Written by tomirs

9 Jan 2011

It's a warm summers evening and the sun is just leaving the sky '¦'¦ and the air is just warm enough '¦.dressed in long green wraparound dress with tight height booths and only a single gemstone dangling at the valley off my breasts '¦.. I have arrived before you , the car park if quiet and just off from a picnic area , so I sit on a bench and enjoy the last off the evening sun on my shoulders '¦.

Then I hear a car pull up beside me '¦.my heart skips a beat '¦.it is you '¦. I smile to myself hmmmm as hot as I remembered , God what killer eyes '¦

You open your car door put you do not move ` Come here babe '¦'¦'¦'¦..you say in that husky voice ,

I stand up slowly with you watching my every move , As I near you , you say `stop, and I do , wondering what it is you are thinking as I see a smile creep on to you lips and your eyes looking me up and down '¦

` open the tie for me babe , let me see what you are hiding beneath '¦'¦'¦'¦'¦ My eyes lock with yours , then break away to look around me , my nerves standing on end , goose pimples all over , I hesitate , fear off the unknown '¦'¦ ` Do it for me babe , you say '¦..' trust me babe , '¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦.

So I take a deep breath and do as you have asked not daring to look at you as I do '¦.I hear you take sharp intake off the warm evening air , '¦'¦'¦ I shiver and don't dare to move as I wait for you to say something ,

` Come closer babe , '¦. And I do , right up to your open door not looking at you for fear off what your eyes will tell me '¦'¦'¦.. You lift my chin up slowly and as you do I close my eyes tightly wanting to hide ,

I barely hear you as you lean out and softly kiss my cheek '¦. I freeze have I done something wrong ?

'¦ Your lips brush across mine and I jerk back slightly put you feel it and take my head between your warm , strong hands and pull me a little close to kiss me deeply '¦.The world is lost around me now , I wait , hardly able to breath , and as I feel you slip you tongue past my lips I kiss you back needing you more than ever before .

Then slowly you pull away and I feel your lips slide across to my ear and gently yet determinately sucking my lobe sending my blood rushing through my body , down my neck your lips slide to my breast , I am startled and move to cover up put you stop me by taking my hands and holding them in one off yours at my back '¦. I tense up and then you whisper in my ear , ` Its ok babe let me , '¦.be mine , '¦. Let me teach you how '¦'¦'¦'¦'¦. , My eye shoot open , I look at you and hesitate again put not for long , your smile breaks me into , them eyes telling me I am safe '¦'¦'¦'¦I nod in reply with a shy smile upon my face I start to relax '¦'¦'¦'¦ ` yes babe yes , Trust me '¦'¦'¦'¦'¦.. And I do '¦..

My hands are free put I keep the behind me '¦I feel your hands on my breast cupping them and lifting them to you and your mouth and tongue work there magic , I am yours with not will to leave , no wish for you to stop '¦.I lean in as you take my berk nipple between you teeth nibbling slightly send my senses into a spin '¦.a hand gliding over my naked body , as the dress did not cover anything and it lays now at my feet forgotten about '¦hands moving down , over , around , I need you '¦'¦.put I cant tell you '¦.

Ooohhh god , I feel you slip between my legs '¦I am wet , I am tight , as your finger play with my pussy teasing put not entering me not filling the need I have '¦.. I step closer '¦your hand behind my knee you lift it to the door jam and rest it there '¦then you fingers start the magic again , slow .. around and around '¦and slip inside me to find my hot wet pussy tighten around them , I am on the edge and you are driven me over it'¦ deeper you go finding the spot that stops my heart and I bite my lip hard so as not to scream out , so much pleasure , so much need , so mush lust '¦'¦..

You lips on my nipples sucking hard '¦.I cant let go '¦I wont let go '¦..'Nooooooo , I say '¦what I thought I had screamed in my mind I had said aloud '¦.. You have stopped I am lost ..I open my eyes in shock '¦..' babe ,'¦'¦... You say , not a question , not a request , just waiting and watching me '¦'¦'¦.. `don't stop ,'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦I whisper '¦'¦'¦'¦ ` don't stop now please '¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦.,

And you don't , you fingers push in deeper than ever and filling me letting me feel your need , letting me have all I need , my love juices sliding down them and then you are bending down and start to flick you tongue over my throbbing , wet hot pussy sending me to heaven keeping me there for what seems eternity '¦.I shudder , shaking violently my pussy so tight your fingers can hardly move as they are sucked deeper as your lips do the same .., I am yours '¦I cum hard crying your name aloud my body pulsating just for you , ..... all fear gone'¦'¦'¦'¦. all I am is yours '¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦