Written by tomirs

10 Jan 2011

Stepping quickly out of the sleek, low car, you closed the door and are already at my side. Slipping an arm around my waist you pulled me to you, embracing and crushing me to you. You take in the feel of skin, my body reacting again for you , with the intoxicating smell of sex mixed with perfume. Reaching down you brush my womanhood softly and you have stepped my legs apart to allow you in further. Your fingers slipped between my pussy lips again and fell the wetness and i sigh into your ear. You bit my neck and savoured the taste of my skin, rubbing me and feeling me press into you .Slowly you guide me around to the front off your car and then you are kneeling in front of me and expose my womanhood just for you . Admiringly it briefly, you stroked it ever so softly. I moan in approval and as I reach for your hair and pull you toward me; encouraging you .

Licking gently you part my pussy lips with your tongue, tasting the salty wetness there. I tug gently on your hair , urging your tongue deeper, leaning back against the sleek black car to aid my balance. The hot metal burns against my skin but I barely notice now that I have such deep ecstasy within me . You expertly tongue me , varying your speed, depth and touch, riding my hip movements and thumbing my clit to rise the climax within me .. I am lost again , my world is spinning out off control .

Turning me away from you, you gently guid me to lean over the car's hood. Low and sleek, the hood rose only inches off the ground and the position displays my rump high in the air. You spread my legs, giving you room to once again stroke my core. You take both cheeks in your strong hands, kneading gently and spreading them to allow your tongue access to my pussy , I shiver from the intensity of what you are making me feel . You suck and tongue me, feeling the excitement run through my legs, buckling slightly as you touched my clit, which was proud and on fire again for you .

"babe please ", I moan the request, looking back over my shoulder at you . My long hair tousled into my face and my face flushed with shock and excitement.

"Please", I beg as you delay , scanning my face and smiling softly '¦.

And again '¦.

Your tongue reaches for me past my pussy lips and into the wetness and you push it deeper taking me closer to the egde . Inserting a finger you seek out and find my g-spot and immediately i tense as the trigger was hit. My legs shivered as the climax built, and you time your tongue movements with my hips grinding onto your face. I am lost in the waves building in my core, feeling your tongue lap greedily at me - You knowing where to touch me for maximum impact. The finger inside me gently but purposefully stroking my g-spot. I grip the edge of the car, using it to hold myself aloft for you , as i fell the moment of climax approach.

"Oh God, babe!", i gasp and then the flood gates opened and I cum, wave after wave of sensations rolling through my body, emanating from my core through he legs and torso , driven me higher and further over the edge. I can barely hold myself aloft and you do not stop to let it roll over me, instead you continue tonguing me , telling me to let go , to me yours. The first wave are barely over when i fell another close on its heels and immediately came again, this time collapsing onto the hood of the car and calling out my enjoyment in broken sentences.

Minutes pass as I try to regain come composure , You do not say a word just softly stroke my hair and back as I fight to breath again '¦'¦'¦'¦.

I stand slowly , turning into you, overtaken by strong emotions for you. We kiss, tongues swirling, my weight pressing against your chest. Turning me to one side you gripped the inside of one of my thighs and lifted the leg up in the air, almost to your shoulder height. Your cock, freed quickly, is inches from my pussy and we both watch as you rubbed it slowly against my clit. I throw my head back in ecstasy, my mouth forming a perfect 'o', one hand on the car to support myself. You put the head inside me and pulled it out. I gasp . you put the head in again and immediately pulled out.

I gasped again, "Oh babe I want you inside me now !", I say pleadingly .

You grip my hip with your free hand and plunged the beaming cock into me. My straight leg buckls slightly and recovering my balance I feel you with in . Your long slow thrusts, delighting at the sight of your cock parting my lips, my tits swaying gently in time with each thrust and my face so contorted in ecstasy. You rubbed your fingers on my clit while continuing the pumping, holding me steady, watching the expressions on my face.

"You are mine", You say, looking deeply into my eyes. Passion and fire dancing there.

Removing your fingers from my clit you put them to my mouth and i greedily lick and suck at them. As I shift slightly so my straight leg is leaning up against the car, so I can let go and my fingers on my clit. I rubbed furiously, sucking your fingers hard and fast. You take one nipple in your hand and knead it in time with your deep strokes. I am building quickly to orgasm again, whimpering , moaning , Its hard to concentration.

"Oooh, yes! Babe yes , I gasp out.

I cum , gripping the edge of the car, my knees buckling and thrashing, pushing my pussy down onto your pride that was piercing my core. my nipples are at full erection and you pinched one, holding me in the midst of the orgasm, using the tingling from the pinch to encourage more convulsions in my pussy.

The need to have all off over takes me and I push you back urgently and on to the soft green grass

And watch you face as I climb on top , squatting over you, positioning my pussy over your cock standing proud and erect just for me . Bending my knees i split my pussy gently with your cock, tensing and shivering as i push down and envelope you inside me. I start to bounce slowly on it, pulsing your cock in and out of me, balancing there without touching you with anything other than my pussy.

"Oh god babe", You moan.

I continued for several minutes, feeling your cock swelling as i thrust more but not quite enough for you to reach orgasm. Every part of your body acing in joy as you watch me ride your cock, with a wonderful look of enjoyment and desire on my face. I began to pump harder and faster, My breathing getting heavier and labored and as I bite my lip you can feel me tense again building toward another orgasm. I sit upright, my thighs against your side, and reached behind me to run my fingers nails along your balls. Immediately they tightened. I smile, sensing the change.

"Are you ready?", I ask softly in a low moan.

"Oh yes babe take me '¦'¦'¦'¦take me now I am yours ", You reply in a strong husky rasp .

And start to thumb on my clit in time with my thrusts and as I continue to stroke your balls with my fingernails, sending chills up your legs and into your loin. Your orgasm built quickly and with intensity you fight it off, trying to withhold long enough to have an impressive and long eruption. Finally you can not hold it back no longer and you grab my hips and grind me onto you and as you thrust deeper inside me. The streams of heat pumping into me, spurt after spurt marking me as yours my pussy milking you tightening with each trust taking all off you deep with and cum hard needing all off you heaving on you, thrashing my hair around and cum just for you . My pussy clasping your cock, ohhh so tight milking it and convulsing. Our bodies grind together violently, relishing the orgasm washing over us, We are both lost in the long minutes of ecstasy.

We collapse into the soft grass beneath the evening sky, holding each other close, whispering tender secrets in one another's ear.

We are lost to the world around '¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦.