Written by Alexia

22 Dec 2009

I was feeling kind of lonely on Saturday. It was quite a nice afternoon, and the blue skies beckoned, so I decided to take our dog for a walk on the beach. As I walked along the path through the sand dunes, a man passed by with his black Labrador, heading in the opposite direction. I continued on but my dog had other ideas. He insisted on pulling me back to sniff out his new doggie friend. The dogs ran around each other in circles, tangling the leads and red with embarrassment I apologised and tried to untie the knots, that was when our hands touched and a strange feeling passed through me. I looked up into smiling blue eyes... "Walk with me" he said, nodding towards the far end of the beach. So I walked along chatting and he took my hand and smiled. I kept up a constant flow of silly nonsense until we reached the end of the path where we had to clamber down a steep bank of sand to reach the beach.

I slipped, (clumsy me...) and fell into his strong arms, but when I was finally standing on both feet, he didn't let go. He pulled me closer, bending down to kiss me long and deep and lovely, once again my legs were in trouble and as he felt me buckle he laid me down on the sand. I was worried that someone would come along at any moment... and then I forgot to worry because his cold hand was sliding its way up under my blouse. Oh God it was so sexy. I completely forgot where I was and moaning arched up against him, feeling the hardness and heat pressing down on me through two layers of denim. I felt his ass, (nice!) and pulled him even tighter against me.

By now I was so wet with the crazy magic of it all, that I couldn't wait any longer and pulled at his waistband, undoing the button I pulled down his zip and loosened his jeans. He stepped out of them and took off his jacket, placed it down on the sand and laid me gently on top of it. He opened my jeans and pulled them off. He threw them casually aside as he lay back down on the sand beside me. Kissing me again, he placed his hand over my mound, and gently rubbed me through my black lace panties, then slipping a cheeky finger inside he found me already wet with the excitement of this strange encounter. "Oh you are so hot" he said and pushed his face down against my pussy, pulling the panties aside with impatient fingers, he opened my pussy and went to work with his tongue bringing me to the most incredible climax. I had lost all my inhibitions at that point and I was throbbing with desire. He slid up my body, fiercely claiming my mouth again, gently biting my lips and nipples and pushing his cock between my legs, I reached down to guide him and he slipped inside me, pushing deeper until his balls were hard against my pussy, then he began to move, grinding me into the sand, harder and deeper and faster. He drove me wild and I grabbed his ass and pulled him even harder against me clenching and holding him within me.... Oh god it was the most incredible moment of my life... a stranger, whose name I didn't even know, was giving me the time of my life. .....