Written by DubDaddyDom

9 May 2018

He lay back.

Resting his head, letting his body drop and begun to try and gain control of his racing breath. His mind had long been lost to her.

He could feel his heart in his chest hammering in time and he could hear it in his ears.

No other sound seemed to matter for these moments.

She lay around him, holding him. Her embrace familiar and it encompassed not just his body but his weary mind.

He was truly spent but he knew she’d hold him, he knew he could trust her in every way and that she would always be there for him.

She always knew how to draw him close. To calm his body and mind and take him places that left worldly worries and problems far behind.

Her touch reminded him of the impermanence of it all.

Everything changes, nothing is perfect and absolutely nothing lasts forever.

Nothing else mattered when she took his hand and lead him away to their place.

His heart continued to hammer in his chest, as he closed his eyes and felt his breath and body drop and slow further.

The feel of her body all around him now was welcome as the natural offerings flooded through his body.

When they lay together it was always different, always something special, intoxicating.

The way she danced, her body swaying in such a natural rhythm, captivated him each time he saw her.

He adored her in every way.

When she smiled, the sunshine and wind seemed warmer. Somehow a moment seemed to last an eternity when he’d look at her and see her smiling back at him. She’d a natural charm way of welcoming him to her and he never tired of that feeling. When he looked upon her from a distance, when surrounded by others, everything faded to insignificance and he’d just get lost in her. Every movement, every detail of her and find himself feeling the love he had for her.

Her moods fluctuated as is her nature and he adored her ferocity. She played and welcomed at times, but could also decimate those too close if her mood dictated.

He’d stand and watch. Listening to her fury, in awe of her power as her passion built and eviscerated all that stood against her or in her way. He was equally at home bound in this since he loved that feeling of her taking him, torturing him, washing over him and pushing him. He needed her, he wanted her, he desired her to remind him that his body was hers to play with, to test, to break if she so desired.

She could not be bound, restrained or weakened and she cried havoc on those that had the hubris to think they could.

A force of nature to be savoured, to be blissfully consumed by and marvelled at instead of fight against.

That night, he’d found her sleeping and still. They were alone and all around them there was time and space as he touched her at first. She responded as always to him, as she had always done and that thrill began coursing through his body and his heart began to pound with excitement.

He had noticed the lights from the stars above them and a moon emerging from cloud high above but as always those things began to loose meaning when he immersed himself in her.

She took him down, drawing his entire body to her breasts to feed, to comfort, for him to savour her and he smiled to himself, holding his breath so he could feel more of her.

It was a place he never wanted to leave and on this dark night, bound within her he let himself drift deeper than before.

She was all that had ever been, all that would ever be and her embrace soothed all of him.

"The sea is emotion incarnate. 

It loves, hates and weeps. 

It defies all attempts to capture it with words. 

It rejects all shackles.

No matter what they say about it, there's always that which you can't". 

Chris Paoloni.