Written by gingerfire

27 Jul 2012

We’ve been talking about this on the phone.. I know you want it. its deep in your desires. So you tell me you’ll leave the door on the latch and to let myself in.

I’m really excited, this is bringing our professional relationship of accountant client to a different level. Flirting is one thing but actually inviting me to your house while your wife is away is a different thing entirely.

I've prepared with great care before I left so that my skin was silky smooth everywhere. My hair is shiny and left out, flowing long around my shoulders. I’ve dressed in beautiful silk underwear that I know you will like when you get to see it.

I arrive at your house, its dark out and I can see the light in the hall is on; the master bedroom light is on, the curtains slightly open. I know you’ve been watching out for me. I smooth down my skirt take a deep breath and step out of the car. I hear the click of my heels as I walk up your drive. To anyone passing I look like a business woman in sexy high heels heading in to a meeting. Little do they now its an illicit meeting of bodies…

The door is on the latch as you said, I close it and lock it behind me.. I can hear the shower on as I climb the stairs. I have an excitement in my tummy that is causing me to wet my silk panties. Quietly I enter the master bedroom and walk to the open bathroom door.

I can see you in the glass cubicle… water running down your body. your hair all wet and slicked back..

Mmm what a sight. The soap suds sliding down the contours of your back.. I watch you. Enjoying the private moment you are having.. you turn to the side.. oh.. my.. I can see you are fully hard, erect and your hand is moving on your shaft. I watch learning how you pleasure yourself. Watching I feel my body react to the sight, I’m aching to have you inside me. That familiar clench the throb of pleasure in my now soaking clit.

I can hear your breathing over the sound of the shower.. you still haven’t seen me, you are caught up in the moment. Your rhythm is increasing.. but I don’t want you to cum.. I want to make u cum. I want to look in your eyes as you cum.. listen to your sounds of pleasure..

I walk in the bathroom and you stop.. shocked you have been caught in this most private act. You wipe the glass.. oh.. hi u say, embarrassed.. Hi I purr… as I remove the white silk blouse.. Stepping out of my high shoes.. mmm you realise you’re not in trouble but that I’m going to join u in the shower.. I unzip my pencil skirt and let it drop to the floor giving you a full view of the black silk French knickers and bra. Are you going to let them get wet you ask.. they are already wet.. from my pussy juices.. I step out of them and unhook the bra letting my breasts free. Your eyes not leaving me.. watching my every achingly slow move.. you open the door for me and I’m graced with the fabulous view of your body.. all wet from the shower and hard in anticipation of my touch.

Hi honey I’m home, I say as I drop to my knees to use my mouth to bring you to that ultimate point of pleasure.