Written by TITAN79

18 Jun 2009

His phone buzzed and beeped as he slowly crawled through the traffic of the sleepy town, it was Friday evening, and the world was winding down after another bustling week, the motionless faces in the other cars, all etched with the same mixed feeling of relief and exhaustion. He'd been 2 hours on the road already, about another hour to go till he reached the solace of his hotel, a hot shower and an evening of relaxation. Looking at the phone he read the message 'hi Hun, I won't be able to make it tonight, he's not going out' He grimaced reading it. Though he was no moral deviant, he didn't care so much that the lady who wrote the message had adulterous thoughts on her mind, or that the her unknowing husband had decided to stay in tonight and ruin they're plans.

He drew a breath and thought to himself....'oh well, there always the party tomorrow'. He continued his journey, leaving the town behind, the car accelerating as he hit the open road again, thankfully the summers evening and fading sunshine gave some pleasure to the rest of his trip.

Arriving at the hotel, He smiled warmly at the attractive polish girl on reception, watching the way her skirt rode up her nylon covered thighs as she went about checking him, damn he thought his building frustration making him feel lewd at the fact he was practically slobbering at the poor girl. 'Snap out of it for god sake' He scolded himself, smiling curtly at the girl as she handed him the room Key.

Reaching the room, he took in the surroundings, the huge bed, almost taunting him with the fact he would be its only occupant tonight, he unpacked his belongings and set up his laptop as he undressed for a well needed shower. His Phone beeped once more and looking at he could read another message from her...re reading it a second time he smiled 'How much fun can we get up to in an hour' the message read he Quickly he replied 'depends on how adventurous you are my dear' leaving the phone he made for the shower to wash the day away.

Sitting on the bed and flicking through the same boring stories of doom and gloom he thought back to all they're play in the chat rooms, they're text messages and the few stolen moments to hear each other's voices on the phone his arousal returned. Looking to the phone he wondered was she going to reply, just as he picked it up it beeped once more 'what room are you in' he smiled and typed in the digits, and replaced it on the locker and flicked to the next channel.

Twenty minutes or so had passed when he heard a knock on the door, he strolled to the door not looking at the spy glass full sure it was housekeeping to turn the bed down, opening the door he was met with a bright smile and a cheeky wink, holy god he thought to himself......'you so need to throw away that webcam....it doesn't do you justice' his grin reassuring her, she walked in looked around the room and grabbing his crotch said...'sorry to do this but we have an hour..I told him I went for some milk' smiling back he said' you don't hang about do you?' pushing him on the bed and straddling him she said......'times a wasting...less talk' the girlish giggle making his cock jump in his pants. As she removed his boxers he took in her body, the blonde hair, the slender hands, the generous breasts and the shocking pink nail polish she wore...growling to him she looked up and smiled as she finally fished out her prize and swallowed it to the root in one motion. He gasped, despite her telling him her love of sucking cock, her sudden deep throating him caught him by surprise, he leaned up, his eyes meeting hers as she smiled though the fullness in her mouth 'fuck' he groaned, he had to loosen that bra before he let her go any further, reaching behind her he unclasped her as she buried his cock deeper in her hungry throat. The sensations going through his head rendering him speechless, he ran his foot along the curve of her ass, his hand running through her short blonde hair as she cooed and whimpered from the pleasure of sucking his cock.

Making to get up, wanting to return the favour she pushed him back in the bed and removing his cock from her mouth 'uh uh.no!!!' you just relax darling, I'm happy enough here' unable to believe his ears he reclines back on the pillow and savours the sensations more as she slowly jacks the foreskin back, sucking and swirling her deviant tongue around the sensitive gland's, dipping his cock deep in her throat randomly to keep him on edge. His whole body tense, he wants to fuck her, but obviously she has other plans and sensing his state she increases her ministrations.

By this stage he wants to get up, flip her over and just plunge inside her, he knows she's not getting it at home, their conversations over the last few weeks she has told him how her toys just weren't doing it anymore, with these thoughts in his head he knows what he has to do, he lifts his head from the pillow, backing up the mattress...she whimpers like puppy getting its chew toy taken from it, as his cock slips from her mouth.

He smiles at her and orders her to lay back, kissing her thighs he runs his tongue slowly upwards, her mewls making him more intent on satisfying her, finally the unmistakeable heat of her sex touches nose, as he takes the first long......slow........ Lick, 'god you taste divine' he growls, her girly giggle once more sending a jolt through his loins. Grasping both ankles he holds her wide open for him to inspect, her beautifully trimmed pussy glistening with her juices before him, the temptation to fuck her, no possess her, almost too much, he starts to feast on her, lapping and sucking her lips into his mouth, she bucks her hips at his face, her hand coming to rest on the back of his head, she pulls him to her pussy, wanting more despite what he's giving her. Holding her open he swirls his tongue inside her sex, his free hand rubbing lightly on her clit, increasing the speed as her hips buck again. Clamping his mouth on her pussy she squirts a little in his mouth, swallowing it with a loud 'mmmmmm' he doesn't ease off despite her over sensate clit causing her legs to close involuntarily, he holds them open sucking her clit hard, she bucks through her first cum as she now grips his hair in the hope of using his out stretched tongue to fuck her wanton wetness. 'Oh my fucking god....you have to stop, it's too much' she cries. Grinning at her through her juices on his face he shakes his head in defiance and dives his mouth back on her sex and continues his feasting.

Kissing his way up her tummy and to her magnificent breasts as she comes down from her high, he gives each of her amazing breasts some well deserved attention, sucking her coral coloured nipples into his mouth one by one, teeth gently biting on them as his tongue sucks the textured skin balancing out the pain of the biting with a warm sensation.

As he continues his kissing to her soft neck, he traces his tongue around her ear lobes, his cock following the offensive seeking out its target, rubbing along her thighs, the expectant sensation making her moan as she waiting for the first contact, as he kisses slowly along her jaw line to her pink lips, his cock finds its home and slides slowly inside. Her gasps dampened by his lips on hers as he kisses her deeply, he fills her completely, reaching that itch that her dildos been failing to scratch all these months.

Savouring the sensation of her pussy sheathing his cock he starts to build a motion, slowly in and out, that animal reflex that millions of years has failed to subdue, just as he pushes his cock home they're world is blown apart by the ringing of her phone, she curses, looking at the screen 'fuck it's my husband'.................

To be continued?