23 Oct 2017

A Sunday evening, at the end of a long week and weekend was always a time to take a moment to reflect and restore. The body and mind had craved an escape, the rush of distraction and adrenaline that was something primal, unhibited and on the edge of comfort. In a world where every decision is played out, re-played he had craved the simple and on a beach he'd found that earlier in the day.

The warm water caressed his body and as his eyes closed he again saw the Autumn sun above the growing wave of water, forming into a barrel that was drawn towards him and he heard its growl and roar approach him before ducking beneath the surface and silence. His head lowered into the bath and he opened his eyes.

Her body approached above, the details hidden but her form so familiar, and he raised his body to welcome her. "How’s the water ?" she said with a smile as she stepped into the bath and sat between his legs. He reached for the sponge, submerging it by her thigh and began to soak her shoulders with the warm water. His hand gently on her shoulder, she felt the sponge against her neck and the water run down her back. His eyes studying her back, her neck and the feel of her body inside his within this escape and he felt himself grow behind her.

As his hand moved to soak the sponge again, he leaned forward ... 'That’s the not the soap back there' she sighed and gentle nestled her bum and body back against his hardening body. The sponge across the top of her shoulders now, he studied how the water moved down over her neck, her collar bone and caressed her chest. Her nipples stood erect and he watched with interest as the water fell and moved either side and down her torso. She instinctively raised her hips, creating some space for her hand behind and he felt her fingers search and find him.

She felt his lips and tongue meet the skin on her neck and her body shivered as his kisses traced a line to the top of her back. Her fingers around him now, encouraging him, taking him firmly triggering him to moan, his eyes close .. enjoying all of his senses firing as she pulled down.

"Let’s add some warm water", her long legs reached out, her foot deftly hitting the tap and the sound of the water falling into the bath. His hands, one massaging her left shoulder, his fingers tracing the lines of her neck and arm and finally allowing themselves to gently hold her nipple between this thumb and finger. The other hand on the inside of her right thigh, stroking with his fingers. Surrounding them, the warm water wrapped them as a blanket would. The feeling of their breaths synch, her hand stroking, as his moved in synch. Eyes closed, just allowing the content to wash over their bodies.

As he stood and dried himself, her eyes never leaving him he turned her to face the bath room mirror and began dabbing her back with the towel. She leaned instinctively forward, her eyes trapped in his gaze in the mirror as she raised her hips for him to dry her lower back and below. "I’m still very wet" she laughed as his fingers toyed with her before entering. She gasped at this feeling, her lip bitten with a groan. His eyes locked on her face, her expressions causing him intense pleasure in her satisfaction. He could feel her body respond to his fingers, dripping intensely and her pleasure intoxicating him.

He closed his eyes, positioning himself up and onto the her ... he opened them briefly to see her eyes in the mirror staring at him - her expression intense, her mouth open in anticipation of him entering her. With that he closed his eyes and eased himself into her. The waves of pleasure forming as he reached deep within her pushing his hips forward. His hand reaching down to steady her hips and leg as he began.

In his mind he saw waves, forming. Their power, the sound mixed with the sound of her pleasure and the building intensity of his own breath.

His leverage with his legs, his hips ...the intensity magnified by her pushing back against him defiantly demanding more, the rhythm between them triggering pleasure as they both reached for the other consumed by the intensity of desire.

Her voice, urging, demanding, groaning ... his own feelings building to a roar ... in his mind, a wall of water approaching, deep and dark, the noise and intensity all around him, high above him .... instinctively his body shot forward, delivering to her a wave of himself against the wall of her body. Wrapped in each other, they let the wave pass through and over them as they settled spent within each other, wrapped in their senses as her body and his and the wave slowly subsided.

Without a word, he turned her towards him and she could see that primal need within his stare. The need to detach, to be truly alone and at peace within the natural, between the waves. His fingers on her ass, pulling him towards her, she felt another wave against her at the taste of his lips and tongue satisfy her.