I watch as he pulled her tight nipples with his teeth wonder what it would feel like and in doing so realise my hand was on my breast tugging at my own nipple through my lace top yet I dident care …sure they dident see me and no one else was around …. As the man work his way from one breast to another so did I and I must have let out a moan off pleasure for in that split second they stopped and looked right at me …not knowing what to do or how to react I stood still and waited …they seemed to whisper to one another and then as if in a dream the girl was at my side and leading me by the hand over to where the man still stood shirtless …He was rugged put handsome up close …he lean close to the girl for a second and what words passed I did not hear , put she nodded in reply and then turned to me …. Would you like to join us ???? .... My heart stop , my breath caught ….. Should I ? could I ? ....... as they waited for my reply the man sat back in the passenger side off the car , legs still out and watch me with interest ..Looking at the girl I nodded a yes in reply no words seem to be needed …She smiled and said just do as we say …and then she walked to the man and giggled softly … The man then looked at me and beckoned me closer to him ..when I was with in reach he raised his hand to the belt off my skirt and in one swift movement it was off and flung on to the bonnet off the car …looking straight into my eye he said take it off and that’s when I felt his hand on my skirt tugging gently ..with out thinking I did what he asked and stood there before him in my g-string and lace top … sitting back slightly his hand travel to my knee and lifted my leg to the door sill as his hand then ran from my knee up my thigh to fine me wet and wanting … with out warning he pushed 3 fingers deep inside …again and again fingering me hard as my hip thirsted to meet every stroke …from behind me I left two more hands …I was the girl her arms around me from behind and one hands muddling and squeezing my breast as he had done for her earlier the other slide inside my g-string to my clit and was rubbing at a frantic pace in time with the fingers that where fooking me so deep ..with in seconds I came so hard I was shaking from head to foot ..yet they dident stop there …before I knew what or how I was sitting on the bonnet off the car …when I looked down to my surprise I seen the girl rip off my g-string and lower her head between my legs which where being healed aloft by the man who was now buried in the girl from behind and with every thrust he made she suck and lick and nibble my not throbbing pussy over and over again as his hands roamed her body so her hands roamed mine …fingers pounding pussy and she sucked harder and he fooked her deeper still taking us both over the edge in one go ……………… Then he pulled back from her and motioned for her to get on the car too and as she did he slide me lower to the edge and in slipped a hard throbbing cock deep in side me as I gasp at the pleasure off the feeling off being fill the girl mounted me and as her hands pulled and pinched and squeezed my now tender breasts my fingers found there way into her tight wet pussy and with in the spot that drove her wild above me … deeper he went over and over again as I slowly and deliberately pulled the girl higher and found a clit so hot and tight with my tongue ..lapping at it …flick …licking …sliding it between pussy lips as my mouth clamped down and my tongue keep the torment from within …she moan aloud and he stopped put only for a second as then he raised my legs higher and drove into me deep and hard pounding me with each thrush as I grab the tight ass above me and slid my tongue in deep scooping pussy juice as she ground down on me …again and again …over and over …time seem to stop as the three off us just took what we needed and as she came so did I and harder than ever before so instance I felt faint …as she climbed off me he pulled out and lower his head to where his cock had been …fingers back within me not letting me down off the high I was on all the while the girl had lower herself down in front off him and was sucking a pussy soaked cock ,,,deeper fingers work a hand tapping a clit that felt on fire as he moaned into my pussy tongue sliding in between the two fingers holding me open for him and as he did so his fingers danced inside ….my body jerked and clenched as spasms off electrify intensity over came me and I cam for what seemed to go on for ever … and he collapsed on me for a few minutes then gently kiss me and moved away … .After it was as if nothing had happen … we dressed and chatted small talk and said our good nights … I may go back to that car park again . . Maybe they will be there …maybe they wont …. Or maybe another Anonymous encounter will be parked ....maybe .. . . . . . .

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