Written by Bedtimebaby

23 Dec 2011

Standing in the shower letting the warm water slip down over my body , my mind returns to the hours spent in the bedroom next door . As if he can read my mind I feel him slip under the water with me and when feel a steal arm around my waist and my body tightened.

I take a deep breath as i felt his head get close to my neck as his lip slide slowly down and is tongue taste the warm water from my shin. That is when I smelled him. I inhaled deeply and took in the scent of a man I know and trust. “Mmmmmm i missed you when i awoke “, he whispered in my ear as i leaned back against him .His hand covered my breast and i could feel his body press into me , Hi pride standing and pushing against my back. God how he has teased me a never ending night so it seems. I leaned forward and hold on to the shower rail , wanting him to take me again , put he had plans off his own ,Shivers ran down my spine as i felt his tongue begin to travel lower to my neck while his hands played and pulled and tweaked my nipples . . so turned on and hot and wanton my body wiggles against his pleading for more.

He slow and deliberately turns my head so i cant see him as he pushes me up against the shower wall ,

My breasts flat against water warmed tiles as he takes my hands and places them either side off me on the wall and say "don’t move hun " I do as i am asked and his hands start moving over my body ..stroking my cheek ,my neck , my shoulder ….as his lips follow, down my spine , soft curlier motions driving my senses wild with need , lower still to the base off my spin stopping to let his tongue run over hot shin as if he can taste my need ,as i feel his lips brush across my ass cheeks i push back slightly wanting and needing more...Moan his name as i do so .as i feel his hands on my cheeks moulding them , firm put gentle my legs spread off the own accord and as i try not to lean into him i feel his hand slide between my legs and as the warm water joins his hands I feel him start to play with my pussy lips i bite my lip as i try not to demand that he hurry as then pleasure is so intoxiflying I want and need more and when i feel his finger release me i moan only to feel them replaced my his mouth and i moan deeply as my body shivers with need . When i feel his lips clamp over my pussy and he starts to suck at me as if drinking from me and his tongue slides between my lips and flicks at my clit with deliberate intentions i jerk hard and call his name as the need to hold him close is so over whelming ...then he sucks harder taking my throbbing clit deeper in to his mouth as he slides three fingers deep inside me ..fucking me and sucking me as my hips move in time with him now.

Then i feel his gingers spread me wide i start to move up and down on them as he moves them inside me

me again and again rubbing my inner walls and finding the heated bud there in even with the water streaming down over us i can feel myself getting wetter and wetter as my pussy tightens around fingers that now fuck me harder and faster .. i can barely stand it and when i feel him stop i moan deeply with the need for fulfilment . I feel him stand up behind me and then his body rubs the length off mine and i feel

his cock pressing into me and as i spread my legs again for him i feel the head off his cock rub against my pussy lips . As he pushes into me my body sucks him deeper my muscles tightening around him in pleasure ...taking him all the way in with each stroke and i can feel his balls pushing up against my ass

When his arms wrap around me and he starts to move faster and harder , holding my shoulder and pushing into me again and again holding me firmly down on his hard cock as he fucks my tight pussy first fast and

deep then slowly as if prolonging my torment . I can feel his cock rub against my pussy walls

and deeper to my pleasure zone setting my pussy on fire as i feel my body erupt around him and my pussy juices flow down his shaft he demands more and more and starts to move faster thrusting deeper again and again as my pussy makes sucking sounds i feel my lips tighten around him and clamp his cock within me again , contractions milking him from heated tighten depths i organism again and again and as he to moan out loud as i feel him fill me spurt after spurt , deep with in the honey cove depths of pleasure and as i feel his final release i collapse against him and he wraps his arms around me again and holds me close as the warm water falls over us both and we catch our breaths , we know soon we will both want more .