29 Apr 2018

As a child she’d spent summers sitting on rocks staring at the movement of the sea. The smell of the air, salty and fresh as the white waves broke in front of her. The tumultuous movement of the surface at times, distorted by wind, tides and the moon itself mirrored how things had been.

Her fears, her uncertainties, her loneliness, her anger and hatred at the injustices that befell her consumed her senses at times and she’d find herself holding her breath as her mind ravaged itself. The freedom swimming gave to her allowed her to act, to alter and to leave her world and move within a place where nature dictated all.

Alone in the sea it caressed and cradled her, rocking her gently in its embrace.

The feel of the warm summer sun across her back stroked her gently as she swam out the sea. Stopping to enjoy the silence it was punctuated by a sea bird fly overhead and its flight brought her attention to where she’d come from.

The distant shoreline dotted with the people still tied to their distractions, to their possessions and the people within their lives … all temporary … as impermanent as the footsteps each made on the long beach.

There was no right or wrong where she existed now, there was no sadness, she had no possessions or ties and her senses were hushed by the cold water surrounding her.

Smiling, she pulled with her arms upwards and submerged herself below.

The light from above fading, she felt the coldness wrap her, the darkness welcome her to it and she closed her eyes to ly enjoy the feel of her own heart in her chest and the exquisite silence.

Opening her eyes slowly, her head turned to him as he sat beside her stroking her back with his fingers.

“You need cooling” he smiled that smile of his.

She sighed and allowed herself to breath deep, her senses awakening to the here and now and where she was.

She’d been bent over, her head resting on the pillows with her body presented for him for some time.

The cheeks of her bum were rosy red and ask she opened her eyes to come back to him, the sound of his voice, his eyes, his smile, the feel of the warm fire on her body, she groaned.

Time stood still in a place she had transcended to but he wanted her to come back from the depths.

A chunk of cold sweet pineapple between his fingers, its juice running slowly down his hand, was raised to those lips of his.

“How rude of me ….” as he reached and she felt its wet touch at the top of her spine.

His eyes never left hers as he ran it up and down her spine slowly before smiling once more and lowering it to her ass, before laughing and popping it into his own mouth.

“Let me get you a bigger piece” he said before starting once again on her spine. The cold juice was heavenly now and she became conscious of her own tongue licking her lips as she began to smell the pineapple now.

Slowly, with purpose he drew circles of cooling juice around the the red cheeks of her ass now and she heard herself groan at the feel of it on her skin.

She closed her eyes and turned once again into the pillow under her head.

She heard him once again bite and chew the succulent fruit, sucking and savouring its flesh for himself and she felt the heat from the fire all around her.

“Ok, I’m sorry, I’m being selfish. This is definitely your piece” she heard as her body felt the piece of fleshy fruit on her already pulsing labia and clitoris. She turned once again, eyes wide open and biting hard on her lip to him.

She smiled and closed her eyes as she felt his fingers and the cold piece of dropping fruit enter her deeply.

The light and shade of this world were hers to share with those similar, and as complex as the dynamics of its tides and currents are it can be as simple as sitting back and enjoying how it all feels. She closed her eyes once again as she did just that, easing back and down onto the juice flesh being offered to her.